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2 Minutes 2 Fun & Fitness Toss Challenge


(upbeat music) – Hey, guys I'm Mrs Snyder and today we are doing a Fitness Bucket Toss Challenge

For this challenge, you will need two laundry baskets or bucket or boxes and five to ten objects to toss into the buckets Those could be socks, balls, bean bags or whatever you have at home Each person will complete three exercises We'll do ten jumping jacks, five squats and one burpee to our one toss into their bucket If they make it, it stays in their bucket

If they miss it, they return it to the pile This process repeats until the first person gets all of their objects in their bucket And now, my assistants, Bria and Summer, will give you a demonstration on how the game works Have fun Ten jumping jacks, (upbeat music) each person can go at their own pace, (upbeat music) followed by five squats, or squat jumps, either way, (upbeat music) and you'll finish with one burpee for each round


Then, that earns you one attempt to toss into the bucket, you go back and you repeat the exercises, ten jumping jacks, five squats and one burpee (upbeat music) Remember, you can take that to a squat jump, if you want (upbeat music) One more toss (upbeat music) If you miss, you'll go and put it back at the line and you'll start over This continues until the first person makes all of their objects into the bucket

Have fun (upbeat music)

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