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Do you do high-intensity interval training? Do you do it for fitness health or just quick results? or don't you do it at all? or have you considered it? The basic structure of high intensity interval training is: short periods of high-intensity exercise, alternated with usually longer, but still brief periods of lower intensity exercise

It's been a common component of exercise regimes for many many generations, and it's quite common -but only to specific people It's designed to improve fitness and performance The format of high intensity interval training can vary considerably, and the best part about it is that it's flexible Certain research has concluded that high-intensity interval training improves: 1) insulin sensitivity 2) body composition and also 3) blood pressure and many other areas i'm sure These improvements are equivalent to the improvements provided by moderate intensity continuous training as well

The problems with it, is the risks ie if you're inactive or you're used to doing low intensity (kind of walking) and you're not used to moderate intensity -moving up towards high intensity Current capabilities prior to starting such an event, is the risk of injuries for eg

you should do longer warm-ups etc There is a risk of injury, and it's directly related to the size of physiologic overload ie the increasing volume of intensity Similarly, the risk of musculoskeletal injuries are likely to be higher, compared with lower intensities -the safety aspect is a combination of a) poor technique b) at speed The devices that you can use to do this, is using Fitbit, Apple watches, or just quite simply a stopwatch or a clock on the wall using the second hand The principles of training are the same i

e Frequency, Intensity Time and Type (FITT)

There are a lot of the health benefits if you're ready for this type of activity