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In Gesprek met de Leden: Anytime Fitness Maarssen (#1)


Yes, that is very difficult What is the best thing? There is not really anything beautiful

It's always nice here! The big advantage here at Anytime Fitness is that I can come whenever I want I am a morning person and I love to come here very early Work out for an hour before my daily activities start And that is why I come here 24 times 7 sports and really exercising when I want and that is wonderful on the Sunday morning

Just eight hours here, nobody present, great music in the background and go! Yes fine, it is of course all still in the beginning You see more and more people coming, it's fun, the guidance is fun, the people are fun Always a nice cup of coffee afterwards Great, great atmosphere! The guidance is good, is great


I mean Coincidentally, I had to adjust the program a week ago because I was training very wrong so that means that you have a nice and good guidance here! With which I actually adjusted everything and started training again!

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