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    I got really scared when I screamed and you didn't answer What happened? I got a little dizzy

    But did you hear me? I heard whistling, then it got narrow like a tunnel A, it's clear But I didn't die Common down the stairs Andrei is dizzy He's holding the rail, legs trembling This is not good Yes, yes, yes

    Wow, I’m shaking His hands are trembling Alright A lot of the people who follow this channel asked the question: what supplements do I use? Hello, people! Welcome to a new video Before we move on, click the like button, hit subscribe, and turn on the bell to be up to date with all the news 2020 Revlution Rainz Protocol – Most advanced online training system Exceed the limits of the human body Let's begin Now is the moment Train at home Give your best in the gym Reach your goals Total flexibility Motivation Programs for men Exceptional results Dedicated trainers Millions of steps Programs for women Now is your moment Exceed the limits of the human body Hello, crazy people! This weather sucks

    We’re on our way to Andrei Raduica We have to pick him up but before this, we have to get some supplements from Biolevel to give to him We have pre-workout, we have everything we need After this, we will pick him up to go to the gym What can I say, I’m impressed with how things are going

    The man stepped for the first time in a gym and he already has strength Let’s go pick Andrei up then we’ll be back Take a look, brothers, at the clouds over Craiova Not just Craiova, All of Romania If you’ve never been to the gym or a long period has passed since you went to the gym, you have to do a full body workout in the first two weeks

    The full body workout targets all the muscle groups at every training session We will have exercises, at least an exercise for biceps, for triceps, for chest, for back, for legs Well, this workout isn’t necessarily for muscular hypertrophic, but it has the purpose to trigger a stimuli, so that we can easily surpass muscular soreness, that will appear in the beginning, and of course to make sure that we workout all the muscle groups We’re not gonna go directly to the individual muscle training, the muscle groups are not developed enough to sustain a 16 series workout Someone who hasn’t been to the gym in a long time or never in their life, is not capable to do 16, 20, 25 series on a single muscle group because he is not trained enough on the respective muscle group

    For this reason, we prefer to do in total the same number of series, maybe even a bigger number, but to work all the groups In the next seconds, you will see some of the basic exercises Andrei will do Of course, we will not film the entire workout because most of the times it takes a very long time, but what is important to remember when you are a begginer especially if you haven’t been to the gym in a long time or never, is that when you go to the gym to work all the muscle groups, in the first few weeks, to give your body time and the muscle groups to adapt to the effort Afterwards, they will be capable to sustain a whole practice session of over 16 series on every muscle group Tractions for back muscles Muscle groups worked in this exercise: back and biceps 4 series x 15-20 repeats Exercise name: bar bench press Muscle groups worked: chest and triceps 4 series x 10-20 repeats Vertical leg press Muscle groups worked: legs, cvadriceps, buttocks 8 series x 20 repeats You can do it! Scott bench flexes Muscle groups worked: biceps 6 series x 15-20 repeats Common, you can do it! The muscles are trembling

    Common, one more! Common, one more, you can do it, one more, one more, one more! Alright Incline dumbbell flyes Slower, move slower Muscle groups involved: chest 5 series x 15-20 repeats Alright crazy people, we are here at Gorila Gym Everyone who wants to workout in great conditions are invited to Gorila Gym This is the little gorilla here

    We have a gorilla in the making here in the making, he did an intense workout, his hands already hurt Everything hurts Even my soul hurts Kisses! Alright, people, and now, for the long awaited moment A lot of people who follow this channel asked the question: what supplements do we use, and what supplements we recommend, for building muscle mass really fast, because we are interested in fast results, especially in his situation at 49 kilograms

    Alright, we will talk about all the supplements that we will give to Andrei He will use these supplements in this period, when he will accumulate muscle mass We will start with the vitamins, I will go through them shrotly, These vitamins are extracted from natural sources, they assimilate better in the body, they are way better than the ones in most pharmacies, at the moment, there are only chemical vitamins, synthetic, they don’t assimilate in the body They will also give you appetite Did you know that even obese people have to take vitamins? The fact that you use vitamins doesn’t neccesarily mean you will get fat

    But, the synthetic ones have something in their chemical composition that eats the stomach and give you a hunger sensation but it’s not the vitamin itself that makes you feel hungry It’s actually the synthetic, chemical part in its composition You see? A quality vitamin must not give you an appetite So it has nothing to do with it, the appetite doesn’t come from the vitamins, you understand? These are very good, imported by us on biolevelro, these vitamins from Live

    The idea is this: these are gummies, you will chew these So you will take 3 of these a day, they are sweet, they are ok, or simply just gummies What else do we have? We have another pre-workout, the same, you take aproximately 2 pills, 15 minutes before workout, I will tell you we will go to the gym, and I will tell you: take the pre-workout What is the purpose of the pre-workout? The purpose of a pre-workout is to give you energy before the workout You will feel a little down, weaken, and so on, then you can take a pre-workout

    In case you want a little more energy, you can supplement with arginine, for vasodilatation The pre-workout also has it in smaller quantity This, especially for those who have underdeveloped muscle mass, they want to see the veins, they want to see the pumping You saw how, in certain moments, you can take the arginine It helps, it increases the diameter of the capilaries, so that the blood will enter more efficiently in the muscles You see? The muscle you are working on

    Alright, the proteins Brothers, the proteins are the most important Now, what happens: because in Romania there aren’t proteins that contain artificial ingredients, and there isn’t an organic formula that doesn’t determine the acumulation of chemical products in the body, toxic for the body, well, we thought to make this store, we have it for a long time, all the Rainz Academy clients use these products We redommend a very cool protein, 100% organic, that you will find, Whey, you will find it in our online store, it is used by all our clients, for muscle mass, or for losing weight You have to take a cup or two, at the beginning you will take just one cup, in 200 ml of milk right after practice

    You finished practice, you arrived home Are you allowed milk? Yes I mean, it’s ok, yes? You put a cup, it’s like drinking a milkshake, something sweet, like putting powder in milk, you know? It has a pleasant taste We talked about arginine, it will help us Fish Oil has does many good things in the body

    It is recommended because we don’t usually have a fish rich diet You don’t spend every day making fish, weekly fish… Omega 3 and Omega 6 They are very good for health and for the skin, the cardiovascular system, and so on

    Look: hard health support This will help us a lot And for detox, brothers, we have Milk Thistle It’s good for detoxifying the liver Sometimes you eat a lot, you’re bloated, you have no appetite, it’s hard, you are tired, maybe the liver was overloaded, well, this is a good detoxifying supplement for the digestive system, for the liver, it’s called Digestive Health Milk Thistle, It’s made from plants, you will find it in our store

    He will share from his experience, as he will use these supplements and of course the results will be seen on his body Have you ever been interested in supplements? I suppose you’ve heard of people who go to the gym I heard, but I didn’t know much about them… Yes, yes, yes, yes… So this is the deal with these supplements, brothers Don’t forget: diet is the most important, we will not replace the diet part, they are just supplements, their role is to bring us some results above what we can achieve with diet normally They are not mandatory, but they do help a lot

    But remember, very important: don’t replace meals with meals based exclusively on supplements, because it’s not healthy This is about it regarding supplements, let’s see a video from the gym Check out those biceps, the veins are popping out When we install the Rainz Fitness Academy watch, to monitor him and put him to work, to see how many calories he burns You should burn as few ase possible, you should do it efficiently

    Ok No running, or things like this, you know? Burn them only when you need to Alright, brothers, see you! My question for you brothers is this: How was your first gym day, how did you feel, what advice can you give to Andrei about this? Pause this video, leave your comments, your interaction matters a lot All the clients that take part in this free program are youtubers, they are present on YouTube they comment they are real people, they read your comments, your support Many of them even respond, I saw it often Elena’s comments

    Pause this video, tell us what you think, your first gym day, what advice do you have for Andrei Bye! Fanatic coach Extreme results 24/7 support New diets, workouts, monitoring Record time abs Easy to get Easy to use Advanced fat burning exercise Easy to make recipes Eat what you want Cheat We travel and workout Live from the gym Get that front cover body Bordeianu trained by Rainz Academy Thanks for watching Don't forget to like and subscribe

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