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(quick techno music) ♪ Should have never ♪ ♪ Never let you go alone ♪ ♪ At times like these ♪ – So, I try to stay in hotels that like have gyms, but it doesn't always work out that way And sometimes I'm not even in the mood for a good gym workout

I think that you can do exercise anywhere in the world if you have a floor Also, I love being outdoors and if there are some mountains to climb, I'm there Today, we're going to try to get some more exercise in Keep up the, just take 45 me time and before I have another shoot today Listen to me huffing and puffing

Why am I huffing and puffing? It could have been the big fat glass of red wine yesterday Totally a bunch of different ways to get your exercise in I was also rehearsing for a show so I was dancing in my bedroom You could just, as long as you've got 45 minutes to do something, somewhere, somehow that's physical, I think it's a great start I think staying fit is important, full stop not just necessarily while you're traveling but I think it should become a part of your everyday lifestyle


So for me, keeping fit and working out happens everyday No matter where I am And if I only worked out when I was at home and I wasn't working out when I travel I'd only work out half the time, (laughing) cause I'm always on the road So keeping fit is important, no matter For me, wherever I am in the world

♪ Is it love ♪ (quick techno music)

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