Benefícios da Batata Doce! É Fitness Mesmo? Para Que Serve? [DICAS]

Hi, how are you? Today I'm going to tell you a little bit about sweet potatoes and the main benefits that she has Its properties, how it acts helping to lose weight, gain muscle mass

So stay with me until the end of the video, I'll show you some very interesting recipes, you will love! Well, the sweet potato is a tuber, right, the potato family and it ends up being very known nowadays mainly for those who seek to lose weight, gain muscle mass And I'll explain you better now because she has these properties, how does she acts accordingly The first great benefit of sweet potatoes is to gain even muscle mass

It's super trendy these days And this personal fitness, blogger, bodybuilder who wants to dry, want to gain muscle, and ends consuming the sweet potato Why does she act accordingly? Why does she help in that sense? Firstly because sweet potatoes are a super source of carbohydrate and of course for building muscular, we always think of protein that has that classic, anabolic, of muscle building But carbohydrate is super important because, for you to get a good training, have an interesting amount of energy for you to spend on your bodybuilding workout, you have to have energy! And carbohydrate acts like this super-important energy source for training So the sweet potato ends up having too much carbohydrate

It also has a lot of fiber, so it is a carbohydrate that we call the lowest glycemic index than a white potato, for example, a pasta, a white rice So it helps that this amount of energy is consumed a little during training and especially: it does not give insulin spike So it's super interesting to be consumed at all other times except the post that we need the insulin peak In addition, sweet potato is super rich in potassium as well and during training we end up losing a lot of potassium So to help replenish these levels of potassium, sweet potatoes will also help

Nowadays it's super common for people to take their kettle away from home Which I find a luxury, because whenever you can eat your own food you control the better and the quality you are eating So, if you have that availability, just do it, which is super good! And these fitness kettles are super trendy because, justly, the person kills himself so much in the gym to have a result, she will not want to eat anything on the street And sweet potato turns out to be a great choice because it's super versatile You can make a puree but you can also eat it cooked in a rodelinha, in temperature ambient and even icy, because it is pleasant in the same way

And it turns out to be so handy that you can bring a boiled sweet potato, a salad, a can of tuna in salt water and you already have a full meal there! Super easy, super portable for you to carry on day to day Second benefit is for weight loss because, as I said, sweet potato, it has a lot fiber, then it helps it has the lowest glycemic index and sometimes even decreases the glycemic index of the meal as well

Absorption of her, her carbohydrate is slower, so it goes slower from the stomach to the intestine, from the intestine to the blood, where it would have a peak of glucose, a peak of insulin But, it is worth mentioning that it is a super source of carbohydrate So if you are wanting to lose weight, you have to control how much you Eat sweet potatoes, okay? It's not because you want to slim down eating sweet potatoes that you're going to eat half a plate of sweet potatoes Always remember that scheme: half a plate of vegetable salad with few calories, a lot of fiber, a lot of volume, a portion of protein, and your carbohydrate be the sweet potato, no problem It's worth noting that when I'm talking about sweet potatoes helping to lose weight, I'm talking about boiled sweet potatoes, or mashed with a little bit of olive oil and salt, a lighter sweet potato

I'll even send you some other recipe for different recipe at the end of the video But, no use going in the pound of that sweet potato gratin with cheese or puree full of cottage cheese, sour cream because then, yeah, what was good got bad because They added lots of calories, lots of fat

So stay tuned in these details, so you introduce the sweet potato right way Third benefit is the antioxidant capacity of sweet potatoes Sweet potatoes have a lot of beta-carotene, which is a potent antioxidant, propellant of the vitamin A, but in the form of beta-carotene, is a very beneficial antioxidant to prevent cell damage, premature aging It is noteworthy that most antioxidants are always more concentrated in the bark So if you are looking for this antioxidant effect, remember to prepare the potato sweet without peeling

You can brush it well, cut it, you can cook it, you can make puree, you can make it cooked, any shape you want and do not need to despise the shell not Use the peel that will do good for you The fourth benefit of sweet potatoes is that it is protective for the heart because it is a great source of B6 Vitamin B6 that, when it is increased, it will help decrease homocysteine ​​which, increased in your blood, may increase the likelihood of you having some type of vascular accident, some kind of heart attack So it helps in that sense

In addition it is super rich in potassium, as I have said before, and potassium acts in the sodium and potassium pump, helping to excrete excess sodium and blood pressure too, which is quite interesting Moreover, as it regulates this issue of insulin secretion a bit, it does not that you have too many blood glucose spikes, it will cause you to accumulate less abdominal fat, which is a fat that is more related to cardiovascular problems And the fifth benefit of these of some of the benefits that sweet potatoes have, that she has countless, but the fifth of what I've separated for you today is that it helps to control stress by being a great source of magnesium Magnesium is known as "mineral anti stress" So because it contains a lot of magnesium, it helps to improve that stress issue, promotes relaxation, increases calm, is very interesting So, how can we introduce sweet potatoes day by day in the preparations of the day by day A very interesting way is for you to make sweet potato chips

You can cut it very finely in a mandolin or with the knife, if you have this skill, and then take it in the oven Boot a little bit of olive oil, oregano, salt, a little pepper, stay super good Another option is you make a puree and once again if you are looking to lose weight, the ideal is you make the puree, right, cook the potatoes well with water, knead it with a fork or with potato masher, a little boat of olive oil, salt, pepper You do not have to bother with cheese, curd, sour cream the taste of her is already good nice little And then, underneath, you can put a ground beef, a shredded chicken

you can a broccoli, a cauliflower, a spinach, something to fill more – sweet potatoes on top and bake in the oven to heat And not to mention that the sweet potato, because it is more neutral, it can also enter as base of basil, base of quiche, healthier than you stay making these bases with wheat flour Well, as I said at the beginning, this video is about the benefits of sweet potatoes, because there is another video that I recorded explaining, in fact, if the sweet potato becomes fat or slim

If you want more information about this, a link will appear here, somewhere, you click and go there and watch the video If it does not appear, if you can not see it, go there on my channel, search on "videos" that you will find Leveraging: do you usually eat sweet potatoes in your day to day? How do you usually eat? What time? Do you have any recipe you want to give it to me? Boot down here in the comments that I always read all the comments and I answer the majority, as far as possible Then take advantage of and subscribe to the channel, if you have not yet signed up, you have several healthy, fat-free, fat-free, health-food tips You will like it for sure! And leave your tanned video for me, okay? Until next time, bye, bye!