Emz Fitness , Top Tips: Getting Results

If you're not assessing, you're guessing Hi I'm Em of Emz Fitness and today's top tip is about getting results

So this is you today so I'll put you here say, if you don't know what your weight is, how long you can plank for, what you're eating anything Then when you're trying to go somewhere so say you're trying to go over here, then you don't know how far you've come because if you take the measurements here without these ones -no idea

If you take the measurements here and don't measure them again- no idea You need both points of reference so it doesn't matter what you're doing but if you want to know whether your workout program or anything in life is working for you you need to be able to compare at least two points so assess, take measurements It might be weights might be girth measurements with the tape measure it might be fitness assessments if you want to see the longer video on this click on the link below otherwise assess away stop guessing see you soon

Source: Youtube