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    Mind Set Go: Creative Fitness, with Lowell and Julie


    [MUSIC] A Mind Set Go digital exclusive I'm Julie, this is my husband Lowell You can do physical activity anywhere, all you need is a deck of cards We pick whatever exercises we want for a full body

    Some aerobics, some upper body, and lower body If you get a Spades, you're doing squats, however many squats it says So if you get a seven of Spades, you're doing seven squats If you get Hearts, you're doing burpees If you get Clubs, well you're doing sit-ups, and with Diamonds, push-ups

    So, Lowell, are you picking any one for me first or am I picking one for you? I'll go first – King! Clubs! – Oh, and that's sit ups! So, doing more of a crunch, legs up in the air, using different muscles Four of hearts that's four burpees! – So push up onto the belly, – One! – Drop that belly! Two – Jumping up to your feet and back and do a push up – Three Good job! Woo hoo! – Yeah! – High five! Awesome! This is what I love about this deck of cards, – You can take it anywhere

    – Just need to find fun creative ways to add a bit more physical activity into your day All you need is a deck of cards, your imagination and somebody to do it with – Yup! your turn Lowell! – Alright, let's go Alright, more burpees!

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