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    Are You Drinking Your Fitness Away?


    Are you drinking your health and fitness away? If so, then keep watching this video Okay when clients come into Body Revival one of the first things that we look at, especially if they are not getting in any progress with their diet is

    "what they're drinking" not what they're eating and what they're drinking Commonly this is the one the biggest factors that we see for people walking through our door We kind of take a three-pronged approach to this because we need a good analysis of what and where you're consuming your calories from and essentially what areas they are in

    Then see if we can make a solid change The first one that we want you to have a look at is Boom! Number One Its is sugary drinks, obviously most people know this one everyone knows the cokes is bad for them another but there just not kicking that habit and if its something were having as a little bit a treat or an afternoon snack or anything along those lines then we need to really start having a look at cutting that out Okay, we need to get that out of your diet and into the bin, okay, you sometimes see that maybe one or two every now and again is going to be okay but if you're doing it consistently and I'm talking every day or twice a day or even three times a day by having one at mid-morning and then you're having another in the afternoon and then something sugary again late night with your dinner, then this is where those calories can really sneak up Your putting on an extra 300 to 600 calories in your diet, then that's pretty much a solid meal just from drinking and essentially the drinks are nutrient deficit there something that you can't really make up there There's just there's no real nutritional value to those drinks coming into the body So that's one of the big reasons why we try to cut out sugary drink straight away

    or essentially get a little bit an intervention to start off with, to start eliminating them as time goes on The second one is coffee and coffee is by far my favorite thing in the world! I love coffee! I couldn't do this job without coffee but the big part of this is if you're having a fair few Coffee's is a day the calorie density of your coffee especially if you're having a milk coffee can be quite high It can be up around 150, 160, 170 calories, depending on all the size of the coffee that you having

    So if you're having one two three coffees a day once again same with the sugary drinks those calories are adding up and essentially as a whole extra meal at the end of the day So we need to have a good look at your caffeine intake and how you are having your coffee

    That is another massive area where people are overlooking and just think you're not just part of my daily routine I'm good with that! but we need to make sure we have a good analysis that one so make sure you get rid of those empty calories once again The final one is obviously alcohol and alcohol kinda seems like one of those things that we can kind of throw down every now and again and people kind of like "oh it's my naughty little Thing" but if you're having those big sessions especially the end of the week and if you're good on Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and Friday, Then Saturday comes and you start throwing back five, six, seven, eight, nine drinks

    On average you're looking at between that 80 calories per glass of wine or 120 calories (depending on what you're drinking) all the way up to Or if you're having cocktails around 200+ calories per drink guys And this is is where this is all adding up, because if you're essentially going for a calorie deficit at the start of the week and you're ending it by about 400 (calories) Well at the end of the week you get your party happening then essentially gonna lose all that progress during the week

    This is essentially why liquids are such an important part of what we look at when we first come in So if you're a big party (person), if you love your coffee, if love your sugary drinks if you love your alcohol then, make sure you have a look at it

    And if someone is not willing to listen to you while you're talking about this, then make sure you send them this video Because essentially it's going to show them how much they're adding and all the progress that they're losing alrighty guys that's another tip from us we'll catch you next time

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