so a lot of you guys have been asking me for an updated fitness video and I thought what a perfect opportunity to do a video on how to transition your fitness from training for a big event for me it was my wedding into everyday life so I'm gonna tell you guys what I'm doing to maintain my fitness not in a crazy way but still maintaining all that hard work that I did and I also want to show you guys I have so much new adorable fitness gear that I want to show you guys so this is kind of just an updated general fitness and wellness video so if you wanna see what I'll do to stay fit in the real world keep watching okay first let me start by showing you guys some update fitness gear because we all know when you look good in the gym you're gonna do good in the gym so I have gotten a recent shipment of this new Lorna Jane I show some laurajane on my channel a little while back and I fell in love with this line so I have several new pieces from them so these are their new tights and what I love about these is they come in these little two pieces so this is the little bra that goes with it I love a matching two base in the gym I love it this has got some sort of palm leaf like molana' type Bob some they go all the way to the ankle so they're long pants so if you're tall you're going to be fine if you're sure you don't have to roll them up and then this is the top that goes with that the same top but this is most precious gear from this company and I've just really been loving it another piece that I got that's also another Lorna Jane and I get mediums and on the workout here is are these adorable leopard print leggings I love these they're more of a crop and I wear them with a black top so when I'm at the top like a woman I have on right now that I got from Nordstrom sale or just any black top or sports bra I love to wear sports bra and leggings in the gym I feel like it way it keeps me accountable cuz I'm like oh I gotta wear my sweater outfit tomorrow can I eat that cake I usually just say my ultimate all-time favorite workout pants that I wear all the time and I can't get enough up I get them in every color and I love them I also wearing when I travel in the airport are these and I just wash them so they were quickly the Ilan pants from Lululemon they're super super these are them in this dark cherry color they're just super lightweight they're actually meant for more of a yoga type thing but because when I work out I just do walking up an incline treadmill it's not too like you know these aren't good tights for like running they say because they can like beat up and stuff but these are the cropped ones and then these are just the normal ankle ones and I just absolutely love bass so Justina blank knee is a designer and she did this collaboration with beyond yoga if you guys saw this on Instagram so these are the pants she did this beautiful palm print I just love the material beyond yoga it's really thin it's really breathable I just feel like they just really know what they're doing it goes to the ankle and I mean how cute is that and then lastly let me show you the shirt you guys know that I love spiritual gangster I actually got this in my wantable edit also and I get a ton of stuff from spiritual gangster I think it's just such a great company so they came out with this new it's so breathable and it's so it's such a beautiful fabric and I love the gold with the rose color for fall I just think it's beautiful and you're a person that likes something a little bit looser in the gym this which some days I'm that person that likes to look a little bit loose during gym I like it fitted but there are days we're gonna leave the looseness so I really really love this shirt ah got married three months ago and as you all know after you have a big life event that you train and train and train for it's super hard to transition into real life why is that I truly believe it's because people only care about what they look like no it's like I'm not blaming you for that because I've been that person also but I think that if you look at this like before my wedding I did look at it as I've got pins stress I've got to look so good because this is my one wedding and I've gotta look right but I also utilize a lifestyle change which is why I chose to do Weight Watchers it was really manageable where I could eat I didn't do any kind of restrictive things and I did a really simple workout for me that is the first time in my life where I've been able to make a lifestyle change and I've been able to maintain that into my real life so I'm walking on a 15 I watch The Today Show or I listen to a podcast what I really love to do lately I've been listening to inspirational podcast a lot and inspirational books so I love the Oprah podcasts I listen to those like while on the treadmill and I feel like I'm getting a double dose of good because I'm working at my body and also like it just sets me right for the rest of the day when I'm working at five o'clock or 7 o'clock whatever time you have to get up I just I really love that part of my workout so the only thing that I've changed up I usually do like when I'm in major training mode I do I took a third more ABS than I do now I think I do about half the apps that I do now and when I transition I use the app machine so I do straight up crunches and then I kind of turn my body to the Sun I do sideways crunches on the right side and the left side and that's what I'm doing for ABS right now I only do arms about two days a week and I do very very minimal arms so I'll either do I like to do body resistance type stuff so I'll do like 30 push-ups like literally 30 push-ups that's it or I'll do these arm circles that I've showed you guys in that video I'll leave you use like a three pound weight or I'll do several of these arm circles without legs a lot of people ask me if I'm still doing Weight Watchers I would say even though I'm not using the app and not following the program I'm still doing a Weight Watchers esque diet because I'm still eating the same foods and I'll add a food in here there I will use the scan app to see how many points something is and I still go by the point system but I don't track my points anymore because I feel like I kind of got it in my head a few different things that I've kind of added to my frigerator that I feel like I'm really loving now I really love in the mornings that ciggy yogurt so when Weight Watchers I'm late it's only 3 points they have 0% 1% 2% 4% you can go up and down and they're all different points I love the website skinny taste she does Weight Watchers recipes and shows the smart points and the points plus and whatever kind of point system you're following or she shows like all the nutritional information and she is awesome so I feel like what I did after my wedding I transitioned more into cooking at home and Experian and branching out into recipes that you know maybe they are Weight Watchers or maybe they aren't I kind of known the back of my head the points ish I'm still eating really really healthy but I'm also not like staying super super crazy about it you really and truly have to enjoy your life because if you're miserable there's absolutely no reason to do a diet in my opinion I would rather be over a little bit overweight and not as happy with my body then be totally miserable and missing out on all the things in life if you are losing weight and getting in shape for the right reasons there is nothing in the entire world that makes you feel better if you're doing it just for the way you look abs are awesome I've been really sad without before so it's not necessarily directly correlated I had the best body in the entire world and I was like miserable on the inside because it was so serious I couldn't go out to eat or if somebody asked me to go out to eat I had to make them an excuse and you can't live your life like that unless you're a bodybuilder where it's your profession and then you must like it so go on with you so I just have a really really big issue with overeating I think it was like emotional overeating and it was just like I feel better about myself so like I'm gonna overheat and you know I feel like now that I'm in a really great place with a lot of things I can really prevent myself from overeating so that's a big thing that I try to keep in my head on the weekends when I'm enjoying myself I never say no if you want if you want to take me out to eat I'm gonna go out to eat with you but I'm still able to maintain my fitness what I really think is super important to honor yourself when you don't work like I did and like a lot of you guys do before special events don't let yourself go after unless that makes you happy and if it makes you happy with yourself go but remember how good you feel and remember how happy it makes you and remember much more energy remember all those things don't just remember like oh I looks like this I just need to look like this for that remember like all the other good things that come with being healthy and be a bit and the person that you are able to exist in the world as when you feel a little better about yourself but I just want to make sure that I told you guys you know what I'm doing in the meantime just so that you guys can know because a lot of you guys have been asking I don't want to show you all my new workout gear because it is just precious I'm gonna link everything below I'm also going to link the fitness videos that I did where I talked about all this in depth I hope you guys love this video and give it a thumbs up if you did leave your questions or your comments below I really appreciate that subscribe to my channel if you haven't right up here is a little link to where you can subscribe and thank you so much for watching

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