Darf der Chef die Fitness der Arbeitnehmer tracken? | Betriebsrat Video

Can the employer actually tracken the fitness of workers? More and more companies now collect health data via apps from their employees, the record, for example, as they feed on or how their sleep behavior or how many steps the employee has been walking behind her But this data collection is working legally not without problems, since the employer ultimately also collects data that allow conclusions about the way people work

Therefore, it is also very clear that prohibited employers Such fitness data on employee collected Only if you agree as an employee, the employer can do that By the way: to collect such data, via an app, which is also co-determination for the works council For that is within the scope of § 87 para 1 no

6, the introduction of a technical system, which is adapted to control the performance and behavior of employees Even if that is not the purpose of it, too, enough that this is theoretically possible Fabian Baumgartner's my name, I am a lawyer in Munich and I am pleased when we meet here again

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