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    Floorball Fitness


    – Floorball Fitness is a training concept for floor clubs who want to develop exercise and open up the association for more participants

    – Our exercise booklet is easy to use, easy to understand and makes training easily accessible – Floorball Fitness can be practiced both indoors and outdoors and on any surface – The idea of ​​Floorball Fitness is to be able to offer a training concept for those who want to test on floorball but also for those who want to stay in or come back to sports and the community whether you are old or young, with or without experience in floorball – The sections in the booklet are divided by Pulse, Power and Play thus heating, strength training and floor play – "Pulse" is the beginning of the workout that gets the participants heated and set for training

    – Here, play is combined with exercises inspired by the technical aspects of the floor dance – "Power", in this section you will find strength exercises for the whole body – These are simple exercises that can be practiced as pair exercises and individually – With the cards it is easy to put together a circle pass and put the cards on the training surface for everyone to keep up with – "Play", the training session ends with games

    – Here you practice floorballs in various playful game variants – Everyone can join in and get a chance to score goals for fun! Want to know more about Floorball Fitness? Visit our website sportfitnessnu

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