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Hi everyone Welcome to Hockey Fever Today we are going to view about in last video why Hockey players shouldn't run continous for 1 Hour or 45 minutes For example 5 km we've seen in last video why should not do that also we've seen in our last video without doing that what to do instead what we do for make players better and fitter faster Hockey players and stronger hockey players how to create are all Explained In this video we are going to view in this video people who are watching our video if you didn't subscribe to our channel do subscribe to our channel then only if we upload our video you will get our video immediately come lets go to the video Ok guys first of all to produce stronger better faster fitter and powerful Hockey players first topic is High intensity conditioning high intensity conditioning is start by cracking up your intensity and train 15-20 Minutes in a session using breaks and working at Much higher intensity if itsn't uncomfortable after 10 Minutes then its too easy by doing that the player get stronger in agility at certain times of the year you also need to incorporate various types of changes in direction too we have to change moving direction so accordingly the training must be planned More over a large part of this doesn't even need to be running we can do high intentsity training the most important part of this is cardio vascular training cardio vascular training related to heart muscles is very important even tough just cardio training is not enough because often your muscles and neural system will get fatigued what happens you get Fatigued ? mistakes because fatigue affects your thinking so what can be done that we will see in point No2 ok secondly we are going to see strength and resistance trainings srength and resistance trainings in strength and resistance trainings for some reason there is a huge myth that strength training is not for hockey players particularly young players is not good for young players that kind of Myth is there but that couldn't be further from the truth this strength training it is crucial to follow a structured planned and strength and conditioning training program related to hockey do means we will get stronger faster fitter players who will have a greater impact on the field whle training like this it also improves the major energy system which includes explosives Movements leading then tackling,diving,hitting,slapping, and drag flicking if we train in short bursts we get less fatigue now we are going to witness field hockey fitness throughout the year in this we the important thing in this is our don't focus only on cardio vascular muscle we important aspects in hockey are Mobility, flexibility,strength,power core stability,speed,agility, quickness,reaction,speed endurance, recovery so like these qualities are in workouts we have to do must the key thing is note is that you work on all of these aspects at the same time to improve that qualities it cannot be done this was a throughout the year You MUST pericdize your training into a program over 12 Months focussing on various phases at specific times of your season we get our proper result in 12 Months what workouts what season in season during Matches when there are no matches what we have to do we have to periodoise and do the workouts this strength training and high intensity conditioning when we do cardio vascular taining when we do we get better results More over an important thing is how many reputations we are doing how many sets we are doing timings it will change according to the season we have to properly periodise which time what we have to do who handling the team we have to put a time table it will be very useful pre season should not just be the 4-6weeks that pre season's work we completed means the team will get ready to face the tournament important thing we have to mind is what is that is pre season trainings and mid season trainings will differ and mind this when doing periodical and systematic training and structured programme we can get a huge benefit during the matches from players can be expected high intensity conditioning strength training done throughout the year and while training the players like this a huge benefit can be surely expected from players now maybe a lot of physical trainers are available so it is important that they are related to hockey and hockey specified they will know the movements and what training to be done must coordinated by the coach and trainer and while at this point players will be benefitted the trainers must be to hockey ok guys hope you would got what training and what basis training to be done More over during this lockdown period and when the stadia is opened all the trainings can be done practically with young players and the video session will be surely uploaded in our channel while doing so it can be under stood what is cardiac training you get an idea but if we do in ground will get understand easily when we go the ground after ground

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