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    Dance Fitness with Alice Shepperson – Session 3


    hello everybody welcome to today's fitness session my name is Alice and I'm a teacher and dancer for stop-gap Dance Company and I will be teaching today's inclusive fitness session with Daisy so the first thing that we're going to do is we're going to have a nice warmup and then we're going to go into three different sets and this time there are six different moves and we're going to have no break in between each move but we will have a massive break in between each set so we have 40 seconds working for the first time so we're going to take it nice and slow then we go 30 seconds build up the speed a little bit and then on we're going to work for 20 seconds on the last one just one thing as well that myself and Daisy have created this class to be accessible and suitable for as many people as possible however I can't see you and I don't know everyone that is joining today's session so it's vital you take responsibility for your own body and because you know it better than I do so please personalize the session for your own needs before you start just take the time to make sure that the space is really clear and safe to move in and make sure you're wearing some comfortable clothes and have some water nearby because we're going to be working really hard today so just a quick one as well that the music is by Jericho lahar Ben Sound and Emily Shepperson my sister okay let's get going I'm just going to put the music on and just follow me as much as you can and throughout and I'll tell you what to do as clearly as possible let's get moving so I've got the music quite low so you can hear me and if you wanted your own music you could put your music loud and you can still hear me okay ready we're gonna circle the head first circle it round nice and slow and the other way let's go back to centre looking left and right side to side And up and down

    Up and down and side and side as far as you can go and then bring this into a nice little twist Just twisting from side to side padding in the feet and the arms twist and twist Nice keep going up and down Let's reach the arms up towards the sky And then down as low as you can go And up

    And down keep going up and down and let's reach one arm this time and the other arm And one arm and the other arm and to the side reaching side and side I'm side and side can we go as low as you can taking your time let's build up a speed let's go outside I hope again 20 years of whole body side to side I'm drop and again lift up and drop secondly recently I pull on the other way on the other side he's going ideas away I'm fine a nice balance to loading up on the other side loading up not again not again and it's finding the big fucking set shifting from side to side nice keep going like y'all did you want to three four and side-side-side spider where the music click back in if you listen to mine and reaching at one last time whoa okay let's get ready to let me turn the music let's get ready to start with that exercises I'm going to show you all the six exercises before we starts but I will also let you know each time which exercise is coming next okay so we start off with jumping jacks so we go really wide in the body and then we close so opening the arms open the legs and close and then we're going to find for a second one second exercise we're reaching across the body and again we start off slow below we were built and go faster each time so reaching across the body twisting next one is Steve so we're pretending we're skiing we go from side to side you can either find just side to side in the body or you can find a hop as well up to you how much you want to do to make sure that you can do this all the way through so you need to take it a bit slower you can do of course you can next one is we're finding a nice little and curve in the body so either for seated we find the elbow to knee and the other side up receipted and the same thing instead the knee just lifts up slightly to reach if we're standing instead of seated and then the next one is mummy kicks so this is a new one we're just reaching the arms across her body and also if we want to we can kick our legs out as well it's all about crossing over the body and then the last one is circling with the arms and we go forwards and then when we circle back we just change the circles to go backwards so it's just this forwards and backwards great so first I'm going to start with 40 seconds and then after we've done all six for 40 seconds we're going to have a massive rest and then start again for 30 seconds massive rest and then 20 seconds let's get going and let me put the music on different type of music this time let's do hopefully you can hear it if you're using your own music if you should hear me over the top you ready let's go oh jumpin Jack just go going out and in if you don't want to jump you could also step up and in or pad your arms out and in instead it's really nice if the arms you know both the body can you be going halfway we only got a little bit longer make sure it's well you're quite slow at the start because we're going to build up the speed and the next one is reaching across the body you ready to go and now let's reach across the body reach nice and slow find it really good bounce ha by this time to breathe really breathe in and out he's moving next my skis set right in a minute Oh Neddy da ready let go speed finding a hub or just shifting from side to side really imagine you're speeding to try and keep your hips together and your knees together kind of nice stop less than about me going Boop if you need to stop you can stop next what we're going to do is elbows to knees going so ready elbows knees and if your seat is ready crunching down here we go yes whoo don't worry if then my musics just cut out it will come back in in a minute there we go if you're listening to your music just make sure you can hear me the next one is mummy kicks so crossing over the body you go ready hands crossing over you can also find a kick in the feet if you want resolve it's mainly about crossing over the body with the arms you go you use the breath breathing in and not whoo so the last one that we're going to do the arm circles goes forwards and backwards ready and let's go so finding a good base for yourself to work with it could be small or big like me and then you just stepping forwards and backwards please get me palace circles can be big or they can be sign up to you he breathing is the nice one agree with he going ah ready stop so we've got a little bit of time just to rest here so take some water if you want to I'm flirting already so really hard work we've got two more of those exact moves again but we're just doing less time each time so that means that we can go a little bit faster if we want to so again take a bit of water okay how long we got left we've got a bit of time left to just relax a little bit take time to breathe breathing in and out and just remembering those different ones who've got those jumping jacks we've got the arm twist we've got the skis we've got the elbows and we've got the mummy kicks and then the last one the arm circles coming forwards and backwards so just reminding yourself of that and how much you need to push yourself for the next one because we are going a little bit smaller with the timing so make sure that you've got enough time and to really go quickly with your movement okay are you ready let's go I'm going to put the music back on different type of music this time hopefully you can hear that or you are listening to your own music maybe change the track are you ready let's go jumping jacks whoo so you might want to go a little bit faster not too much like we said make sure you pace yourself to go for 30 seconds use the ground breathing in and out make sure you're breathing so remembering that next one that we're doing is twisting reaching our arms from side to side keep going ready and twist find a nice balance again you might want to go a little bit faster keep moving ready and twist from side to side I've got my arms and hands flat but you might want your hands in fists if you like punching side to side the next one is skis so we are going to ski from side to side Ready let's go skiing remember you can hop if you want to swings will be on to be a little bit faster but only a little bit keep going keep going so the next one that we're doing it's elbows to knees remember finding that little curve in the body at the front ready let's go so reaching Reaching it's fine if they don't touch the idea is just to reach as much as you can you go oh you're hot right now so keep going over halfway now

    So the next one we're gonna do is mummy kicks remember in front of the body keep going ready and mummy kicks keep moving keep working but if you do need a break then of course take it take some water if you need it Keep breathing and remember the last one is arm circles going forward and back ready let's go arm circles I have quite a wide base but you can have can have a short very short base if you want a small base up to you keep working use the breathe the circles can be really big if you want to be really big if you want to or be really small and really fast it's up to you ready and break oh so that was the second set done we've only got one more to do so really well done we've got 20 seconds work so this one's quite hard one to finish on and then I'll just keep the pace going a little bit and then we'll all go down into our cool down and stretch a little bit from side to side with our stretches and our arms and our legs okay so take some water if you need it make sure you're using the breath breathing in and out when we're working I'm really sweaty so I hope you are too so we've got a little bit more time you've got about 10-15 seconds left so make sure that you're back in your space getting ready to work again the first one is jumping jacks remembering I'm going to put some music on here we go hopefully that works yes and it's on okay so just taking the time we're gonna start with our jumping jacks in three two one let's go so this one will probably be a little bit faster if you want to or you can keep the same speed that we've been doing throughout the other ones remembering the next one is twisting with our arms reaching out the sides way over halfway nearly there for this one keep going ready and let's twist twist as quick as you can go this time if you want to Jumping from side to side or maybe your hands are in a fist and you are punching we are gonna do skiing next keep going and ready let's ski ski ski we can find a hop and the arms can go faster next one is elbows going towards the knees keep going a little bit faster if you can ready and elbows and knees let's keep going

    and remember the next one is mummy kicks so the arms are at the front ready let's go cross the body trying to keep the arms up going to the side as straight as possible so really strain as as fast as you can go last one we've got our circles going forwards and backwards Are we ready keep going and let's go circles forwards and backwards Maybe try something different I'm going to try and go really big arms You can do small arms if you want to This is fun Keep going ready and stop nice with the music as well ok so we're gonna have a little cool down and a nice little stretch so keep with me follow what I'm doing and I'll keep the music alive but doesn't want to play here we go so let's just find those pads in our arms or our feet and we can reach up if you want to up towards the sky

    keep it quite fast I'll get slower let's reach to the side quite quick we'll make it slower in a minute and down to the floor and to the sides Now let's slow it down slightly reaching up and the other side and again and the other side reaching to the side Reach as much as you can use this as a stretch and then go down to the floor and I'm reaching the arms all the way up to the sky and I'm gonna roll down the body going as low as we can go touching the floor and then keep the knees bent if we're starting to roll back up reaching up again and rolling down use the breath coming up and then let's stretch from one side the leg can stretch and be really straight and so can the arms so we're just doing the same the arm and the leg stretching to the side and let's go to the other side and again the other side and the other side again keep going my music is slowing down but we'll keep stretching for a little bit longer so we're going to have a nice stretch towards the back wall and front wall just stretching and let's swing to the other side keep stretching and again swing to the other side one more time swing and to the front we are just going to circle again really small in the wrists and the ankles one way and the other way and the other side And the other way

    And just find this in the head circling the head like we did right at the start circling round and the other way and then can we reach up one side drops so we are really stretch the side and then can we do that on the other side and the reach both to the top and drop And again reaching up to the top and drop shake it off whoa really well done today I'm just gonna stop the music great thank you so much everybody that's a really tough one because we worked all the way through from six exercises three times so it's really tough one that one so we did a big stretch at the end thank you thank you for joining me today and hopefully I'll see you at another session so thank you again and bye

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