Confused with Health and Fitness – I Don’t know Where To Start?

– Hey Nick Wardle from the Body Transformation Centre in Loughborough So, today I want to sort of help, give you a little bit of help

And free advice So basically a big problem that I see with a lot of people that come to either see me, or clients when they're just starting out, they say to me that they've got a big problem And the big problem is, they don't know where to start Okay? So if you don't know where to start here's a little bit of advice for you, a couple of tips today to help you out So one, I would recommend that you just start to do some movement

If you're an office worker then you want to be getting off and moving quite regularly If you're, got access to a gym, get in the gym Great 20 minutes, five minutes in the gym, and gradually build yourself up Go and join a gym class, that's another way to do it Go and join some form of group training or a running club

Whatever is gonna help you move you forward, go and do Don't stress about it Don't think I can't do this, I've read here that I can't do that, and I shouldn't be doing this and I shouldn't be doing that Because before you know it you're in a negative mindset and you're not sure which way, direction's going So it's quite simple

Exercise three to four days a week, okay? In a form that you enjoy Track your nutrition, track what you're eating Get an idea of how much you're eating, when you're eating it, and get a picture of where you're currently at right now, whether you've eaten too much You can find loads of resources on the internet of how to work out, how many calories a day you should be eating based upon how much exercise you're doing, and you can look at that If you're not ready to do both of those just do one or the other, okay? Just make a start today rather than keep putting it off for tomorrow or the following day, or the following day, or going I'm going to start that exercise or I'm going to start that training programme or I'm going to do this

I'm going to start that on Monday And then it gets to Monday and you don't actually end up doing it So that's my bit of advice for today and I hope that's helped some of you out there And just stop over-complicating stuff Just make a start today, even if it's something small

It could be a five minute jog around the block It could be just running up and down your stairs ten times Okay? It could be something very small, at the end of the day So give it a go Start somewhere don't over-complicate it and if you really find you're struggling, come join my Facebook group, the Train with Nick Facebook group

And send me a message, and I'll point you in the right direction Okay? Take care people, bye bye

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