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How to choose a headset microphone to teach group fitness classes (3 of 3)


in this video I'm gonna give you all the tips that you need to know to buy a headset microphone to be able to teach your fitness group classes using a mic hi I'm João Ferreira the owner of passion fitness a digital agency in the fitness world I'm also the creator of Tina the instructors app but I'm also a spinning master instructor I have been teaching spinning for more than 10 years and on the first year after I got my certification I bought my first microphone headset since then I have been using my own microphone everywhere I teach so in this video I'm gonna give you all the tips you need to know to be able to buy a microphone headset it's not a full test of all the brands it's just the sharing of my experience as an instructor on how I chose and experience different brands and different types of headsets so let me tell you a bit more about what is a microphone headset very often we talk about the microphone and you think that we may be talking just about this piece here so this is the microphone itself but it's not the main component one of the main components of a microphone headset kit it's this so this is a base what I call a base and this is basically a receiver so this is going to receive the signal of your microphone and due to the connectors that you have in the back you are able to connect this into the sound system that you may be using in your chain now if your gym already has a box like this a receiver so you then just need to buy the microphone itself and the transmitter but it needs to be compatible with the receiver of course so it has to be the same brand but also this is using frequencies to communicate so you need to make sure it's using the right frequency so this is the base that's number one components the second component which is actually two components by themselves one is the microphone itself and the other one is the transmitter I will show you this more into detail so this is the transmitter so it's again it's a box and this has a battery compartment as well and as you see it also has an antenna so this is where I plug my microphone and this is the microphone headset so the one that you are using around your head to be able to teach your classes so you plug the microphone to the transmitter and the transmitter is connected to the base the receiver now one thing that is important as you see there is a little LCD display here and if I actually plug in the box there is also one number here and these numbers need to be the same so these are digital numbers so it's a channel we call this channel so it needs to be configured to be the same channel in the transmitter and in the receiver usually you also have a little light in my case it's going to turn green when the two are connected now I need to know a few more things about the headset so the base the receiver that is operated by a power cable which is delivered with the receiver now there is something else you need to know is that the transmitter has a battery case well in this example I will give you the brand that I'm using right after this I have one 15 volt battery I'm using rechargeable batteries and I'm using quite powerful rechargeable batteries so I can just recharge them and I don't have to buy a new one so with a set of four I can really go a lot of time with it now in this specific model I have only one battery sometimes you have 9-volt batteries sometimes you have two batteries so in this brain here I have only one battery so because we are using batteries I advise it two other things so rechargeable batteries a rechargeable device and this very simple device to use which is a power meter basically so let me show you the main components of a microphone headset kit the first one which is the major one it's this box usually it's pretty big there are small ones of course but so this box is a receiver it's important because the microphone is going to transmit your voice through radio signals to the specific device and with the connectors you see here in the back these connectors allow you to connect this box to the sound system and then the sound is just going to come up in the loudspeakers in the sound system so this is the based receiver now there are two other components there is this small box this is the transmitter and this is something that you hold as you can see here in the back there is something to hold on to a belt for instance or you can just put it in your pocket and this has an antenna and it has a microphone connector so this transmitter is going to send your voice signal to the receiver so then the last component is the microphone itself as you see it has a headset form so you place it around your head and the microphone is just now standing in front of your mouth this is the bonnet which is delivered with it you can buy usually extra bonnets and then so the part of the cable is connected to your transmitter now as you can see here there is also a battery compartment in the lid you have something to easily remove the battery so it's using a 1

5 volt battery and I'm using rechargeable batteries so I'm gonna tell you a little bit more about it this kit that I'm using is the perception wireless I'm using this now for three to four years and I'm very very happy with it but the first model I started with was a Sennheiser I will put all the links to the different models not the ones that I use because now they are their new models so the new model that you can find on Amazon it's using exactly the same principle so the three main components are these ones now they are not delivered with cables so you do need to buy cables or for this you need to know what is your sound system using now which cables do you need if you look at the back of my receiver and most of the receivers work in the same way there are two types of connectors there is a XLR male and there is a jack female so basically you just need to one of the two now the best one I would say is the XLR so the cable that he need will be an XLR female for this side and an XLR male for the other side now most of the sound systems will have XLR or Jack in the same blood so you can have both cables as you want so I'm going to show you here two of the cables I'm using so this is an XLR male two XLR female so as you see one side here I will just plug in the XLR female into my receiver and this side I will just plug it into the sound system most of Gym systems have this type of plug now if they don't have this one but they have a jack well usually the jack and this one are in the same one but probably they may have just a jack so here it is I have the XLR here the female going to a jack so it's not a mini jack it's a big jack and if you see here it can also plug in into the jack connector here but of course I'm using this one with the XLR on one side and then the jack that would go on the sound system on the other side now the receiver here is power operated so usually it brings this power cord it's like a 12 volt power cord that you can just plug into here most of the receivers have the same power cord so probably in your gym if they have a receiver even from another brand you may reuse their power cord they already have I use this a lot like basically all the Sennheiser that I find in other clubs they will have this so that's basically all the connectors that you have now in the receiver there is a on-off button here and there is also a volume button and a channel button now the channel is something quite important if I get here again the transmitter so the transmitter and the receiver they need to be talking on the same channel so by default I already said there is a small display here and there is a button as well inside to be able to change a channel and there is a channel button there as well so this one is very easy to change just pressing the button there and the button inside the transmitter here and just make sure that you have the same channel on both so this is using radio frequency so also make sure that when you are buying this to your country make sure that the frequencies that it's using are supported in your country that's why it's not very good to buy this in you know in China for instance don't buy it there buy it in European websites if you are in Europe in American websites if you are in us because most of the times they are already checked to be able to be supported by your country legislation radio frequency is pretty much regulated so you cannot just use any frequency you want so it's very important to check that the frequency is actually valid and supported in your country as I was telling you the first kit I use was a Sennheiser is at least here in my country the one that is used in most gyms and that's why it was the first one I bought well it didn't last me long with the sweat I was sweating so much on that microphone that I killed the microphone very very fast so what I did is okay I bought another microphone not the whole set so the whole set you need to buy just once when your microphone is not working anymore you have to buy this set and it's not delivered with this with the transmitter so the transmitter and the receiver that's something that you're going to keep and usually you are just buying the microphone itself now the microphone itself it's also one of the most expensive pieces so like the whole kits here probably costed me 250 euros and just the headset was costing me a hundred euros now the prices have changed lately so probably it's going to be cheaper but that's one of the most expensive pieces is just this microphone so this is the piece of equipment that you need to take care of why because it's the one that is close to your mouth is the one that you are sweating on and you know humidity and microphones are not very good friends so that's something that you need to really pay attention to so like do not store this in a closed box in the Tupperware for instance because it cannot dry so you have to put it in a place where it can dry so I'm using a pouch where I put it in which is kind of ventilated so I can dry really really fast and the best thing that you need to do as well after your class you know when you get home just put it out of the box or out of the pouch that you are keeping it so it can dry you can also remove the bonnet of course and it can drive faster as well so the Sun Iser was the first model I actually bought and as I said it didn't last long even though it's good quality probably one of the most knowns out there for me it isn't plus long so then I bought another brand I brought Shure and I'm gonna show you the one I have actually I didn't I don't have the Sennheiser anymore because I sold it to someone else like I sold the bass the microphone was not working anymore and that person just bought a new microphone so this is the Shure as you see it's a little bit smaller but it's also pretty handy so this is again the receiver and I have here the transmitter so this is a transmitter and so let me open it here you're gonna see it has a 9 volt battery well it's not so good because you need a charger for nine volt so you need a special charger for this and of course you need to buy this kind of batteries also rechargeable but you need to have a few and normally the those are not so used it also has a button for the channel and what is nice is that you have of course a zero here and minus 10 DB to reduce the sound so very easy buttons here just to reduce the volume if the sensitivity of the microphone is set to high in your sound system so this can be really really handy while this lasts me some time but I also killed it yes I was still sweating a lot and I just killed it so this is where one day I was in a bar and I saw a group of musicians and basically they had this kind of transmitter little bit smaller with another type of microphone and they had this in their instruments I basically just went to see the brand they were using and I saw it was AKG so AKG I will put again the link below to the model I'm using actually to the newer model I'm using AKG is quite known for microphones it's quite known for sound systems so AKG is Arman Kardon Group probably heard about it and you know in car audio and and even the home audio it's really good so perception wireless it's my second microphone so I did bought a new microphone because I wanted to you know switch microphones as I told you when you buy a new mic you don't get the the the transmitter but the transmitter you know it's always in your pocket it doesn't really get so moist when you are teaching what really gets used too much is is the microphone itself so this is the one that you would like to actually buy so if you are teaching a lot of classes I would say that if you are teaching at least five classes a week or more well buy two of these and then just switch like if you are doing two classes in the same day just switch the microphone so it you leave some time to try if you are using it every day do the same thing just switch the microphone so then you are always using a brand a kind of a brand new microphone which is dry why because if its moist in there inside there if its moist well you're going to lose some quality it happened to me a lot with the other microphones I had so with Shure and with the Sennheiser that I was starting one class and the sound was pretty good and half through of the class I was losing sound quality sometimes I had to put it off and just do the rest of the class without the microphone so it is a challenge it's not so easy to teach with microphones because it's technology it can break so it's something that you need to take care of as I said always put it in a pouch always store it safely and securely and in a place where it can dry really really fast the batteries are also something I really love in the AKG as you see here there is this battery compartment and the lid has you know a little kind of little screwdriver and you can very easily take off the battery and it's only using one battery actually this screwdriver has another usage so there is a little sensitivity button here and you can just you know with the lid with the screwdriver from the lid you can actually change the sensitivity of the transmitter I never touch this like it said once for all and I very rarely change this there is a button to change the channel as well and remember there is a volume in the receiver so you can always change the sensitivity in the receiver itself so I very rarely use this one coming back to the batteries so always buy powerful batteries usually when you go to a shopping and check to these rechargeable batteries there is a number you need to follow so if you look at this one here you can read 2300 milli amperes this one here is 2600 milli amperes this one here is 2700 this just means it's more powerful and it can last longer the higher this number is the most expensive it is so don't buy the cheap ones don't buy like 1,200 or I would say don't buy anything less than 2,000 meaning purrs because it's gonna last you a lot longer so the the number of times they need to to recharge it will be lower and you can teach a lot more classes just with one battery for this you need to have of course a charger battery charger but then I have another tip for you I will put the link right here below it's a power meter so this will allow you to check your batteries so always check if they need to be recharged or not and if they don't need to be recharged don't recharge them so it's very easy you just need to put the plus on the plus side and the minus on the minus side and you can see this one here is completely empty so I need to recharge it so very very easy and handy and always always have so like this one here is charged always have this in the pouch of your microphone and always have two to three batteries and you know from time to time just check the level of your batteries when you have two which are discharged put them in here because you need to put them two by two and then you just get fresh new batteries if you always follow this you'll always have a microphone that is working correctly so something you need to check as well is well how comfortable this is and that's again something I really love in the AKG is the comfort of this so it doesn't squeeze too much my head like I used microphones that were completely hurting on the sides here so this is very soft also important when you are wearing your microphone to have at least one finger of distance between the microphone bonnet and your mouth still you know if you are sweating a lot and even if there is a distance there it can still get moist can put it further distance from your mouth what I should also use it is just a little bit below your mouth so that if you are speaking or if you are breathing it doesn't breathe into the microphone so it should be a little bit below like on the lower lip and again just check that you have one finger distance between your mouth and the microphone bonnet when you are going to your club always try out the cables always try out this system and do tune your microphone according to the system according to the room that you have the different shape of room will have different settings a different sound system will have different settings with time you're gonna get there and you're going to know which settings you have to put for each room or each fitness that you are teaching on so with this should be okay again I will put all the links to all this material this is my preferred it's not a test of all the different types of systems you have out there probably you have another one from another brand which is great usually I would say do not buy a system that is low than 100 Euros or 100 dollars do not buy a system that is above 500 because that's also overkill anyway whatever system you will buy five hundred eight hundred a thousand euros you are still going to sweat on it so it may break as easy as one over hundred euros you know if you buy between in between the middle like two hundred between 200 and 300 euros that's a good price for a whole kit and around a hundred euros for just a microphone sets now you know most about headset microphones to use in your fitness group classes let's get down to the real tips on how to choose the best one for you based on my experience I used three brands Sennheiser which is probably the most known in the market and the most used in clubs as well Shure which is also pretty used in the audio industry and then AKG my preferred one is the AKG it's also the last one I'm using but it's the one I could use the longest it's the most rigid the most powerful for me and it lasted already for quite some time so some tips to choose or not to choose some of the things take an example of these headsets it has this band here it's a good bad idea because like in in spinning we sweat a lot and another type of classes like a Zumba or attack you can sweat a lot and all the sweat goes into here so idea of the class this is really very disgusting and it takes some time to try also and when I fit this it doesn't really fit so so well like it kind of moves in my head and even with this band basically it's a it's a real good bad idea it's not very practical the AKG headset which is the one I have here has been for me the most comfortable one so when I fit it it fits really well it doesn't hurt and it kind of really stays in place it doesn't move actually it has this this part here which is soft and it kind of fits really really well on your head also the microphone quality is pretty good usually it's delivered with a little plastic that you can actually put here and it's saying there that is for humidity for your sweats it doesn't work really well basically what it does is if you have water coming out or coming from here it will stop the water to go to the microphone but really it's not really useful it's again another very good bad idea but so this one here the AKG from it's the PT 45 so that's the transmitter it's really for me one of the best ones it's also very practical so it has like two positions one two that's on and the middle position is the mute position so it's pretty handy it's pretty handy to actually change the channel and wear what I really like a lot is the fact that it has only one battery which means that I usually buy like four batteries because that's the amount of batteries are usually buy so I have always three in my bag one that I'm using all the time of course when I'm teaching a class and the battery goes off I just replace it with another one I just keep it there until the second one is empty and then when it's empty I take it out I put the the last one there and I charge my two batteries because as I showed you in the charger you always have to charge by to the sure that's using a 9-volt battery and I find it less practical I don't know if they are more expensive than the 15 volt but it's a lot less practical there are some other transmitters which have two batteries so which means that you need to have probably six rechargeable batteries to be able to turn them over every time you have to change actually the AKG surprisingly does keep a long time with just one battery but remember you have to take those batteries which are more than 2,000 milli amperes the highest better like 2,600 2,700 milli amperes but even if it's below that is okay just not below 2,000 and you should be okay with that so that's my preferred one but I'm gonna again add just below this video here the most used headsets and I will start with the the Sennheiser and you can find the Sennheiser in Amazon it's actually at the moment around 350 euros I will also add the price for Amazon in UK of course there is a new model than the one I used of course the one I used was was ten years ago so it's the xsw one and III headset and it looks really really nice really good it does have that band on the headset meaning that if you sweat a lot that's good that's going to be also sweat and wet II that's not so so nice so I will also add right below this video the AKG headset sports headset and it's the AKG PW 45 set microphone in the Amazon France is at 208 so as you saw it's a lot cheaper than the Sennheiser really a lot cheaper and it's still a good price like I would advise not to buy any brand below 200 euros everything that is below it's going to be less quality you're gonna have a bad quality on the sound not a very good longevity on the batteries on the distance as well like this AKG is really great when you are talking at a very good distance from the the transmitter and the receiver and the quality still very good usually when you buy lower brands their strength is not so heavy so when when you walk further from the receiver you're going to lose transmission quality so when you are talking it's going to cut your conversation over so for me again as I said this is the killer headset this is not a complete test it's not a test to see what which is the best one it's just based on my experience and my experience is that out of the three that I use three brands the AKG is for me the best one I would like to hear from you your experience the headsets that you have used probably you have used headsets which were a lot lower expensive and still work pretty good based in your in your setting or you have used very expensive headsets and you have been doing great as well I used as I said the Sun either at the beginning which was around 350 euros and I could break it very very fast just with the sweat the humidity so these kind of things they hate humidity and the AKG has been lasting for quite some time it's it's my second headset so the kit is still the first one and I actually bought a second headset of these ones which was around 90 euros you can find that easily as well I will also put the link just for the headset if you need to buy one so this is my advice for you a kg or sanitizer or any other I hope you appreciated this video I would like to hear from you of course any comment on this but I would like also to hear from you about which other subjects you would like me to talk about or to test like if you would like to test any other brands any question please go ahead I will do all my best to answer that this is one of my first videos on my youtube channel so please if you like this video subscribe to my channel and give me any other hence the topics I would like you would like me to talk about to go like on this video as well and share it share it with others I will also put some other links here for you to follow my Facebook page or Instagram or Twitter I also created a Facebook group in one of my pages actually in the TINA instructors app page which is an instructor group and I would like this group to grow so if you're a fitness instructor you know join this group I will put the link here below just clicking it go see what it's there I will actually post this video there as well if you haven't tried it yet have a look at my application Tina the instructors up you can find it on iOS App Store or the Google Android play it's free to install and to use we are preparing now version 2 and one of the main functions we have in this app is the replacement function so as a fitness instructor you just specify which fitness certification you have which region you are working on you can set your classes there and the clubs you are teaching and if you want to find a replacement you just hit on a specific class on a date and ask for a replacement it's going to send a notifications to all the instructors in your region teaching the same type of class as you do and then it's very easy they just notify you saying that they are available and they would like to replace you and you would want to choose who is going to replace you so as easy as that try it out it's all free and of course I would like your support in installing it and sharing it and again if you have any feedback any comment please get back to me thank you very much see you soon bye bye


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