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FITNESS PLAN FOR WOMEN IT’S ABOUT TIME! THAT FITNESS PLAN FOR WOMEN WILL TRANSFORM YOUR BODY! Get your dream body NOW!!! 60-ДНЕВНЫЙ ФИТНЕС-ПЛАН 1 FITNESS PLAN FOR 60 DAYS We all have little time on our hands This is why you will only need less than four hours a week to complete the workout

Every workout day includes detailed and easy-to-follow descriptions 2:ПЛАН ПИТАНИЯ NUTRITION PLAN You will receive easy and personally suited nutrition guidelines I am telling you exactly what you are allowed to eat and when to achieve the best results There will be NO meal specifications You will remain in control of your meals without counting calories

This program allows you to eat your CARBS in the evening !!! 3:ЭКСКЛЮЗИВНЫЕ РЕЦЕПТЫ ОТ EATPERFORMANCE EXCLUSIVE RECIPES FROM EATPERFORMANCE You will also receive delicious recipes from the EAT PERFORMANCE – the experts for healthy and performance-optimized nutrition 4:ТЕСТ ПРОИЗВОДИТЕЛЬНОСТИ PERFORMANCE TEST I want to prove to you that you will not only look better with this program, but that you will also gain more strength and athletics The test measures your fitness level before and after completing the program You will be able to reach your aesthetic goals with the right performance targets 5:ВИДЕО ВСЕХ УПРАЖНЕНИЙ VIDEOS OF ALL EXERCISES All exercises are available as videos for you in order for me to show you exactly what you have to look out for

6:КОНТРОЛЬНЫЙ СПИСОК ОПТИМИЗАЦИИ ГОРМОНОВ HORMON OPTIMIZATION CHECKLIST Everything rises and falls with hormones A little knowledge on sports science comes in handy here My checklist will offer you the perfect basis to optimize your hormone balance and ensures that you will get the most out of the program 7:УДОБНОЕ МОБИЛЬНОЕ ИСПОЛЬЗОВАНИЕ CONVENIENT MOBILE USE Just download the FREE APP for your personal LogIn

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