Fitness assessment assignment

Hi my name is Priyanka Patel my name is Kinjal tamakuwala today I am your personal trainer and I'm going to teach you the warm up section There are 4 main exercises in your warm up section For your first day protocol 1st is jumping Jack 2nd is marching 3rd is side lunch and forth is trunk rotation so today I am going to teach you the jumping Jack so before we start first I just want to know that you have any kind of knee, ankle injury low back pain or any shoulder injuries no OK so you are perfect for the warm up

So for jumping Jack First I will demonstrate how you how you will perform this exercise so first just put both the feet together OK and then you have to jump and you have to spread your leg as much as you can and then place it together again OK now along with this you have to spread your arm also like this and you have to do at least 15 to 20 reputations in each set today I want you to do at least 2 sets and after first set I will give you rest around 20 sec rest because it is your first day so you can gain energy and all that stuff OK so are You ready for that ya okay perfectOkay now take twenty second rest OKOK now the second set 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 perfect done Hi my name is Himalay vyas my name is Kinjal Tamakuwala nice to see you how are you today I am fine thank you

okay it was good to see you that you did your warm up section well so we will begin with the cardio session now mainly doing two things we have included in your cardio program one is treadmill and one is elliptical so for treadmill I would like to ask you are you have any kind of contraindications that means you have any pain in your hips and in injury any knee pain any osteoarthritis no OK so do you have any ankle injury foot injury know any low back pain as well no OK so before beginning with the exercise I would like to tell you how to get on the machine we can hold this handlebars and you can place 1 foot over here then the other one and you can go further so after getting on this machine I will press the start button and this belt was start revolving it will revolve towards backward side and you need to place your foot on the belt and OK start walking normally I will increase the speed gradually OKOK thank you so before operating this machine this is the main thing like this is the safety clip you need to put either on your T shirts are either on your jacket so that if you are losing your balance or getting down off the machine this machine will automatically off might soon yeah alright is this is a stop button you can press it and you can stop it at any point of time if you are feeling any kind of breathlessness or any difficulty in breathing or pain or discomfort in body So, I will press the quick start button It will begin within 1 second as you can see I will increase your speed to the normal walking speed OK so here is the panel showing you calories burn the distance covered the time the incline incline is 0 because the ramp is in neutral level we have inclined the ramp or have declined it it is in neutral and this is the speed right now it will demonstrate you heart rate as soon as you can keep your hand on this sensors these are the sensors which will show you heart rate and the calories burn I will increase your speed right now it's a kind of brisk walking for you right so there are some other program on the panel and you are a beginner client I will demonstrate you or I will teach you all other program some other dayRight now we will focus on the general program OK so we can slow down the speed by using this button so you feel any pain or discomfort any where else in the body anterior thigh or is it a pain or discomfort or it's I am just feeling it okay you are feeling muscle is working over there okay great so I will increase the speed little bit OK is the speed OK for you you want me to increase decrease it is okay okay then it's fine so it showing your heart rate and your calories burn at this speed OK so for cool down we can reduce the speed gradually to the normal walking speed 2 is OK for you thank you so much Welcome back again and you did very well in your cardio section and now we are moving to the resistance Training section in this section we have total 4 exercises 1st is reverse test fly with the help of cable second is hip abductor strengthening with the cable third is modified push up an forth is squatting so now I am going to teach you the reverse chest fly with the help of cable so for before we start I just want to ask you do you have any kind of contraindications like shoulder injury elbow injury forearm or wrist injury no OK we are good to go OK so before we start we have to adjust the height of this bar okay to your shoulder level so you can please come here okay so this bar at your shoulder level so we are good to go and we will start OK so first I will demonstrate how to do this reverse test fly So what you have to do is you have to first lift your arm at the shoulder level okay and cross and then grab the cable from both the side and then move backward to the appropriate distance and then spread your leg to hip bit okay and then by maintaining your arm at your shoulder level you have to just move them away to each other and then move back to the neutral position okay and while doing while moving away from each other you have to exhale and when you are moving back to the normal position you have to inhale

So do you understand everything so now it's your turn yeah then cross it and then grab this Okay be cause it will provide you proper grip ya little bit apart OK perfect and now spread your arm exhale ya and while moving back into neutral when you are moving back do not fall your arm okay make sure it should be at 90 degree level OK And today you are going to do 2 sets for this exercise after every set I will give you one minute break and you have to do at least 12 repetition in each set OK okay start yeah Excel yeah perfect one inheal yeah second perfect two ya perfect four 5 6 little bit high ya 7 perfect 5 more you are doing great keep going perfect okay four more Exhale ya 3 more yeah okay that's fine okay OK so you did a fantastic job in your first set thank you so before beginning of the second set I just want to ask you a few questions and 1st question is how was it? It was little straneous for me so you feel any kind of little bit difficulty or kind of Lake of strength while doing that OK an I just wanna ask you that where do you exactly feel I felt back of my shoulder and arms over here okay so mostly upper back an all that OK perfect and so do you like to improve it more an are you able to do it more in second set? yes definitely okay perfect thank you OK so how are you Kinjal now? I am feeling good you are good OK so you did well in all the different section like warm up cardio and resistance so now we are gonna talk about your stretching section section which is last which is under the cool down component of the personal training session so I would like to demonstrate you the hamstring stretch there are different ways to perform hamstring stretch I would like to demonstrate you the stretch known as the hurdler stretch specifically so for that you need do have you need to sit on this Matt so as I know you do not have any kind of low back pain, knee injury any hip injury or any foot injury because I have ask you during different component of the training so you do not have any of those things we are good to go with this stretch so for hurdler stretch you see first you see me first then I will allow you to do for hurdler stretch you need to keep your one leg straight either one so I am making my right leg straight other leg should Be like the food should be facing towards your knee and you should place both of your hands on your knee and slowly and gradually you need to slide your hand down down down and down I can go until here so you need to feel mild discomfort you don't have to feel lots of pain and discomfort there is a mild discomfort mild stretch Is OK at the posterior side of the thigh as soon as the stretch is better will to you an you will reach you reach to your barable limits of this stretch you need to hold the stretch for 20 sec I will count 20 for you and release we will do 3 sets of stretch on each leg so we will begin with the right leg 1st okay so put both the hands on your knee OK slide your hand down towards your foot and go as far as you can just a second go behind go back again you need to be neutral from your spine okay your spine should be in neutral position if you are learning forward more than it may cause any kind of back problems so put your hands on your knee and slide your hands downwards by keeping your spine neutral just move yourself from your hips move yourself forward from your hips slide it downwards till you can are you feeling stretch over here yes we will hold for 20 secondsone 1000 two one thousand three 1000 4 one thousand five one thousand six 1000 7 one thousand eight 1000 9 one thousand ten 1000 11 one thousand twelve 1000 13 one 1000 14 one 1000 15 one thousand sixteen 1000 17 one thousand 18 one 1000 19 one thousand twenty one thousand relax make sure you keep on breathing while when you are performing the stretch awesome now we will do with the left side OK Ok

We will do 3 sets Alternatively OK place both the hands on your knee slide your hand down towards the foot make sure you maintain your spine neutral is it fine? ya great one 1000 2 one thousand three 1000 4 one thousand five one thousand six 1000 7 one thousand eight 1000 9 one thousand ten 1000 11 one thousand twelve 1000 13 one 1000 14 one 1000 15 one 1000 16 one thousand 17 one thousand eighteen 1000 19 one thousand twenty one thousand gradually take your hand back now we will do the right side again OKOK