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Grocery Shopping with Pro Bodybuilders | Akim Williams' Prep Essentials


what's going on muscle and strength IFBB pro Akim Williams here and today I'm gonna take you guys grocery shopping and get all my groceries for the week so this is definitely a staple a lot of spinach you want to go organic so I always make sure to get the organic spinach my body responds very well to turkey meat so what I try to do is if you look you know the closer you get to the show you can do the 85% lean but since I'm about six and a half weeks out I'm gonna go to 93 percent lean seven percent fat so I always make sure I pick up a few of these when you get closer to the show then we'll switch to the 99% fat-free so we definitely want to make sure you have some of these on deck so I try to buy stuff and just put it in the freezer so because sometimes you come in here and you don't get these so I'll pick up a few of them today see like they have like four right now so I pick up about four of those and put them in the freezer so that when I need them I have them on hand you know sometimes when we cut the eggs out we still still try to put a little bit of fats in it so I usually my fats of choice to use like cashews sometimes almonds but we try to go with the really really natural so these are great but it's a whole bunch of stuff in there a whole bunch of processed stuff so you try to go like the raw natural as much as possible to like just get eliminate a lot of the chemicals and stuff like that so if you're gonna do fats try to get it natural as fats as possible you know so the next definitely gotta pick up some eggs and when I buy my eggs I mean I buy it in bulk so definitely 60 my choice you know it's a lot of eggs for the buck this is only like a little bit over $7 so you can't beat this price at all you know if you're going to body build one of the most important things is getting your water intake so I always make sure I have a lot of these on hand you know so I definitely you know I picked these up by the cases and uh also I got to make sure my my coach gym is actually stacked with water always whenever I pick up water I also make sure I pick them up a case also gets annoying drinking water all the time so a quick way I try to know just flavored water is these are very cheap it's almost like a crystalite basically but it tastes a little bit better I pick up a few of the these and just throw them in water give the water a great taste to get them down almost feel like it you drinking a soda basically like I said you know once you figured out how your body works and what food you know works best for your body it's a lot easier to body build it's a lot easier to diet and for me you see right away I got in the store and I went to each and every aisle that I know that I need I wasn't like looking around for some stuff like that so it saves me time it's more convenient but I got a treat for you guys so you guys see me pick up a whole bunch of healthy stuff but if I wasn't dieting right the aisle I will go to the aisle I enjoy being in the most is you guessed it this is like my favorite aisle I love cereal but one of my favorite cereal is these drumsticks but they come in a mint flavor it's a mint flavor that cereal is awesome so if you guys you know in the offseason and you guys definitely want to try something really good make sure you check out that remember it's a drumstick but the mint flavor one it's amazing I do like one whenever I train legs so if I trained um like I squated uh stuff like that then I would get like a red meat but uh I don't really need them now you know the turkey the chicken eggs that's good enough for now you know it depends sometimes I come here probably 150 sometimes it's like 40 depends I mean I can't complain that's what I get paid to do right all right guys you just witnessed me grocery shopping for my meals for the week make sure you guys subscribe to muscle and strength and check out the video and uh let me know what you guys think man let me know what you guys think about my meals and stuff like that you know and uh definitely you got to try that cereal you'll love it


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