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    what's going on guys Jordan nevels back again I hope you had a chance to check out my first video on YouTube the full chest workout if you haven't please check that out leave some comments let me know what you think about that now for today I want to show you some footage we've been working on for months we started this back in May of 2019 and I'm gonna show you the process of how to create your very own supplement line check it out let me know what you think and as always please subscribe leave your comments and I hope you enjoy the footage I'm here doing with my first taste testing for the supplement line hope dealer and I'm here with my partners and we're about to give you the best flavors you have ever imagined so we're gonna go inside you'll meet the team you'll see all behind the scenes in the lab and everything alright so I'm gonna give you direct access it's exactly what it looks like and show you everything from the bottom up how to make your own supplement brand and I'm excited and blessed man I want to show you guys some cool stuff so let's head on then oh yeah my MC Hammer glasses it's not like saying I'm gonna launch some powders he has a following can you tell us a little bit about you so the team owners yeah sure working on your products well this is what we're going for so that the the hope dealer is the whole brand that that we're shooting out right so my envisionment and I both wanted to do this for forever for a long time and had my own supplement company so I've been you know had opportunities to do other supplements or you know represent other companies but I've always held off some like I know God made me to do my own thing like I know what's gonna come at some point and now it's here to where it's like alright now I got my own thing so and and I'm sure you guys see it with all the other companies out there where there's like you know a lot of misconception and a lot of misleading and stuff like that going on I feel like in the supplement industry right so you'll have certain people representing products that they didn't use that product to get that kind of physique or whatnot right but a lot of younger kids and the learning people that aren't you know developed into the fitness world they don't understand that they just see it and they're like oh well he looks like that let me buy that you know so people are using our hard-earned cash to buy these products and these products aren't even they're not what they crack up to be right so they're not giving you great ingredients you know they're low dose anyways I want to come out with something that is legit that's something that is has an integrity that really stands on its own is transparent but it's giving people their money's worth like this is actually above and beyond anything you can get on the market you know so obviously we want to you know create a product that is well liked that people buy and that you make money off of but above that you know we want to make a difference in people's lives and I don't want your money if this is not the best thing on the market that's the way I look at it so if I can't give you the best product on the market I don't deserve your money I don't even want it so but I believe that the products that we're putting out or going to put out are going to be something that nothing else like out is on the market so diving back into hope dealer what that means so you'd see the two hands one hand represents prayer the other hand represents help so together that delivers hope so one thing we'll do with the product so every product that we sell we'll take a dollar out of that product and that's gonna go into the hope the other form which is now that's what I'm really passionate about is giving back so give them to the community whether that's going and giving somebody a Thanksgiving or you know paint somebody's rent whatever it is so that type of stuff and helping the community so now this supplement companies got actual bigger vision than just putting out products right so now that's really what it's all about and you guys are here to help me and I appreciate it so yeah that's me I don't think so okay so the first one right here is the watermelon flavor so let me start with wanna we'll taste and then we can get feedback we'll take some notes okay so I kind of like to get some water in between or there's a cracker here if you need it just in case the bitterness starts to build okay we'll start right here with the watermelon all right sweet smells good it's like a jolly rancher I really like this one this is like the sediment right here yeah there's a lot it looks like almost like a bath yeah I got you you wanna see a different watermelon profile it's like you can't get to candy ish if you're born natural like the Jolly Rancher watermelon do that too much with natural I like that flavor yeah I like that watermelon yeah like if you try a flavor and you want even something tweaked higher lower something added to it okay gotcha that's pretty amazing how you can you can't taste any of all the ingredients that are in there and there's so much in there but that covered everything up yeah really well even down to the bottom information appalled me I can all recognize it no yeah they do what things don't so this is the base as is correct oh I know this is yeah what they did yeah oh yeah I smell for you there you go oh yeah yeah there we go there we go say you definitely need to have that sweet kick at the end just to kind of keep everything oh oh man from this from this to that yeah yeah yeah we'll keep that for reference so I come back just remember how great you are come back to that mountain that's what we started with Wow helped us choose these flavors and acid level and sweet flirt levels and Caitlyn who's been doing an amazing job with all of these yell are awesome second one here is fruit punch I am three punch so keep in mind like fruit punch I can feel the sense fruit punch this insanely popular and does well you don't have to call it pretty much we can that bar being come up with fun names this is this is Hawaiian Punch all day this is like classic guys that's Tahitian treat my favorite drink ever never had it that's my favorite pop ever that's my favorite pop ever nobody ever knows what it is they're like what – yeah it's like a pop yeah nobody ever knew what it was I'm like you ever had to eat some treat they're like teasing street I should get my ice to get Tahitian treat and a bag of grip O's and I wasn't always good I was good to go we got lemon Wow okay so lemon lime yeah that's threw me off I was thinking though you got like oh yeah that smells good I'm um if it tastes like it smells I'm Mellie I love them the smell of this you can do too much with colors because all of this is coming from the beat mm-hmm but we thought the flavor prepared beautifully with it yes that's not smooth right there now sometimes people like their citrus to do it more sour so we just kind of left it here at this level to see what you thought did you gotcha you more such so assets what's gonna kind of give you that pucker that like you want to suck in it make sure my right uh turn so we can add more of those types of notes or we just kind of kept it I mean there's a little bit more acid in this than say like a watermelon or fruit sponge okay so the nature of the flavor but we could always make it a little bit more sour gotcha not that that's lemon-lime straight what if you added and could you mix in another fruit flavor with it like a strawberry like a strawberry lemonade time deal strawberry lemonade or cherry lime split it into cherry limeade and it's kind of RAD with the color as far as calling true true this one here is blood orange blood orange okay I'm how to describe it it's like an exotic orange yeah like a right right we can always do that we felt like we threw something and that was a little bit more tropical yeah so that's an option we can go more traditional orange what you think orange is very on trend but you guys said it's stuck flavoring I'm blowing up across applications I do a lot of RT beverage your personal oral care things like that are trying to do blood orange tumor throwing like unique flavors with botanicals even our kind of flavors like that but what I learnt you today one good yeah let's do it I love it okay flavor do you think it's too close to the TV it's very close to decision in yeah it's very similar to that I feel like the aftertaste is a little bit different so that Tahitian kind of stays with you a little longer this one is a little bit different like you say you taste more the other fruits and this one when you're done with it that Tahitian is just kind of like boom in there yeah yeah it's dead-on it's almost done on Hawaiian Punch so when you taste the strawberry lemon when we get to it know that it's not optimized mm-hmm not gonna be as good as a right do I like a flavor thing at all and if I do we can always upper down you're right right that's kind of thing keep in mind here what I smell is good that that oh this if it tastes like it smells oh I smell it and I want it already yeah we're going right away yeah that's something you would look forward to like you would like I can't wait popular I'm loving out well these are these amazing people created it but yeah this is this one here's cherry limeade oh goodness all they're coming oh yeah there's mellows in there I smell so good I dip my nose down in it yeah yes yeah I love it but it's for sure more female to you but completely up to you and that could also be keeping the flavor and just renaming it to something else as well good gotcha yeah one way or the other but still tastes phenomenal right so maybe it's coming up with some type of different name for direct you will see one out there electric I can see that sure great nerds they are like it screws crazy over here yeah I like it I like to smell oh yeah it's all day that's it yeah that's great nerds for sure that's cool right Wow no salmon we say it and then two seconds later in the air I got it in the Cubs that's good as well I'm gonna say top two would definitely be a strawberry eliminated in the grape this is something no like it's yeah so how many SKUs were you think you know coming out with first four three two for lunch okay hey Jordan I know that you're gonna take down that lion's mane because of the setup mm-hmm I think the team created I mean depending on your cost so you have to look at your overall cogs with on the base I like the diamond mean and i like that t cream in there i think it like it's good right it adds to the workout and you're not supposed to crash with those two ingredients and I don't taste up I think that based he's so you think it's fine with it because I had them take out the creatine the Tia cream which there wasn't there was 50 MiG's in it but Tia Kareem is so bitter at itself so I removed the calcium and the Tia cream from it and just hopped up the dinah mean a bit in it so I assumed you know Tyrion is very hard to flavor because of that really strong bitter taste to it but yeah I can't I can't taste anything in this so I like you to have those two ingredients in there cuz people are to be late I mean right right so maybe taking that out is unnecessary as far as the tea thing goes yes then just compare and see so if you want to leave it in we can play around with it we can add it in separate and try to maybe do a lower level or optimize those levels or if you want to pick them it's fine but you know any more than that it's gonna get a lot if you go any higher it's gonna be a lot harder and it's just gonna get more bitter I wouldn't do it additional you're gonna take out it's only gonna get better right unless your comps are too high I'd reduce the line thing so you don't have the sedimentation and the calcium which I think this yeah so those two pulled out but I wasn't sure about the tea occurring so I just went head and pulled that out cuz I thought that was going to be one of the issues with the flavoring of it but yes 300 makes these three animes of caffeine plus duty cream plus yeah so it's very look like 50 Meg's of tea or Korean 50 Meg's of dynami yeah so kind of a half serving type deal basically like you know if you got 20 servings and you only want 50 or so MiG's of caffeine just take one scoop but they're still enough of everything else and theirs are still to where you could get full doses of what other people are giving you off of just half a scoop of this basically the idea I always think it's just it's helpful so you your taste see what we're tasty grows then you the strawberry lemonade for example one with the Tia crea long without you are also tasting side by side going okay correct really added a lot of bitterness or earthy notes and removing it took it out right or maybe you taste it and go nope there's no difference whatsoever I leave it there you go yeah perfectly okay so just to recap we definitely like the strawberry lemonade correct the grape nerds flavor yep Tahitian punch and watermelon all right guys so we just finished up you just saw my first taste testing here man it was amazing I like the experience was better than I could have ever imagined you guys got to see the team and they are masterminds so they're here working giving you guys the best absolute flavors that you could ever imagine and man I'm excited I'm blessed and you can see the excitement and mana don't get any better than this guy so stay tuned I'm trying to give you behind the scenes on what it looks like to make the brand what it looks like to do the products and you know really show you guys all the work and the grind that it takes to develop something and you know I truly think that this supplement is gonna be at one point the number one supplement line in the world I feel like God is gonna bless it this is my calling and I think like we're gonna give you guys something that's never been put on the market before so stay tuned I love you thank you for tuning in and we'll see you next time

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