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Getting Started With Your Fitness!!


Hi i'm Ethan LeRock, author of the book Fit Anyway, the nine directives to win at weight loss and change your life forever Today I'm here to talk to you about getting started

Now, many times people will come up to me and say "You know I'm so out of shape, I've let things slide so much, there's so much information out there, I don't know where to start with my health and fitness" and today's episode is about how can we get started get our momentum back you know so if you're sitting there and you and you're in that position and maybe you are where you feel like you're just too far gone like you're never gonna be able to get started I'm here today to help you so you can get some momentum get moving forward and get your health and fitness back on track cuz I know what that feels like I've been there before I was obese I was felt like I was trapped in my body I felt awful I felt disgust it in myself and I remember feeling kind of it's almost like a hopeless feeling you have and you just don't know where to start so I'm here today to help you so that you can do what I did and take your health and fitness back so I'm gonna share with you you know five tips on getting started and what I think will help you greatly and moving forward the first one is write out your plan you know What's the outcome that you want So if it's say it's for instance if it's your health fitness I want to lose 50 pounds write that out and then what I want you to also do is I want you to write out the you know the three reasons why you want to lose the weight because those three reasons why are the most important thing they'll keep you motivated to move forward you know for instance my why was I didn't want to die you know I was at a point where I felt like I had the high blood pressure I couldn't bend over without feeling dizzy if I walked up stairs I would breathe real hard and I just my heart didn't feel right and I just felt like if I kept on this path I was gonna die that's a serious why that's a motivational why you know why that I have the second thing was I wanted I had a little girl at the time and I wanted to be here for her when she gets married or not even a big event like that just a day-by-day things that she needs advice from her dad you know I'm in this situation what should i do dad if I didn't take care of my health and I allowed myself to get so far gone that I ended up dying ultimately then how can I be there for the ones that I love you know those are two real motivators for me but come up with your own list of your own why's you know and write them down the second tip I would say is pick some physical activity that you used to enjoy in your past maybe and introduce it back into your life four days a week you know so if you were into swimming maybe maybe you're loved swimming or maybe you played basketball with your friends or maybe you played hockey or you know maybe you were like me and you worked out in the gym like I worked out at a very young age I used to love it introduced that back into your life something that you're gonna enjoy that it's not gonna feel like drudgery when you're doing it you know and just and do it four days a week you know and and just choose those things wisely if it's sitting there and playing darts while I drink beer that's not really gonna help you yeah it might be fun but it ain't gonna help you it's gotta be something that brings joy into your life and that you can you can do four days a week you know so if you're like 300 400 pounds and you're still swollen everywhere you're not gonna be able to run like a sprinter right but you got to pick things that you can introduce back into your life step by step me what I did when I was really heavy and I remember the day that I had things changed is I just started walking you know I I got out that night I asked I remember the night crystal clear and I just I got I was really heavy had my jogging pants on and I put a winter coat on and I went for this long walk and it was a first step and I remember that it was exhilarating it was a really great feeling and because I was taking charge finally of my own health and fitness and I want you to do the same so the next thing is track your results on a day a basis so you know the third tip is go back to your plan and on a daily basis look how you're doing am I on track am I going to the gym everyday am i eating nutritious meals am i losing the weight you know how much weight did you break it down like if you had a plan you should have planned out to a certain date worked your way back and find out how many pounds per day you would need to lose and then just track it and not obsess over it that's the other thing you don't want to obsess and you know you you gained a weight today you gained it's already gained a pound today and and now you're gonna start worrying and fretting over it just look for a long-term trend because you will get like that you'll get spikes and as long as it trends downward with your weight loss then be be comfortable have faith in the process it will happen okay the fourth thing is when you are tracking your plan and things aren't going well and you see some real problems happening or you're plateauing maybe or gaining excessive weight again what I would ask is you make adjustments you know you look at the whole picture when what am I doing wrong am I am I not making it to the you know to my workouts on time am I not eating properly he might maybe give myself too many cheat meals and just tweak it a little bit keep making adjustments and don't give up on yourself don't say oh I gained 5 pounds I give up this doesn't work for me because that won't help you you will end up right back where you started so the last thing I'd like to you know to share with you and I've touched on it before is to have faith in the process you know you have to have faith in something you have to have faith first of all in yourself that you can do this you know look at me if you can look at me and get some inspiration that this guy right here at one point in his life was sitting on a couch with a bag of Doritos obese feeling depressed you know couldn't even think about going for a jog because it would be too much taxing on his body to being the guy am today who is you know full of joy and full of energy and and strong and you know has a good outlook on life and has others come and ask him for how they can do it that's a great feeling have faith in the process because that can be you too so I hope this episode served you well and I really I'm excited about the journey that you're on because I remember my own journey and it's just it's a great thing to experience going from that part of hopelessness that state of hopelessness to being where you feel just amazing it's only out until we meet again stay healthy be happy and live your life with intention every single day hey guys it's Ethan I hope you liked that video because if it did there are three things you can do right now one you can click on subscribe to this channel and I hope you do so I can continue to send you free videos every week second you can pick up a copy of my brand-new book 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