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Well, now is the time to talk about a topic, a plant, or rather the flower of a rather controversial plant so today we are going to talk marijuana for many a drug the famous key to the door for some from heaven to others from hell a miraculous plant or totally what On the contrary, the truth is that it seems increasingly accepted, surely few years ago they had heard about the medicinal use of marijuana and today for example oil and cannabis to treat different medical conditions is something safe and you heard mention there are countries, states, that even legalized it but well today we are not going to talk about these topics if you follow me surely it must be for the fitness and the amount of bullshit per second that I like to say does that in end today we are going to talk about marijuana and fitness and how it can affect because if regarding this whole topic of fitness some say that it lowers your testosterone that makes you hungry that makes you drop and eat what you you find that it also gives you energy to train or just the opposite and so many other things so I made this introduction we start with what science has to say with respect to this particular plant but before a curiosity guess what is the record of the person who smoked the most marijuana joints during his life that is recorded? option a) 23,000 marijuana cigarettes p marijuana joints Option B) 75,000 Option C) 115,000 Option D) 1,300,000 the answer after this first part and please take a second don't forget to like and share or comment afterwards which helps a lot to content reaches more and more people so they're also making it happen and now if we start! Part 1 "the pros and cons of marijuana for fitness" let's start with what is said about marijuana, the benefit for example what helps relieve other pain to have less nausea, it takes stress away, that can come quite well, obviously some of the mood improves some athletes even use it to lower their anxiety levels and tolerate pain better so they can perform better in training and others instead they assure that the motivation to train annihilates them and they finish eating doritos watching netflix in the fucking chair What you do know is that smoking or using marijuana lowers the reaction time worsens the coordination between hands and eyes and perception and promotes loss of concentration and these effects can take up to 36 hours to disappear completely! A study very interesting, which was done in 1976, they did it on pilots, yes, not they did during the actual flight but they were several simulators to see how it affected them the issue of smoking marijuana and flying a fucking plane and what they did was they made them perform different aerial maneuvers and what What was discovered was that pilots who had previously smoked increased the amount of small and big mistakes they made and deviated more of the flight patterns to which they had been assigned compared to those they only smoked placeb cigarettes and no marijuana and this is very interesting because apparently the cognitive impairment is due to a reduced blood flow to a lobe which is very important for all the tasks so to speak of coordination that would become the temporal lobe and this also makes them lose concentration and more difficult so to speak, doing complex tasks (that require concentration) and it's really crazy because that's how you realize a little bit more scientifically how is that due to an increase or decrease in blood supply in part of the brain you can have different ways of to be and to behave and at the same time that this decrease that makes it cost you the more being concentrated, the blood supply to other parts of the brain like the cerebellum and the frontal lobe that are other regions that are more associated with what would be the taking of sexual and emotional behavior decisions so it's pretty interesting and this is why if your sports practice or training requires you to stay focused for a long time or for example that you have a good coordination between eyes and hands not he is going to do a lot to help you with those goals and at the same time he could also do make injuries easier and also think that training, would become like the creator of the stimulus for you to generate a adaptation and you learn more things or in yourself for example you develop more mass muscle then if that stimulus is not so good because you lost the concentration and you started doing other things or you didn't grab and you had so good coordination and for example to do a weight lifting you need coordinate fucking the whole body and so with a lot of things you end up not taking so much use the fuckin workouts and then we have a little more information that is not conclusive since there are no studies with evidence significant that have really shown these things to be so but just in case we comment them so that you also know on the one hand some studies hinted that it could affect muscle growth for limiting the effectiveness of the mTOR factor that influences protein synthesis but there is still no concrete evidence to support this claim and also smoking seems to affect the production of testosterone but this is in very low measures and if there are no studies that say good to long term for having been smoking this has been reduced significantly testosterone and you have been unable to be achieving muscle development or other goals regarding your training and lastly there are no studies that show that being smoking marijuana that makes you fat but there you do have to realize that if you Smoking you hits a way in which ends up going down and eating a lot more and you already realize there are people who that happens very strongly others a little others also happens to them what happens but what they do it so few times that nothing changes and other times there are other people who do smokes more often and is shitting all the time so you should have it Keep in mind because there in that way depending on how you hit, you will end up getting fat or not and maybe there is a person who smokes and is hit by claws, which could be also is having a couple of jellies or things like that do that in the moment it's going to go down don't have fuckin two fried or milanese patties and you can go down I don't know, 2 SO pieces of jelly that have a total of 34 60 calories and bye or the same a couple of fruit things so you can eat one gang and it doesn't make you fat like they could make you fat chocolates or granola or things like that at hand that that happens, that one perhaps does not have as much willpower so to speak in that moment and well, it is convenient to have these things at hand, that back i'm not saying smoke or don't smoke i'm just giving objective opinions, and then each one will end up making their decisions personal and also as a bonus it would be good for you to notice if it gives you energy or not because there are people who smoke and give it a lot of energy and maybe it works for them for the training taking all the information into account, one ends taking what I said before they end up making a decision about it then Look, it's about having a little more self-criticism on how it is that you do is that you smoke it beats you to get more out of fitness and not it is something that throws everything overboard so now you know until At the moment, what he has shown is that it is not ideal to consume marijuana for optimize performance and no study was found to say that favors the development of muscle mass, but also many people they find it beneficial because it helps them manage anxiety and stress that if you ask us it doesn't seem ideal better your stress levels from a drug but we admit that reality for many it helps them and that perhaps serves as a way of facilitating achieve physical goals because it is important to have a little more peace mental and not so much stress also keep in mind the issue of the slump is something that It can affect you and the issue of the amount of energy that gives you to train or not and now believe it or not, or a lawyer that's right, his name is Virginia-born Irvin Rosenfield USA and due to a rare and painful illness suffering from SDS at age 10 it happened that in his adolescence he tried marijuana and could sit down to play a chess game I don't know how that game would have turned out but well for 20 minutes without feeling any kind of pain which marked a change drastic in his life in short as a lawyer he fought in favor of the legalization of the marijuana and believe it or not got a legal victory that made it possible for the government to supply medical marijuana obviously totally free and this eventually led him to hold the record no more and no less than to see, option a option b option c option d, option fucking C) 115,000 is not going to be the D either, he thinks that he smokes about 8 to 10 joints per day already x10 of those would be kind, self-inducing a crazy coma anyway we went to the last section of the video and now to close it seemed interesting to get a couple of curiosities and data and things like that a couple of people surveys so let's look at the data the responses the things they said to us, well, let's go with the first one, did you ever use marijuana never once and never a pair and never and good ones even the answers were that 716 people said they never consumed marijuana I'm going to put the percentages here for don't take out 125 people said they smoked only once and then you never go 286 a pair and never again and then 513 a good part a few good pairs and counting the second one was main reasons why I first visited and we're going to read a couple of reasons from people to try what it felt like because I wanted to being a virgin is bored intrigue curiosity to see what it felt like wanted see what wave curiosities to fix divine madness to experience for madness to test that great prejudice or curiosity to experience that you I felt for the board that was around me and curiosity for curiosity it draws attention its smell look at you curiosity surely it was not paraguay or curiosity and as always when some boys get carried away by others it is truth curiosity pure curiosity plus a friend who planted that we shared because I wanted to know what it felt like what was happening the truth today I smoke sometimes try something new try curiosity curiosity experiment rebelliousness I wanted to try the trip try it strikes me a lot to know how curious to feel what different effects it had if it really is so addictive the classic no one ever recreationally forced me to try out see if it is if it is crazy to know if you travel up to the flying cloud congo q out of curiosity to stop he was more curious well I'm going to leave to read those that say curiosity I wanted to try I was with friends curious but went with a schoolmate and 211 wanted never forced a turn I said no and then in a fuck a friend took one out and I asked her to try to see genocidal I don't like alcohol and I wanted to try to get dizzy like everyone when they were silent my sister suffers from auditory sclerosis and before she did test profit degrees and he came to life is the guy I wanted to see what he was doing was my birthday and I don't know I was limited the project or on the trip a dick trying to fit where not could the real stupid to evade pain in a sentimental situation curiosity in ticklish rock helps me focus that everything is calmer older much anxious to like her aunt I liked so least I ate it because I wanted to do it because I was informed I liked it and for curious I was injured and the beta cycle was not relieving me once I did some drops of cbd oil and put the little finger on top I had my best friend sick he started smoking to lower all the quilombo that he had then to be more with him it's a two together when he passed away I decided to quit smoking amount of people put incredible curiosities my older sister smoked and well I stole a puppy to leave because see garcia a lot of stress and they told me that he was going to help me with that I tried because there was read remove I open consciously and also inspire you to create drawings writing I understood that it wasn't as bad as they said find out to see what he was curious about the truth he liked the same I don't do it every day but two or three times a week manipulated by my ex at that time my girlfriend main reasons why Today I continue to consume chili once and once every two three months at the most because it amuses me they relax me I like the effect in addition to the fact that it is something natural to put together all crisis and crazy state of introspection relax and body stress and anxiety when you meditate and others do not give and others do not give me take out the moment flashed give me take out the moment flashed half willingness me allows access to a part of my thoughts that without consuming it is not so easy it is a very good trip according to my point of view nowadays I don't consume anymore I left awake senses and ways of thinking that being sober do not pay attention and ignore it relaxes me and it's not alcohol basically because mentally I feel better and calmer bring out my positive side in everything you never see what bad experience and I do not consume often so that it is bad I do not consume anything now I no longer consume just to relax there are things that seem cool to you king normal but we went to two decades of laughter medicinally grounding but luckily I don't consume more because I am distracted in other ways it relaxes me at the end of the day after all the drama and your curious when I consume it I start training reveals that the cap does not omit we lagged kilocalories of mallets but because I like it but every time I do it less for the study well here There is one that I notice that I achieved concentration, which costs me time to wet the plans thousand euros helps me channeled into art and also to develop unblock ideas your thoughts only once it seems to me shit that moto the drug cuts because it paints and to relax the I consume his life since it is not addictive and they caught on fully I can no longer see when it's about to finish after finishing a test and consuming how often you do and it's very rarely or socially five hundred two answers one to three times a week one hundred with answers three or five times a week 54 people and every day only 82 well actually three to five times or less and To finish I would like you to tell your experience is how you hit two with Regarding fitness, I finally have a friend with options other than lumbar there are people who will give you what your relationship is like by telling them Uniting the two things and good people answered there were many answers and The truth was very, very good, so I'm going to change the format this way we didn't take so long and the video gets so long how can you pause the delay more or less so that they read, but if you are interested in any, then pause and leave the long as the truth is entertaining or and this is doing everything for this mega video I hope it has served you some remember to like and share any questions you have It remains to be able to comment subscribe to the channel also if you are interested in all this fitness content and keep making passes


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