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    Ab and Booty Challenge | Flat Stomach and Booty Lift


    Hey guys, Chardét here with Corpão Fitness This is your abs and the booty challenge

    It is a super quick video, but it's very challenging, obviously Right So we're going to go ahead and get started here on the mat Hey, guys So we are getting into this challenge grab pillow if you don't have one, because we'll be on our knees for a little while for some of that booty exercises

    And we're going to be doing two different exercises for the ABS and two different exercises for the booty The challenge of this is each of those exercises is going to be 90 seconds And then the second one is 90 seconds So, so little tough Let's get started with your booty

    Come on, all fours here First move is a scorpion We're going to go all fours One knee is on that pillow Come down to your forearms, open palms

    Try not to interlock here Pull that knee up So it's almost like you're peeing on somebody Point the toe and you're just gonna poke behind you Starting now, little pokes in that scorpion pulse

    It's really pressing into as deep as you can and, you know, 90 seconds is a long time, but you can do it And if you need to adjust, you can take this hand on the same side and just bend it so you get a little deeper into that scorpion pulse Keep poking that toe up Keep squeezing the glutes here So I should start to get a little bit tough right now

    This is the right time where it does get challenging I just push through a little more Remember, you're in it for that challenge You can do it You can hear my breath

    But it's getting heavy We're getting into the last few moments here So it's just poking a little bit more And then on this same leg, we're gonna be going into a second exercise for that booty Fairly fast transition

    But you got this Keep poking at a little more OK, guys, three more pokes Two more pokes, last one to hold it to finish Now we're going to move into our second exercise for the glutes

    You want to rotate, that same leg is up, straighten it out slightly, turn the toes out This is a pulse and a rainbow tap together We're going to be pulsing for three and then tapping either side of your mat That's the movement Relax your shoulders

    Open the palms Let's go ahead and begin pulsing here for 3, for 2, for 1 Tapping down to one corner come to center tap down the other, bring it back to center and pulse for 3 2, for 1 Again, taking it down center side and pulse for 3 for 2, for 1 Those pulses are really important to keep the glutes activated here

    And if you guys have done enough of my booty workouts, you could always add akle weights here and take it to next level challenge Try to keep the weight really centered, you're not leaning too much for this one Can you do that breathing? It's getting tough here If you decide to make this harder take it for four pulses, the more pulses you do in between, the harder this becomes Ok keep breathing with me in those pulses, we're coming into the finishing part of this, so it's just a few more, squeezing those glutes a little higher, a little more

    Wrapping up your final one, finishing up those taps you guys and relax Little shake up, shake it off now without thinking about it Let's get that other booty You can do this Going straight to the other side from Scorpion

    You're committed Now we're going to get both sides here Down on the forearms, lifting it up Let's begin poking into the side of Scorpion Pulse here Again, you want to you can take this hand and bend it

    That's going to help a little bit with the pain Still going to feel it, though Small pulses It's not a challenge workout for nothing, it is challenging We usually only go 60 seconds and we rarely go this fast and do it

    So you just need to keep poking, keep bringing a little more Imagining all the booty goodness you're giving yourself right now, even if it feels more like torture at the moment Continuing to poke a little more here Can you make that scorpion even stronger? Really imagine hitting something with your big toe Anything you want to hit right now, including me

    Imagine that big toe You're just stabbing it It's a little violent here No We're nearly into that second move here, into the glutes, nearly there, pulsing a little more with it

    See if you can give me three more Two more last one HOLD And we go in transition into our second one So long leg

    I'm going to pull forward a little bit those three pulses and then that rainbow tap ready flex up pulse for a flex those feet We're gonna start with the pulses starting right now Pulsing for 3, for 2, for 1, touching down center and down again pulsing for 3, for 2, for 1 Again, if you want to make this slightly harder, you take it to four pulses in between, and that's going to be a lot harder Keep it

    There's a lot of times we give up right at the point when it's starting to make a difference because you feel like it's not But if you've been going this long, you are very close to that point And then we'll be done with booty after we get through this final exercise here Make sure you're breathing We don't want to stop breathing on this one

    Continue with those pulses, we are nearly there Guys, it's just a little longer for you to hold out Staying with me Finish up my last one here And release, how good does it feel to let out poor booty take a break

    We're going to move in to your AB exercises here The ab part of that challenge, you've done well so far Push that pillow away You don't need it for this part We're going to go into a movement called Tesouro

    Now we're going to do 30 seconds with one leg straight The other hooked Thirty seconds we switch Sorry Forty five and forty five

    I'll let you know when to switch OK Hook it behind Hands are gonna come behind you here Elbows are forward

    We meet the knees and then we relax down like this That's the movement Are you ready? Squeezing it nice and tight here Getting up And let's go ahead and begin taking a down and back up

    Guys really trying to squeeze as tight as you can Breathing through as you go, if you're more of a beginner, what you can do is just do the legs here or if you're not a beginner, but you're feeling tired today This is fine too But otherwise we're trying to squeeze and meet at that belly button Keep breathing, stay with it

    In big squeeze Ok, we're coming into that switch very soon here So finish up your last one Hold it Switch the leg and go ahead and continue on here

    Taking it up and back down Right about now is when it starts to kill a little bit more, I know So if it's really a struggle at the moment, you can just do those legs Keep bringing in Keep squeezing tight here

    Good news is you only have one side of this, so it's just getting through this one bit And we've got one final ab exercise to finish your challenge Here's one more and quick little release Roll up We're flipping around

    Ballet climbers Plus some side plank taps Final movement, 90 seconds and you're done You take as many breaks as you need to, but it's a challenge to try to keep up with the can So we're going to come to a high plank, we'll be pulling the knees and holding like this four times and then tapping four times out to the side

    Ok? You ready? 90 seconds Let's go ahead and begin Hold it in Switch it's a little bit slower than you thought probably huh? Slower is harder Switch this is the third one in

    Switch Ok now we hold it out We tap out for four and in, tap out for three and then for two and then for one in and repeat Hold it into those Mountain climbers, those slow climbers for four And switch hold it in for three

    I know these are tough I can feel it too Switch for two Switch for one Ok, guys, back out, we step out for four and out for three and and again for those ballet climbers hold for four

    Switch and hold for three Switch and hold for two, you can do this, you got it Switch and hold for one And back to that plank, those four step outs, it's out for 4, 3, 3, 4, 2, 1, 1 We're almost there

    Squeeze it in for 4 We're gonna finish with these Squeeze it in for three Almost there Squeeze it in for two

    Guys, last one, hold it, hold it, hold it and release Well done you got that challenge in! Stretch it out, take a nice little stretch here Relaxing Let me know in the comments how you did on this If you want more challenge videos like this where we go a long amount of time and what challenges you want to see

    We can also do multi day ones maybe going into the new year will be good Slowly come up out of this Ok guys, we're gonna flip around and get your lower back Make sure you stretch your lower back before you go, because it is a point of tension whenever you do abs or booty Oh, this was a big challenge, bigger than I thought I was going to be

    Not impossible though right? Keep stretching in here, holding it And then we're going to go ahead and switch to the other side stretching out nice little spinal stretch Relaxed And then slowly coming back to center a little rock roll up to seated You guys, we are all done

    So let me know inn the comments, again, if you want to see more challenge videos, maybe we start to do a hundred reps of something as a challenge or two hundred or five hundred kicks Let me know what you want to see Make sure you like this video Please subscribe If you haven't already

    And if you think you know, I think I could do more than just this challenge I would recommend probably doing some more legwork so you could do some booty, which would be really good Check out one of the booty workouts there and I will see you guys in the next workout Tchau!

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