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very good people! We are one week and here I shit in the milk, with two balls and nothing wanted to clarify a couple of things I've had some comments and wanted to clarify in the video itself, so

let the comments Cristian Bustamante tells me: daster colleague dejate of both product and eat more healthy and see reducing the amount and do cardio exercise swiveled know how I was and how I started then leave now and again but more than tranquis, Vale, Cristian Torres is a friend of mine I know for many years and is now also a little fitness theme a little more relaxed but hey, you are doing, and told me to stop so much that in addition to the I answered but I also I want to answer all you see This video, which supplement what he says is absolutely true If I had to divivir the importance of fitness life at least my point view would be 50% diet or eating healthy is eating right and by 30% year and 20% the rest well, recover well then once analyzed and this basis is to say that supplements are merely an aid, aid has no no no, it is clear that I eat healthy I eat what I have to eat Supplements are only an aid bone if we divide the percentage of food 100%, 10% is aid supplements and 90% is diet That is very clear, that first then have the commentary here that Yiits I did: Hi daster not know if I'm wrong but proteins and as I heard are to increase muscle mass I do not think you need something to lose weight but to keep exercise and strong as well because as I too want to lose weight I do not supplement, but not why not stop eating meat to not have a flabby body good is an opinion daster could explain porfas which is is the c4? of course now I will explain yiits no problem will now explain the C4, with little more in depth because supplements have and give them function eeh to begin constarte proteins does not work miracles do not think you're going to eat protein and you're going to be here as like arnold schwarzenegger not? proteins not miracle, is a component such as carbohydrates and fats simply has no, yes is the protein that is responsible for back what is muscle mass repair the muscle fiber but then to you go to put stronger by eating protein, not at all, right? Hopefully, if you put cans proteins everything like arnold schwarzenegger, mother not'd all would fit in cars, not cars would fit let's cousin, come in! does not fit! is that protein has swelled the bastard So nothing to quiet the matter is that there are macronutrients according to your body and your weight you have to calculate your genetics not if you are more ectomorph, endomorph, mesomorph in my case I am endomorph so I have to cut carbs because my body does not assimilate well and converted into fat and so I gained weight so eating both carbohydrate and then replace those carbs a little more protein and a little fat which does not mean either the fat go fat fatten me because it is good fat, olive oil and nuts or such as protein put some meat because I have to replace those carbs because my body has to get used to not catch so much energy from carbohydrates and get more energy from fat Well I want to move a bit to the issue of supplements, protein for example I'm taking me not to get strong, it does not work miracles, it this is just a help for example in my work I am driving while I'm driving I can not eat a tupperware with rice or chicken, I can not do that while I'm driving So if I do not have time or I'm at work or whatever, I have a protein shake for, to introduce the necessary proteins for my macros I need to get some protein because I have me, I know, a couple of nuts to get a little fat and some protein and so I make a small meal while I'm working without stopping because I can not then it is simply aid equal the bars, it is simply because if I have to enter the body some protein or whatever and I do not have time to prepare anything or I pilla at a time when you can not be eating up a tupperware it's just that I'm not taking to put this plan on protein mia madre here I'll put as schwarzenegger No, this is a little help as I say is a supplement I make my food my diet it also sets the boat is almost zero is that threw me so much in fact just that when I get caught work environment or when I have no time for anything like that clarified this can be a help to solve some food bed time to prepare the subject of vitamins and homicidal and omega 3 for This is simply a way to contribute more to health than Exercise for America and today we live in a land that has eaten be super super fake / / LAE eg black fruit picks you take factories to thank the beautiful and will put much better then passed to the company distributor distributor goes to the store the store until the purchase pdvsa processes have both meat and fruits so that when reach guys have lost a lot of vitamins has lost a lot of DDM Nutrient everything then today we live we have to think ràpita mine are three things like collagen and is virtually we should take everyone around the world because it is the food of day is very poor very poor in comparison with something caught vitamin is returned much needed vitamins to the body put him to good health and more especially if you begin to exercise such diet we have to lose some category and adjust a little food for this requires submitting their captain and necessary or whether it is not something to take for pleasure is something that should even take all and now to continue I will explain about 4 I'll explain about the c4 because some did not understand what it does and why use is 4 is a whim is not necessary to speak is a supplement a more aid last four ago because crime is 4 what what mainly does what it does is a site plus five of their children and take five no longer carrying sugar sugar valerio truth and nothing brings him as plants that alters card lead Caffeine takes several things and you and still not take much for that to accelerate to you for as long as a motorcycle yes like all 5 pulse and therefore this because this will wake up one morning without prisoners or am I can hardly move will do nothing It took me four years ago and I start with the walls and guava making and then there are also exercise helps me to endure the exercise as bodybuilding are atrophied as I had not moved to have done nothing 13/4 help me a little more energy during training to give a little more and is and can also help position a little let the body and pummeling and apart also creates a kind as focus say as a concentration that makes you rather devote to this I will do I'll do I'll do it then that's because nothing like that is a personal trainer is there we go go like that That puts you the batteries resources like equipment has no data and is not necessary to undertake their help and these people do not know if you noticed that I have marks on the arms and here is a little here then for example here and here I have another brand but it is to look at closely but not too this this this seems worth an egg egg I look at my back hurts like fucking arm and forearm have the bulge asked arm that point the arm of a bitch It is that I will not play tonight and was very very tired and the garden I could not with my soul and God knows I I to the 4 heroes to play with full force and c4 and nothing less than 610 half-inch and ordering a whole people came there got out and put five minutes waiting to open the door would not be winning the common good and I do not know what is waiting and start having a peak for the code is entered into the box fatal four defeats in a row in the elbow National Route 34 reached the car and were blaming static abigail and who did not cast the store and know all this red is red located on the corner bestiality play this is like a thousand fucking hand and the palm of my hand my mother I mother I have a theory that was not This may seem a lot because there were many but I have a theory that was ONE hijoputa say I know but the show where Juanes said and computer tomorrow begins the base 4 and the bastard just 24 put the group proposed the sonofabitch lived takes takes takes takes it takes takes takes takes takes I have seen good results is a week not appreciated visually the biggest change visually as well three eight kilos in the ph body is mine can offer nothing good is not bad in a week and closed at that time has been effective percent this week on diet because as yet had food you ate what he has adapted to China's neighbors throw then what are still combines skiing and doing a little good a little sin the first half half half week still planned one to one every day had three or four days talking things up for you and then throw them what you have but yes I did the diet action now say night between 80 and 90 percent deficit diet and not a hundred percent by the end of either pp things remaining but nothing and now means 23 hundred kilos is very either exercise or too much because I made a winner that did much damage yy muscularly much weight much sedentary lifestyle is what I do is more than do an exercise routine and to break open what I do is take a jorge gradually a way of saving their low calera same beyond meals as I wake up I feel clean pig I'm moving a little more and lose a little weight but nothing joints per thousand pesos when they are little more weight and I started doing routines exercise is already a little more fit because it's a routine I hurt I spent four days without messing too much weight so the muscle too atrophied and you have to start there it's better to do it slowly and well what evil it is so fast and then for that diet almost 80 90 and received eight much of his life was a little take the lift or move a little bit more than our routine exercises or anything and now I've lost friend has 3,800 44

7 the week past recall percentage of fat lost 06 percent fat is fine and then measured as there has her arm well maintained that I have not lost arm is good is good and you have a little not want to lose fat but not bad for the lost arms so if leakage hip and waist and stomach perfect vehicle to say the part where most Gazans I have assigned the first week I'm happy and friends which is not much but it will go mostly watching x time when women appear as he was now as it is now and then say that the first well in the first 15 kilos 20 was much They will be relatively fast since the beginning was the Government intended remove less fat stuck liquids say so then lose more weight at first but what he has done enough and we gradually kilo for week or two as much of it came the good thing is clear but I'll tell you how to enjoy what is lost fairly quickly at first no one friends other agents are encouraged as I even said this habit can be otherwise all the same diet but not to put him to come and cane good is cool My feeling is that this week has been quite ambiguous or less ambiguous direction positive side and negative side on the issue of diet has It has much trouble a couple of times a bit is craving for something sweet or something but overall pretty pretty pretty well controlled does not have much Luckily most serious problem is a person who both chicken turkey the favorites for me then also he the truth I like I like fresh vegetables beyond a theme obviously much problem because if you miss pitch and putt not like much but the community and this is not something I like so does not happen bad in that sense exercise and explained that was a bit that made a I try but saw it was not time yet so for now I'm just more moving up and down stairs instead of the elevator gradually taking shape what we do for example on notice that beside this week I noticed a few low energy forces that relationship very tired and in partly by changing diet by reducing carbohydrates both my diet my body is a little adjustment plan well before he took power carbohydrates and there is so little I do has carved out a little bit but data that got to immigration and energy and tired and exhausted was because my body is not used to catch other energy then now slowly over time it claims is my body says What we have few carbohydrates so we will do what we have and then we will look at the farm when we take over data until the You get used body have this lack of energy from them as muscles tired but good is normal I already knew because he has already done it 10 He has put already had knew it was going to happen so we will continue to because if I can forward all can 15m 15 meters you March 15 bye

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