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    Green Tea & Weight Loss | Fitness Expert Talk


    I am not going to lie The first time I tried Green Tea, I hated it

    And I didn't understand why would anyone want to do that to their taste buds But just like all of my friends, I jumped on the 'Green Tea Bandwagon' because I desperately wanted to lose weight And a couple of years later, I did And a lot of it But is Green Tea the reason how I got from being Fat to being Fit? You will have that answer by the end of this video

    So why is everybody going crazy over Green Tea? Because Green Tea breaks down fat cells and moves them to our blood for faster use Agreed But have you ever wondered, what happens to those fat cells after they move to our blood? No matter how much we'd like it our body is not going to poop out all that extra fat In reality, those fat cells still need to be burnt Because, if they are not, then from our blood they will move back to being stored again

    And the only way to burn those fat cells is by doing some sort of physical activity like walking, running, swimming aka, exercise But most of us, don't exercise and we think that drinking one cup of green tea is equal to burning some hundreds of calories So when we see a Samosa or a Kachori or a Burger, we think, 'I am gonna eat this now

    and then I'm going to drink 2 cups of green tea to burn it away' It doesn't work that way Infact, because of this misconception, you are putting on more weight because green tea alone cannot make you lose weight I lost a lot of weight, yes, but not by drinking green tea

    I moved from being fat to fit, by eating healthy and exercising If you want to know how, then check out these videos that I made explaining everything about a healthy diet plan and about how to begin working out at home Their link is in the description

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