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    FRONK YONG'S Fitness CheatCode (Beyond Body and Mind) 超越心靈與物質


    so after the Kundalini activation which is the most profound transformation of my life ,of anyone's life but ever since then I've been working out from a brand new perspective see the mind muscle connection that I used to talk about in the past is outdated it's just a midway stage now I think the best way to train is to connect with all of Reality the Absolute and lift with neither mind nor matter when I do my set now I flipped the switch from the Frank Yang character to Being or Infinity mode by throwing awareness from behind the characters eyes to in the light of the Absolute every corner of the room is infused Awareness including every particle your body of mind and it's witnessing the lifter from both inside and outside simultaneously when I started using the metaphor of exiting the screen as a video game or a movie character and then coming back that's all just metaphors for Awakening and so you ask me how to activate cheat code this is it See I used to think you have to lift in the egoic state to generate more force but the opposite is true you actually waste more effort and energy constructing and maintaining a separate self instead just relax and abide as your most natty state of Absolute Infinity for max effort efficiency see when I lift with no center and with nobody behind or inside the meat suit I barely feel pain or fatigue so last week got a chance to spend a whole week with an Awakened Being this is the first time I've ever gotten so close with someone that's woke like actually woke more so than me and sticking your C**K to infinity changed my life You are always gonna be my love You're always gonna be the One have you have even studied it to nothingness nothingness yeah yeah what are your insights about you know it's the fundamental structure of reality so form and emptiness it's the same thing so just imagine like a movie screen the movie screen is like before any movies is projected on that's emptiness but that's the potentiality for all the forms so let's say you have the characters of movie screen the characters is part of the emptiness it's just a manifestation of emptiness see the characters on the movie is not a part from the screen so we're not apart from emptiness like physicists already proved it but Buddhism proved that from the inside thousands of years ago the strings right is nothing it vibrates into atoms atoms vibrating to molecules molecules vibrates into cells and cell vibrating two muscles or muscle vibrates into that like you know I mean like we matter but matter is made out of emptiness there's no difference between mind and matter cuz like emptiness you can say is mind Pure mind All of Reality is fundamentally made up of one thing and that's Emptiness fundamentally pain on one thing the emptiness the happiness and for the nothingness is the potentiality to become anything it's kinda like a shape-shifter you know so like everything about you is matter nothingness but they win it's like you've merged where nothing does emerge you to manifest this like form of human beats and chairs and tables or from the human perspective from the human perception right now it doesn't seem like nothing so you can't get to like psychedelic or meditation to actually tap your nothingness that makes up everything they're like they're in the state of mind we're all so peaceful like right now because I'm perceiving nothingness but that's not true nothingness true nothingness can only be perceived the moment you go unconscious in the moment you come back but that moment those two moments are the biggest things that you can have the human being the moment that your whole entire biological mind body structure gets deep like deconstructed combusted every atom gets like nuclear explosion boom and you can kinda like turn out the TV screen I think turning back home you know how like when you have a your computer is kind of slow and then you have to restart it and we need to restart it becomes like an efficient again right it's kind of like that every time you like you lose consciousness and come back you feel like a new person but that's not extremely like high state of consciousness that the no consciousness state you have we reach overly high stands consciousness we have to reach the edge of your mind almost to be able to like unplug and come back in because all of this all misconception far nothing is one of them is like nihilism people think all nothing is that serviced I had not heard announced nothingness it is a is a fundamental structured reality but nihilism is a philosophical concept there they're not there are totally different the final step is turn awareness onto itself and annihilate the meditator

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