[ENG] 반칙 아니야?! 비키니 풀파티 현장에 뜬 미녀 피트니스 선수들 ㄷㄷ [길터뷰] – KoonTV

Casa 32 in Gapyeong 20178

19 Sat "Oppa" "What special day is today?" "Are you guys stocking me?" Just yesterday, They had a battle of squat in Seoul Koon meets again fitness trainer 'Kim eun ji' in a day Such a coincidence "Fitness player, also" "Ah! You're FP(?)!!!" Addicted to use 'Old man style shortened word' "Kim Eunji is now entering" "No more accidentally meet, please " "Are on the way for changing cloth?" OMG "Look like beyonce" "Isn't this a foul for other girls?" "What is concept for your bikini?" "A little bit feel pressured" "Cuz, It's too sexy" "I don't think so" "It covered all of your abdomen" "No, I mean 'back'" Sexy back~ "Eun ji said to me you're good for pose" "Show us a pose, please" Mosaic effect for focus to perfect pose "I'm not looking at it intentionally" Koon saw it again and again at home "Can you feel eyes to you?" She's flirting~ Flirting time "Who is good for sexy back?" Vote No1 No2 No3 "Which is your choice?" "Today, Here has so many beauties" "But, You girls are the best" Dance party for the best of the best "So jeong, do you have boyfriends?" I have a lot In that case Turn to single 'Eun ji' "Who was the winner of sexy back?" "It was a neck and neck "Once again?" "Squat battle, Okay?" "My legs aren't mine

" "Last 10 secs!" It's a draw "Will I regret tomorrow?" Sexy dance continues

Source: Youtube