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    There's this thing called lack of exercise Neat heat generation activity outside Basic metabolic rate or BMR which Is the energy that burns to preserve it Stylish operating devices is the basic way That your body burns food Eat it the more you speed the more you Burn the food you eat and less You're closer slower burning The food you eat Yes I realize I just Turn neat into the deed but it looked So cool we're just going to roll with it What exactly is neat and why you should Cares about the name gives us our clue Activity is thermal exercise Indicates which movement you are making Do not roll over in your bed It is a classy walk to the classy bathroom Clicking on your mouse is a neat gyro Around in your chair while you click Your mouse is neat you get the idea Every time you move, this is great now Here is the thing according to the most Current research people with low levels Of meat that is people who don't move Very much they have 22 to 49 percent Greater risk of premature death as well Linked to really scary things like Diabetes, depression anxiety and so on Wow that's not really dark fast I am Really not here to scare you this is not My intention this stuff is just that Wonderful and interesting to me and I'm sharing it with you in the hope that it Helps you so I hope you're not afraid Out any of this I promise this video Getting Better This is the worst part I think I'm the scariest part of all this Is that research shows that is going on Physically active is not enough to Offset the effects of having low levels Of meat actually exercise is only one of Four main ways that our bodies are burning Energy from the food that we eat though I I am personally very active thanks to my own Workouts Check them out at the local key Fitness Comm There are complete workouts and Comprehensive workout programs for Everyone every goal and every fitness Level I have a booty tummy fly program Monthly workout schedule program Exclusive teaching premium workouts Gorgeous videos just check it out Cocoa fitness is common anyway though I'm very energetic thanks to my Workouts I still feel that I can do More to improve my overall activity Level out Exercise time out my 30 45 Minutes of exercise I still have The rest of the whole day to navigate and I don't spend an incredible amount of Time on my computer or lie down Recovers from sitting on my computer and That's why I said enough I need a treadmill office I figured out Instead of sitting at my desk all day first Can do my work while walking on my own Vicious things didn't work for me The way I thought they would, I will Tell you at the end of the video what It actually happened to me with all this The idea of ​​a treadmill office but above all This let me show you how I actually do Built my treadmill office that you can Kind of see behind me even Although I'm trying to hide it so you can Save the surprise for the end I went Amazon thinking I could get one Delivered to my home quickly and easily like Everything else I buy but when I saw Those prices on Amazon started doing Some calculations like are really my life Worth this $ 300 I'm about to spend on This is a vicious office I'm kidding Not really I wasn't about to spend $ 300 On the treadmill desk because I was not Definitely even if you like it Or if you will use it I must say This decision actually turned out to be Really smart as I will tell you At the end of the video what actually It happened to me and this whole idea is long A short story I decided I would make my own And in the rest of this video I'm going To show you exactly how you did it step by step Step by step please make sure Watch all the steps how I actually This treadmill desk is built before you go Outside and buy anything you'll see why in Just a second I don't want you to do Some errors are likely to Make if you buy things before you see All the steps and what is involved This DIY treadmill needs one Righteous indignation that the treadmill Offices are freakin number too expensive Two used treadmill from Craigslist Offer up sale garage anywhere you can Find the used one you will need time and Patience to find one using this method Because the mills themselves Expensive but if you have enough Levels of good discontent assure Will come across used Know that you can buy I personally Bought mine for about 50 60 or 70 Dollars from my neighbor who was moving I do not remember exactly how much they are So charged but he was stealing and I Had to snatch number three to you Need a tape measure number four you need Storage rack I personally used Wrap my muscles as I pushed So $ 45 at Walmart last I checked They also have it available on Amazon It costs about thirty-five dollars in Amazon and honestly do not even need To use any muscle rack any storage rack Doing just make sure it is strong Enough to hold your laptop so that Don't fall off which is long enough For you to use as a treadmill I have seen some storage shelves going as Less than $ 20 So you can go as Buggy or Inexpensive as you want in this now here Are the steps needed to build your DIY Treadmill step number one test to find Convenient place to put your treadmill I like the idea of ​​having mine facing Window it's just really nice to be able To see people walking past and if that It looks creepy but only figure out where Want to put it that is very Important because that's not something You are going to move too So much to bear in mind Number two measure the widest part of Your treadmill and write Measure this is the key this is the step Of the process that if you do not This step number two it's gonna mess So make sure everything is measured Of the widest part of your treadmill And type the measurement step Number three buy a storage rack it You are going to use it can be muscle Rack or anything else but make sure Make sure that whatever your storage rack is Your purchase is greater than at least two inches Measuring the widest part of Your treadmill if I don't do this to you You may end up buying a rack that is too Tight and then you'll have this Step four occurs for an assembly According to storage shelf Instructions rack muscle is actually Very interesting to assemble can be I did it before one person did it myself but I think it would be the easiest way if you had Someone to help you because when you are Trying to connect Besides it doesn't get a little wobbling gets A bit tricky and things will sometimes Emerge especially because you are not Place shelves along the way You are supposed to use the shelf until you First of all you want to make sure of it This part is facing down so that you can Get this to fit there so you can see I've only done two feet so there's this Like those leg and bar of course you Want to make sure the level up this It must be straight then you just Press this is very easy let me Show you the other side you just see Press that down to have a nice bar Pull across [Music] I'm going to grab one of these shorter Well, let me show you this Part you gonna convert like this and Then you will find the same level As the tape we already did just pop this In and push it down that's all I'm blue Gonna grab one of these longer and I'm going to attach it to a small one That I just make sure it's in Same height and this is kind of the key here The same high key [Music] So next I'm going to grab this tall and Then just attach it here Remember that you want to experience this episode Down so that you can attach this in Pole you will notice that we Missing the bar here that is You intentionally will see why in The final design let's build the same top Processing [Music] The hardest part of building this as you Can see is that you are going things It will continue to appear as you fix one Part thing is gonna pop Elsewhere and it's very frustrating But it's worth it and it becomes easier I'll just leave this like this with This popped out that's good Who is good for the most part it's Stable you're gonna how I will work Fix it and finish in one moment Grab one layer and only one shelves And grab it we'll work put it There is a shelf weight at the top Is what will help this stay in Place now you need to really hit this Part to get these to move so this What will I do next I can only edit this video But if you're really gonna guys This I don't want you to think this It took me two seconds It will take about 15 minutes or so To put together because mistakes occur So I'm looking at this now and I feel Like this is too high for my height I Five versus five somewhere between five to Five five five four and a half and this Too high for me so I'm actually going To drop this one or two cracks So I get the perfect height Then I'll secure it again [Music] The way I'm able to get this low That I actually put the bar in Front view treadmill And you might wonder oh what about Cup holder what will we do This will show you that in just one second [Music] So if you're around my height to save You all this pressure I'm in the hole number One two three four five six seven [Music] She's so strong she won't Anywhere [Music] And just note the instructions in Muscle rack specifically says no Use this for anything other than storage So do this at your own risk I'm not We encourage you to do just that Disclaimer was just to throw That there anyway because The treadmill is going to be this painting Supposed to show you Information about how far you walk And stuff like that you have to work About that but for my specific The treadmill wasn't too hard to Found the height of the shelf where it was It's easy for me to put the shelf as well Avoid the treadmill plate I'll do Show you how I'm still able to see Plate although I have a rack on my own The treadmill that I don't move I think is this It is kind of one area where use A muscle rack is actually a good idea Because it has those little holes that I'll help you know how high you You want your office to be and depending on Your height as a human you can customize Rise your office as you like It must be in place if you use another type The shelving unit may not have it Flexibility because the height will be Static so this I think one thing to Keep in mind if you're trying to make a decision What kind of shelf to use if you are Plan to experience this DIY and once You have your shelving layer in too Top you plug in a treadmill and be A productive butterfly was very easy You know how I said I'll be super Productively because of this breakthrough well It didn't work that way for me here What happened and learn the hard way That I simply can't focus you doing my own Work while walking is also really fast if you are You want to work while walking on this Treadmill I need to walk very slowly Pace I won't be able to focus as Well if I just sat down to do my job So now my mill office has become Put my computer so I can walk Really fast during my binge watching YouTube's favorite videos so far Quick reward that I promised you earlier How do I see the panel underneath Shelf This shelf is actually super easy To remove I personally just do not like To remove it because the legs get on A little wobbling when I do that Way I'm still able to see the plate Below me to see how far I walked How much time I walked whenever I was watching on my watch YouTube and walking at the same time I am Just turned on my flashlight iPhone I bend and I just flash it Under the shelf I can see exactly How many minutes I walked to I can See the distance you covered and this How to do it The other thing to show you is how You can still use the cup holder Again here as you can see there's a lot From the room between the office and the back of My mill so I can just grab my trophy Stick it and Bam funny enough I am You don't actually need a cup holder Because I can just put it there One from the office [Music] I really love this treadmill desk I like Consider it just because it's like Mischievous small project that I have In my office I save some money To get a real treadmill desk but now I know that's all I'll use This is to watch a YouTube concert Video clips I'm glad I didn't spend $ 300 on Get a real treadmill office please send me Pics give me tips tell me how to paint That's how to decorate this – looks A little nicer and does not look like I have Industrial unit in my office up Although I actually and be honest The decor in my office is kind of Industrial I have a lot of items in My office which is very hard brown Alice real wood is the first real wood I don't think it's real wood but I have it Industrial sentiment in my office so kind Of fits in but I'm not opposed to This looks a bit more feminine if it is more Cute little nicer and a little less weird When people come and they're like What in the world is to thank anyway You much to watch my subscription subscription YouTube channel you have not done so Already check out my cacao cacao site Fitness Comm I have a workout program Something fitness I have something for you So check it out to try to start for free Trial I will see you in my next video Let me know what you want me to DIY next You are

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