5 Awesome Home Cardio Exercises [Level 1-2]

– Hey, what's up guys? Jordan here and today I wanna share five exercises you can do anytime, anywhere and any workout All right? So these exercises is more like a learning tool, you can incorporate with your any type of training, especially weights training

And these five exercises are actually is a cardio form, cardio means that helps you to burn more calories, keeping your heart rate up at a certain level, in other words, to burn fat All right, so the first exercise is a run in place So run in place is as simple as just like this, right? However, doing this is great, but you wanna bring it to the next level, right? Better result is try place your hands around your navel So keep your hand, make sure they are in position and all you need to do is bring your knee to your palm This is the high knee up

Obviously if you do this, you won't be able to burn a lot of calories So you need to run, 'kay? So this exercise is very good Because it's like training your calf, it's running and when you're driving knee high up, you're actually working your lower abdominal also Now the common mistakes is people tend to lean backward too much, like this, right? Don't do this because when you're working out at home, you never know, something like this, right? Lean back, ouch Not cool

And another common mistake is people, when they get tired, right? Like this It's good because you're working hard, but remember, don't use like this, right? Like this you're actually like, cheating version Try not to do like this Keep your arm straight, right? And try to use your knee and reach your palm, and that way you will use more abdominal, you are burning more calories So the second exercise is a jump jack

Like this, right? It's probably one of the easiest exercises to do and also one of my favorite exercises because I like to use this, it's easy enough for me slot in between my workout For example, I'm doing my chest, I'm training my chest I'm doing a pushup right now, right? So, example I'm going 20 reps So instead of resting, I like to incorporate jumping jack because jumping jack is easy to do and keeps you moving, right? In other words, active rest, right? So it can be that way It's how you use jumping jack in your workout

Or this can be even a workout or work set alone by just going 50 reps Two, three, four, five, six, right? Same, it works your calf, it works the movement in your shoulder and common mistakes, is try to land soft All right, land soft Don't try to land hard When you land hard, number one, is you're gonna put a lot of pressure to your back, put a lot of pressure on your knee and we don't want your neighbors to complain, if you live in a high-rise area, right? So like this, right? Just remember, any jumping exercises, you have to land soft, like high knee run, you have to land soft

Jumping jack, you have to land soft Now exercise number three, this is a badass one Mountain climber or a running plank, depending which one you wanna call it So this exercise requires you to get yourself in the pushup position So like this, in a pushup position or in a high plank position

Here, you gotta run, right? Just like high knee up, except that you're in this position So this is very intense, right? It looks like I'm effortless doing it, but this really burns a lot of calorie So when you're in this position, you're working your chest, you're working your shoulder, your triceps and you also working your lower abs because of the shuffling, right? And also your legs, especially your quads So like this Just go like 30 reps

Say repetition can do one, one, two, two, right? Just run Now the common mistakes is people do like this Like this, don't do like this You should bring your knee inward for the best results All right, and common mistake is people tend to raise their hip too high and it's like this, right? Less range of motion

You wanna keep your body straight, more range of motion That's exercise number three And once again, all these exercises can be incorporated in between sets, can be your cardio or can be a workout alone So exercise number four, this is a leg workout Basically most of the cardio exercises works the leg, but this is specifically work more for the glutes, hamstring, quads, lower body

Fourth exercise is a split squat All right, so this is a squat Squat is great, but a split squat will bring it up to the next level and that is you'll burn more calories because it's like form of cardio and a form of strengthening So you get two work in one exercise Just like this, this, all right? Change

Right? To do this exercise, first you must learn how to do a proper lunge So it's good to start with a back lunge first Good idea is place your hand beside your hip and take a step backward, right? So in the beginning, you might find yourself losing balancing, right? It's okay, try to stay balanced I like to use this tip, is I try to flex my abs, flex my glutes to keep myself stable, take a step back, like this, right? This is a lunge, right? So once you get familiar with this you can do like this, you can progress to a forward lunge You did that back lunge, now you wanna do a forward lunge, like this

Okay? All right, so this can be an exercise for you to burn calories and strengthen your leg It's just that I prefer to do a split squat version, also known as a jumping lunges version All right, so instead of going forward and backward, you're gonna jump Make sure you don't jump too high because you wanna keep the pressure light and soft So switch, land softly, switch, switch, all right? So for balancing, you can actually place your arms in front, right? Or you can imagine you're doing a run, like this

So the common mistakes is people tend to round your back So keep your body upright, right? And I would say lean a little bit forward is good Now when I talk about lean, means just like this I'm not rounding my back, right? I'm just leaning a little bit forward 10 reps for both is good enough, but then feel free to bring it up to 20 or 30 reps

One, one, two, two, three, three, four, four, five, five Last but not least, my favorite exercise Number five is a plank to squat All right, the reason why they're called plank to squat because I don't want to scare you with the word burpee All right, so a plank to squat, also known as a half burpee

Just like this A plank, to a squat All right? Again, this is one rep Rep number two, a plank, to a squat And repeat

Okay, this is basic, my favorite because it's less painful compared to burpee, burpee is like this Okay, I'm not gonna do a second rep because I wanna save my breath talking to you Burpee is painful, but no pain, no gain Let's get started with plank to squat first So there you have it, five exercises that you should start doing

How to design your own workout, two ways Number one, going by rep All right, so we've got example exercise number one, high knees up, go by rep, 30 reps, 20 reps, up to you Right after you complete 20 or 30 reps, no rest or rest, but be sure to keep your rest short because all this is like form of cardio, help you burn calories to get fitter Move on to exercise number two, jump jack

30 reps, right? After jump jack, move on to the next exercise, and that third exercise, mountain climber, 30 reps and that's how you complete a solid workout session, all right? Like I said, once again, you can DIY Take these one, either one or two, out of these five exercises, incorporate into your workout routine For example, if you are training your arms, bicep, all right? Instead of just like doing 10 reps, after that, just put down the weights and rest Play with your phone You can take your resting time, do jumping jack, all right? aybe30 reps, after 30 reps, take another 30 seconds rest and work on set number two

Push up, if you wanna train your chest, you did pushup at home, which is great Pushups, it works your chest, shoulder and rest You can take like 30 seconds rest, but can go straight, maybe doing the high knee up for 30 reps and then take a break And then move on to second set That's how you make your workout more effective and productive, right? So hope you learned something today and ultimately, incorporate this to your lifestyle and I can guarantee you have great results and that is being fit, right? So stay strong, all the best guys, and I'll see you in the next video