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LEARN TO LOVE YOURSELF TO TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE – Best Motivational fitness Speech 2020


you are always in the right place at the right time the best and the highest comes to you at every moment you receive everything wonderful that you desire you are a wonderful person [Music] you grow younger and more beautiful every day [Music] you are successful and everything you do you love and accept yourself for who you are you are infinitely wealthy and rich and have an infinite abundance of money and precious treasures [Music] you are in the perfect love relationship with the perfect person for you you deserve and receive happiness in every aspect of your life the universe blesses you every moment with love and joy you are completely healthy in every way your body the soul and mind are in complete harmony with each other which keeps you in perfect health and 43 are talented and creative you enjoy being yourself [Music] you really are beautiful you are special and unique you accept yourself with a wonderful person you are you enjoy giving and receiving love and every moment your life is blessed with eternal youth love and much happiness [Music] you are loved for the beautiful and kind person that you are I love you I am blessed with wonderful gifts and experiences every day my life is full of good health gentle love terrific success and joyful happiness I am grateful to be alive and have the great opportunity of experiencing another glorious day thank you thank you thank you I am constantly surrounded by a healing white light that protects and guides me every step the right place at the right time life is simple and easy because I realize that is all about savoring each moment and being grateful for the luxurious pleasure it gives me and everyone around I appreciate the goodness I am sure taking time doing what I like to do and what makes me truly it makes me feel empowered to be kind and to express love it warms my soul and showers me with this giving and receiving goodness fills me with joy and contentment that was the greatest reward to be at peace with myself I easily forgive myself and others for past actions because I know that nobody's perfect we are all simply doing the best each of us can when I give my best that makes me feel complete and free I am able to let go of the past because of his mother and cannot be changed and by doing so I am able to clearly think of how I can make my life better today it is my choice I go down I am in control of my feelings and emotions how I feel is up to me I choose to have a positive and bright outlook on things the best the highest comes to I gladly thank the great things I have in life and in return the universe is happy to send remember wonderful things into my life the more I appreciate what I have the more the universe can bless me by the terrific health beautiful love infinite prosperity eternal joy Oh fabulous gifts worthy of them and accept them health love prosperity joy and peace are a permanent part of my higher being I am the light and the light is me we are and at peace thank you for my happy and a pet sweet thank you so much that I have food to eat and fresh water to drink every day my body is grateful for it and I feel I'm grateful for my accent and I am for the ability to heal to taste to touch to smell these are glorious sensations thank you thank you for them thank I am truly thankful for all of the success that I've had and my life so far even the small accomplishments means so much and our Farah I always remember that I am open to more success coming to me and am grateful that it flows through my life and entire being all the time I like Who I am and it is great when I share my kind tablets with others I give and receive good energy by positive wonderful and beautiful things in my life I release all negativity all of it I only have room for good goodness comes to me easily and effortlessly my body mind and soul are saturated with pure white light cleansing me and rejuvenating my spirit at every moment the healing light within me grows ever brighter with each passing day my power to love is ever increasing and continues to spread to the whole world I am free open and feel released I love myself thank you for my life I receive everything wonderful that I desire I am a wonderful person I grow younger and more beautiful every day I am successful at everything I do I love and accept myself [Music] I am infinitely wealthy and rich and have an infant [Music] personal – and receivables expect the universe blessed at to Julie I am complete my body soul are in complete harmony which keeps me I am down [Music] I enjoy I really am beautiful I am special and unique [Music] I accept myself for the wonderful person I am [Music] [Applause]

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