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Marmitas Fitness Para Semana – Dicas, Idéias e Cardápio


Speak guys of the lunch box fit beauty? Welcome to this video of Marmita Fit Online Course, The best channel on lunchboxes fit straight for you In today's video I want to tell you how to program for week menu

Fits both if you are selling fitness lunch boxes or if you want to do fit your own lunchboxes The first thing you have to have in Mind to make the menu of the week is planning and organization Usually all fitness lunch, or rather the food group that makes up the fitness lunch is divided into carbohydrates, good, low glycemic index, let's say, is talking about this in an upcoming video ok? Vegetables and proteins And the main one is the protein, which is what will most help ensure sustenance, satiety Ah !! Before I forget, please subscribe to the channel, leave your like and comment and share with friends ok? Thanks! Proteins will vary almost always between beef and chicken because they are the easiest to find and one that your customer or you freeze the lunchbox will have no problem with changing of flavor, etc The carbohydrates you should vary between rice (preferable brown) Noodles (also preferable wholemeal) and potatoes

In the matter of potatoes I want to emphasize emphasize here and point out to you that ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, have I ever spoken? Well ALWAYS make mashed potatoes because potatoes in slices cubes, if frozen, will thaw a lot of water when thawing, they become rancid and the taste is not cool beauty? And just knead with a fork or other utensil and put salt Simple and tasty! Another thing to note is that always should we use vegetables instead of leafy salad because vegetables can be frozen and thawed smoothly The salad is also short-lived, when you or your customer is warming up will have to separate it because hot salad is not cool right? And so, the purpose of the fitness lunchbox is to be a light meal, a healthy meal, that does not take work for the person to eat Okay? So let's go: to plan your menu of the week you should think about the next, if it's for you already write down how many meals you will want to make fitness lunch a week For example will it be lunch and dinner? Just lunch? From Monday to Friday or Saturday and Sunday too? If it is for your business to Same thing: Will you sell the lunchboxes just for lunch? Will you sell for lunch and dinner? Are you going to sell a kit for the week? Once you know how many meals are going to be, so let's get into the variations, because after all nobody deserves to be eating the same thing every day right? Here comes the cat jump how are we going to work harder with chicken and beef the only thing we will vary will be the kind of preparation So it could be steak, steak, meat ground beef, meatballs, beef and chicken burgers too right? And boiled meat And another thing that we will vary too, and then you can use your creativity, will be the spices and seasoning in this regard is essential

So so for the preparations of the chicken you can use spices like sweet paprika, vinegar, lemon, orange pepper, fresh herbs, onion, garlic, mustard, butter, olive oil and soy sauce For grilled meat you can use rosemary, chimichurri, coriander, pepper pepperoni and stew can be used for cumin, bay leaf, mustard, nutmeg oregano, curry, freshly grated ginger and thyme You can even lay egg too to increase the pot because it has more protein but only if the pot is produced and delivered on time as the boiled egg explodes if heated in microwaves and egg preparations like fried and scrambled are not cool if they were frozen right? Well, there is still varying vegetables, but then you have several options here are some of them: pumpkin, zucchini, green beans, broccoli, cauliflower, chayote, cucumber, lentils, etc And the carbs you can vary between: potato, sweet potato cassava and manioc and the whole pasta, and many others too right? Can you research something that will vary there according to your audience and now so I will give you an idea of ​​how you can vary all this on a weekly menu Oh and in the course I indicate has all this and much more? There is his link in the description and the first video comment But going on look just cool: Monday: Brown Rice, Vegetable Mix, and Duckling Burger Tuesday: Sweet potato, chicken and carrot puree Wednesday: beans, peppers and ground beef On Thursday, a wholemeal macaroni with white sauce, shredded chicken and okra and on the sixth mashed potato, ground beef with tomato sauce and braised zucchini Did you like it? Use your creativity, research also if you are going to make fitness boxes for you to sell, by the way, ask your customers through social networks, WhatsApp what they like, prefer and wait on their pots fitness And poooor favooooor don't forget leave your like, comment, subscribe to the channel and share this video with your friends on your social networks ok? Thank you so much! 🙂

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