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    Centered Fitness – 30 Minutes of Walking Exercises on a Treadmill Series 2 Part 2


    minutes Okay so the first one

    I'll wait Two and one Okay now we're at 30 minutes First one as a bonus, you have to go slow I'm going down to about half the speed

    So it has to do with the straddle And you can have your hands up here So you doing a squat Straddle into a squat That's still a bit too fast

    So straddle, squat, straddle, squat And you can do this for the 30 seconds that we've been doing or you can do five on one side, switching, five on the other side Good exercises for the legs Okay so that's one I wanted to show you The next one, a little bit faster, is hopping or jumping

    So a hop Both legs or you can go start with two legs, jump off on two and land on one Okay? Or you can start with one and land on the same one Or you can start with one and then land on both Okay? So single, double

    And you can do it forwards and backwards Okay, one leg Requires a fair bit of balance so give yourself the freedom to be imperfect because you will be imperfect And it raises up your heart rate I can feel it pretty much instantly

    And the last one I call the windmill stretch It's really good for coordination So your arms are going, you're doing big circles, but each arm is moving in the alternate direction, the opposite direction You might want to do five and then switch directions Alright

    So that's what I wanted to show you Really happy to have been able to make this video I hope this goes global as soon as possible so that more people will be able to benefit from the treadmill besides just the walking forward Thanks for joining Thanks for watching

    And happy training

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