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    Ellen Shares Fitness Inspo from Chris Hemsworth and Average Andy


    There's so much to celebrate this time of year I had a great Thanksgiving

    I hope you had a good Thanksgiving as well [APPLAUSE] Portia made a wonderful turkey, one of those that you traced with your hand on the– so proud of her She put the beak in the right place And it's up on the refrigerator We had a nice dinner with friends and family

    And we did that thing where the adults sit at one table, and then the kids sit at another table, far, far away– someone else's house Everyone eats so much during Thanksgiving, and then we try to get in shape before we eat way too much for Christmas And so to help inspire you, I thought that I would show you some celebrities that get in shape this time of year They're in shape all the time But here's a video of Chris Hemsworth he's recently posted

    [CHEERING] Yeah There's that Those are 50 pounds each, it says right there All right So the poor guy can't afford a gym or sunscreen

    I picked up my coffee mug this morning and I put my shoulder out Well, it was full, so it's heavy Here's a workout This is a picture my friend Michelle Obama posted She's doing– [APPLAUSE] –that's good– lunges with a heavy medicine ball above her head

    I don't know what the stuff in the background She and Barack are into some Fifty Shades of Gray kind of– anyway, I don't judge I posted some workouts tWitch and I, sometimes, before the show, we do a workout And this is us the other day

    [MUSIC PLAYING] [APPLAUSE] The sound helps [VOCALIZING] When you make noise, it burns more calories, I find There's another celebrity on this show that has been getting into the workout craze And if you follow him on Instagram, you can follow along with him Here's the recent video from him

    It's a way of life I don't like to think of it as diet or fitness or exercise I think of it as a lifestyle Don't run when you can slow walk What's the rush? Anyway, it's 5:30 in the morning here

    Why am I up this early? Because I want to feel good today And because occasionally I look in the mirror and think, do I need a bra? You were panting away on that slow walk How long had you been on the treadmill when you were panting like that? About six minutes Uh-huh How long do you stay on? I try 45

    Oh, really? Yeah That's good Are you going to try to work up to a jog? I'm going to stick with slow walking for now I see But when you were a little boy, you ran marathons

    I did Yeah That was a long time ago I mean, he ran New York City Marathons How old were you? Nine

    No, seriously That's what he did Yeah And now he can't even slow walk [LAUGHS] All right

    Poor thing OK Well, look, you can follow along on Instagram if you want to get into average shape, like Average Andy

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