INTENSE Inner Thigh + Outer Thigh + Butt Workout \ *very* advanced 5 MIN WORKOUT

[Music] Welcome to this intense inner thigh External thigh and booty exercise in one This is an advanced exercise routine We are going to jump in our first warm-up A warm-up move only from today Raise the leg if you haven't already Warm-up video pause checking Description Get the right warm-up Because after this switch we are legs Going to jump straight to This exercise is not for my country Beginners Beginners You can watch this It is the place where people just spoils Let's go first drop-down transfer for The flow that we do a bridge falls for you You will be in the grip of the bridge Position and only you will do Your legs swing like a pendulum that is Skill Talent Let's go make sure one The foot is flat on the ground hips Lift the hips should be suspended only A little bit there you go your pressure Booty as you do this you will feel Burning in your ass and thighs Keep going do not let that foot touch floor That was awesome, we will do it The other leg really compress your glute Especially in the leg and this does not move This is awesome to target your loot on Way more intense okay let's go Avoid pointing your toes on that leg That move keep your foot flat If you must be okay if your foot It takes care of the land but ideally not Want to foot touch keep the ground Going Lift your hips just a little bit you're Doing good ten seconds to go You are doing amazing this exercise is Just five minutes, but intense Next awesome until we do our beloved Glute bridges this is here to focus Exclusively on the M block if you are You have dumbbells you can put it on Hip like you see on that right More intense let's jump into sure Your arms are comfortable next to you Every time you lift your hips Squeeze your loot to make sure The ankles are directly below your knee You want your leg to be focused directly To really extend the hips all Way to reach the highest level you can get It was very good and you know the face to your account The side now because we do raised This is similar to the oyster that you are already I know but only for advanced people Watch what I'm doing let's go want to Your elbow is under your shoulder Leg bent to the floor Lift the hips To the side as you open your legs There you go suck your abs in Nice that was good what do you do To the other side if you are struggling This movement takes some Coordination just returned to this Workout continue to try and you will get Better it's just 20 seconds raise that Knees Keep your knees bent Elbows under your shoulder and make Make sure your abs are tucked in that was awesome That was good until our next This beloved fire taps will Challenge you to feel this Mainly in the outer thigh if you have Dumbbells you can cradle in the back From your knee like you see on the right To make it more difficult or you can use The resistance band keeps your wrists Under your shoulder for your support The upper body absorbs your abs and is lifted That leg Paul Paul couldn't resist sorry It will burn It is supposed to burn Lift this knee up as much as you can You want the thigh parallel to floor And time will do the same The movement is on the other side and this is your The last exercise in this exercise remembers A

Basic tightness and lifts those knee as As high as your body will let you ready Let's go It's the last 30 seconds in this Workout do your best Tuck your ABS in very good condition Adjust your arms to make sure your wrists Under your shoulder you want Soft bend in your elbow, watch your back Keep this back nice and not flat You want to arch your back or your curve Flat back is important here three Seconds and the time was great thanks So much Or hang out with me today and I'll see You are in my next workout video just hello Before you are new here I am Kola just like Coca-Cola I am married and have a son With my husband now we live in first texas I love pizza without tomato sauce Certified personal trainer, me too Certified in nutrition and wanted Personally invite you to check my country Kabocha fitness comes on there You can find all-inclusive access Pass on all of my exercises and this The premium includes 30 minutes of workouts that are Not available on my youtube Booty program for eight weeks abdominal 21 days Fat focus program and get this to your A full year of planned exercises for you From January to December you do not have To think about it again forever You can access all this content directly From my website by logging in or you can Download the iPhone or Android app The app and it just has it all in one Put it in your pocket It's very comfortable Go ahead and check out my cocoa site Communication Fitness It's totally free to try it Give it a chance to see if that works for you You are