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How Finances and Fitness are the Same


– It's gonna flip overnight You know that one person who is always doing those insane diets? Or all all of a sudden New Years comes around and they're gonna starting working out, five days a week, they're gonna go on the Dolphin Diet, they're gonna get extremely healthy and it's gonna flip overnight

And how it never freaking works It is the exact same thing with finances, and trust me, I'm speaking from my own experience here, because when things are tight, you start to save money, you start to cut back on every little thing I have tried to buy $2 bread instead of the $5 bread, thinking that it would make a difference, but what you end up doing is creating your own prison of frugality Kind of like torturing yourself with your diet and eatings foods that you don't really like, but you know are good for you, it's not sustainable, it's not gonna last, but you know what works? Small, simple, repeatable steps, that are gonna get momentum on your side If you're trying to cut back on a 1000 bucks a months, do not start trying to spend 50 bucks a month, don't go Graham Stephan frugal

Start by, if you're spending 1000, start by going to 950, then 900, then 850, 800, you gotta scale down, something that's simple and repeatable Kind of like working out, for example, go workout once a week, twice a week, three times a week, and work your way up Stat doing lunges when you're fricken making dinner or making food, simple, repeatable steps My issue with extreme frugality, if it's something that works with you, beautiful, keep doing it, but life happens outside of the spreadsheet, life happens with people that are important to you, go to that happy hour that's gonna cost you 16 bucks, don't worry about the opportunity cost of investing that $16, and if it were 7% over 50 years, you'd have like 37 grand I promise you, that is a hell of a lot more meaningful than having your bank account be a higher number, but, by all means, if you cannot afford it, do not go on the trip, do not get behind the eight ball with unsecured credit card debt, or flights, or trips, or things that you cannot afford

You have to get your money right, by simple, repeatable steps, just like fitness Stay bullish

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