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Hey guys! This is Antelm, a friend who is 2 years from being a medic I´ve known him from the gym for almost a year, and I´ve always thought about bringing him here We are going to make a new section for the channel We are going to bring you studies that prove which exercises are the best Antelm will search for them

He will show us, and you will be able to ask us about this topic, you can ask if you are doing it well or wrong It´s another way to see it, and how science can help fitness This is the idea, to learn how science is very important in fitness, and how we may not take that into consideration I think that science is important in every area This will help us to achieve our goals, which is what everyone of us want, right Ernest? Well yeah, I think experience is important We all work with what we think it works

Although it doesnt have to work as well as we think it does So well, lets start! It wont be an usual video, but i will make sure it is entertaining, and its worth it Well, first of all, subscribe if you want to watch any video of the channel, both this section or another Now, Antelm I would like to ask you 3-4 questions I don´t really know how to answer Taking into account the debates of how to do exercises, who is right? Science, people who talk from experience, books, studies

This is a really good question Good thing about science is, that its always evolving, regardless who is right Science is a bunch of studies that try to proove something in some conditions

and depending on the results, you take one option or another Both good and bad results help us to improve, is the good thing, regardless who is right I like to have a basis of science in every studie I do, regardless on the topic Science shows us ways that will certainly work This is why I think science must be the basis of everything we do, but we must take into consideration experience too We should use both

If we dont use science, we are loosing potential Experience is important too, in the end, its just yourself that will find a way to do everything, and see the results i think that my suscribers, as long as they watch this section, deserve to know that you are not going to be the typical medic Im a personal trainner, and between science and exercise there always have been a short of tension About who should know more about his area

i think it should be mixed, both should know about both So, before we keep going, take off your shirt Put on your fitness Boy shirt Antelm is going to compete, and its a way of life he has had during many years He is doing it scientifically, not just what fitness people say And thats how he managed to have this body You can assess the body of our medic

Im going to compete the 3rd of June, in three weeks You are doing well, you are going awesome I compete because I study medicine and I love to train He is very good, because he studies 10 hours a day too, I wouldnt be able He prioritizes his cognitive performance, though When he said that to me, I found it funny because its not something you usually hear

My career is what Im going to make the living with, so I must prioritize it Now that you know Antelm, in this section we will try to introduce science in our trainings and routines We are going to apply science in our routines, in order to improve our trainings With the help of Antelm, that is excited too, hope you debate and watch videos you like Like the best comments so we can see them, and bring them to you

Now we will go to the gym, and apply some science Back, chest, ABS So, summarizing, we encourage you to participate, to comment, Just ask us about health, fitness, exercise, and Ernest and I will discuss it We will prove it scientifically, in an entertaining way What do you think about people that comment without really knowing about this? When you recommend to other people, you should base yourself in science more than experience Your expirience is yours, science´s results are for everyone

It´s the N, the number of people in a specific study The greater is N, the better the study is built It isnt something that works just in Ernest, or just in me, it works in MANY people When you make general recommendations, use science because its the most likely to work in a great number of people What we are going to make is something now, and I think it will be a success with the help of Antelm

We will try to introduce science in our trainings We encourage you guys to comment and leave your proposals The first comment to reach 1000 likes will be the topic we well work into in the next video So, as you know, eat the world, you wont get fat right? What does science say about that?

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