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    EXTREME TONING Abs + Lowerbody + Arms Workout (10 min)


    [Music] Welcome back Excuse me, welcome to workout today We jump straight into our warm up With some side up you reach from the side Besides workout today is absolutely amazing We will do spoils abs and arms It is really good and some of these Exercises you may not have seen before Which makes it even better to continue Side to side is good now we're going Climb up you reach all the way up your hike Knees as you lift your arms up to you Lift your right leg and right arm Keep your palm open as if you were Receiving gifts from above is basic good A beautiful betrothed will not be a booty Workout if we don't point your squat Toes and drop below if annoyed squats Your knees can only do a boxer Shuffle every time you see a squat in Heating [Music] Very good your model is getting better good job Give me divers you know knee bows Bring those heels as far back You will go bring your elbows as far as I am back You will still go only go at your own pace Get your nice body and warm lift those The weapons are just a little good That was a perfect prisoner bending this It is a great practice to share your benefits You can do stand up love these Make sure the palm of your hand Your head should be open palm [Music] Try to keep your arms open not lies The elbows fall apart towards your face Opening those good elbows keeps leaning From one side to the other, keep these feet stable On the floor I loved that it really was Good next up we have squat your sumo You want your toes and feet pointed on Call if you have a dumbbell for you You want to use you can stick to and do The version on the right does otherwise Body copy with me let's go Remember rule number one with any The type of squat you want to press Majorities are on the way down low and Press to stand to keep those feet flat On the floor, keep your chest Your core is nice and tight that looks so Good you do amazing after this You only have two moves and it's Rest time Fun time Good time Give me Some candlesticks that you will put Hands together top and lean only As far as each side you can with this Movement does not tend to speed Things go slowly where you do it The most effective will be you I got it let's go Looks good try not to lean forward Or backwards you go together Not forward, not backward Along like a beautiful flower Swaying in the wind You will notice that a backup is obtained A little hard this is where you want Engaging your core to help your body do This movement keeps those feet flat Floor Very good in the end we'll do some Diamonds keep your feet together for you You want your heels to stay together and You open your knees start with Your legs once you get the leg movement Add a bottom in your arms if you are able to Just do your best it is the last step Then get a break okay feet together The knees of the knees in the knees keep from those Heels touch when you get to move Add in your hands if your arms are fair Messing about everything you can put On your waist instead you already are More than halfway through this exercise Open close open good girl bad girl Good girl Bad girl got the opposite Catch your breath I will be back in just a few seconds hello Just kiss you new here i am cola Just like Coca-Cola and I'm married You have a son with my husband now we live In Texas, I love pizza without tomatoes Sauce I am a certified personal trainer I am also certified in Nutrition and I am Personally wanted to invite you to check Outside my kabocha fitness come on There you can find all inclusive Each pass access to all my workouts This includes a 30-minute premium The exercises that are not available on YouTube my eight weeks spoils my program 21 days abdominal fat concentration program and receive it This whole year of planned exercises For you January through December for you You will never have to think about it again forever You can access all this content directly From my website by logging in or you can Download the iPhone or Android app The app and it just has it all in one Put it in your pocket It's very comfortable Go ahead and check out Poco physical site it's totally Feel free to give it a try and see if That's right for you, welcome again no Just think about it we are I will plank up this is great for Your basic Let's go you're in the plate Position and you just lift one arm At a time it is not about speed About controlling your body until you just do What you can afford That looks good just keep raising One arm at a time Make sure your pulp is absorbed Those feet are stable as you can get This looks good [Music] Almost there Continue going perfect mountain climbers You are probably in this position perhaps Well you are going to pull your knees One at a time Are you ready Let's go Go at your own pace make sure your core Absorbed in pulling those knees in one in A good looking good time You are halfway through this exercise Continue with this exercise is approx Complete continue to pull those knees in Tuck your ABS just bring your hips down little good Make sure your arms are nice A company on earth that was perfect Excellent Go ahead and flip if you still have Your dumbbell and want to use it for you It can be put on the hip like you see me Otherwise do it right through A copy of body weight we do Glute bridges because we will not I forget the spoils you want his ankle to Be directly under your knees and Then compress your booty to get your hips Along the way so really focus on lifting Your hip all the way That looks great sure your arms Relax the pressure and briefly hold in Higher oh it will burn it's supposed to Still burning in this position we're going Go ahead and squeeze the chest if you are You have dumbbells and want to use them To them you can grab it and only act Body weight version with me let's go to you You want the lower back to be on the mat And you're just raising your arms around The ceiling really compress your chest as Do this pressure on your arms as you do This keeping those legs relaxed does not strain In your legs keep your feet flat on Mat that looks good ten seconds to go You only have one exercise yet This and you are done with this exercise Can you imagine [Music] Time will give me triceps dips if you have to Chair and want to make this more Challenge you can do on the version The right to do otherwise body weight Copy it with me to try to keep your Weapons as close as you can as you can Is this your loot is just gonna grazing Mat then you extend your elbows To return to this ascending position Keep this bend in your knee Gonna burn your best it's your last A step make sure that you do it when The timing hits zero and it counts stretch These two elbows are not easy but you Do this to extend your tuck elbows Absolute value in three two one I did that you did today yes now We'll get into the dougie I position Getting all four means to do a cat cows Bend your midsection up and down really Focus on this range of movement [Music] That looks good at your own pace I want You have to stand slow and beautiful Time just roll up one paragraph in Time let your head hang let Weapons feel heavy and let your body feel good I did a lot of exercises today a lot I can't even count your shoulders roll Roll your neck and finally I want to put Light bend in your knee A big hug today I'll be that voice in Your ear that tells you that yes you can It will be difficult for me, but I believe you You can do it whatever your goal Yes you can thank you very much for Work it out with me today Subscribe to My YouTube channel if you haven't already So already check out my website go go go Fitness is calm and I'll see you in my next report Workout video [Music] You are

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