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    【EnjoyABC視訊課程】Health & Fitness English 運動英語 – Anming老師 – 2020.6.29


    hello how are you yeah fine yeah oh you move you have moved to another place I moved my table so now you can see a different part of my one room ah yeah my kitchen and my fan right yeah thank you reasoning here instantly is fine yeah it's good what's new doing doing my internship yeah yeah actually yes and so two days two days ago is it was the Dragon Boat Festival so I have great yeah three days holiday did you do anything fun yeah and go and go hide King yeah go hide and then yeah and they have had barbecue after climbing yeah is is Beijing shutting down again actually yes some areas especially for some areas so Seoul I like some communities yeah are are are closed so residents cannot go outside just stay at home yeah maybe some saw some doctor some doctors sends the food to to their home and they cannot go outside yeah certain communities like certain neighborhoods yeah yes certain neighbor who's because we we usually leave apartment the apartments yet because one people got these diseases so so the all block will be will yeah will be restricted so the whole like if one person in an area gets infected then they will shut down that whole block at least at least one floor at least once one o of the apartments yeah yeah yeah I see hi Chloe so what about in Taiwan are you guys we were talking about the quarantine in Beijing are you guys on quarantine again or are you good oh it's good now everyone go on a trip in this holiday what did you do for me I went to I went hiking with my with my parents and met with my family I see that's cool did you have a good time yes mmm tonight's tonight's class is on the best ways to wake up in the morning what time we guys we go recently mm-hmm a o'clock and because I I work at home yeah I don't need to do commuting yeah that's nice so what time do you go to bed I go to bad it depends yeah sometimes earlier sometimes very late yeah yeah maybe usually about yeah 11 to 12 o'clock in the evening hmm that's good you get a lot of sleep yeah the nice yeah yeah energetic yeah keep energetic yeah a lot of work to do Chloe what time do you get up in the morning Lee so what time do you go to bed 12 o clock or 1 o clock you guys when I get off this call I'm going to bed like oh I feel so old now well people have to go to bed early so do you guys drink coffee in the morning yeah otherwise I feel very sleepy we have do you guys know anything about the benefits or the drawbacks of caffeine maybe make make us very intense intense intense yeah like say the Hank is shaking Oh Jewelry jewelry jeweler jewelery jittery ah jewellery chetori yeah oh yeah yeah keep it wait I've heard that it improves focus in that it improves weight loss have you heard anything good about caffeine it can make us exciting hmm it can improve your mood I've heard that yes and and is make you not easy to speak oh yeah that's true keep you up at night we can also drink read boo yeah we also contains contains copying so I have a couple articles that we're gonna look at that talked about the benefits and the drawbacks of caffeine so we're just gonna look at a few of these benefits because we don't have time to go over like all of them Leo what's the first Wednesday in Japan researchers have shown that caffeine increases memory also a newer study out of Johns Hopkins University showed that 200 mg caffeine pills helped boost memory consumate consolation a console a patient consolidation consolidation what would that that's solely no so late consolidation needs to put together yeah large yeah so maybe it helps like you if you learn something new maybe it means that it like can stick to something that you already know so you can like incorporate it more and your I don't know information that you already have I don't know exactly what that means oh this one mg e stands for milligrams so in improves memory Hoey what's number Tuesday Oh cap cap and caffeine mix with carbs replenish Nicias muscle glycogen glycogen concentration specced her after exercise so this is basically the must the energy that's in your muscles that's stored in your muscles is stored as glycogen so when you run out of it your body has to replace it so I think this means if you drink caffeine with carbohydrates after you workout it puts the energy back in your body faster I think what about the third one the Oh third was they say stead a cafe in tax tax sakes a deliverer and a claim ace the clone when take as a cafe in oh my got many new words okay so detoxes it detox is your liver it means it gets all of the toxins out you know toxins Oh hugs fake in the toxic which is which is aa yeah so detox is like short what else toxins the liver you know the liver is a deliverer is organ is a part of body yeah the important part cleanses the colon this is bizarre okay we're just gonna take this so cleanse is to clean the colon is like the gun taken as an enema do you know this one please tell me I don't have to explain this when you go to check the the check of your potty and before the day you need to eat this you need to use this one and they can they can make sure your your your body system and the longest and is : your colon is clean yeah Holly : the colon is also known as the correct maybe so and maybe is aim the aim of animal is clean the colon yes yeah I have never heard of a caffeine enema that's weird have you ever heard of that caffeine yet I knew interesting so what about the fourth one we having helps keep you alert while driving driving during periods of sleep restriction here's the research however research has also shown that drunk drivers that use the most cuffing have more accident cuffing isn't a long-term solution for Lake of speech for lack of sleep I think this just means what it keeps you awake when you're driving that's just a short short movement yeah and then you crash and pass out actually that's probably a good word when the cap when you have like an unnatural increase in your energy like with caffeine and then you come down and you get really tired that you can say that you're crashing or you have a crash let's just do one more Leo it's number five caffeine can stimulate their growth for bonding men men and women bonding when you lose your hair oh yeah so these are some interesting benefits oh yeah so it very health for people who who doing who are studying PhD yes and then what about let's read about some of the harmful effects of caffeine let's just read the first sentence of this one Oh a can you read that okay more than four cups of coffee linked to an early death um my yo Mayo Clinic part partnered study for found that men who drink more than full eight fluid ounces fluid ounces cups of coffee had a 21% increase in call costs more mortality mortality mortality yeah so that's interesting because they're not dying from heart attack or anything in particular this is they have an overall chance of dying early from from any cause and Leo what about this just first sentence caffeine consumption may rise blood pressure especially in those already suffering from hypertension and those who don't normally consume caffeine do we know hypertension no hypertension is like high blood pressure we know the pressure I mean elders they they have yeah both for people who are saying and they and fat mm-hmm yeah so it can raise your blood pressure but what about this one just the first part increased risk of heart attacks among young adult mm-hmm interesting so this is four cups of coffee the study was for people who drink four cups of coffee interesting leo okay Cafe year linked to God attack attacks this study showed that people who are paying on caffeinated beverages increased their risk or for a goat flare up oh yeah so a gout Lera people who enjoy in Jing is like when you do something way too much like some people will binge on coffee like just drink a lot of coffee all day or smoke a lot of cigarettes or eat a lot of food that's been Jing Arthur is there another new vocabulary word in that one flare-up maybe that's better so now maybe add as some audio to the fire yeah so like if I have like a maybe I have some stomach problem but it's not happening all the time and when I eat a certain food it triggers me to have the problem we can call it a flare-up and then Chloe let's do one more breast breast tissue site sliced in woman sis v yes does that seem right this is like a hard like a lump like a hard part and it could turn into cancer so we're gonna look at this video which is how to wake up without coffee and then we'll just look for some new vocabulary words a fee or caffeine in the morning in the morning is a necessity after all it stimulates your central nervous system elevates your mood and increases your alertness but for those times that it's not available or for those who don't drink it here are some scientific tips to kick your body into gear number find the light melatonin is a hormone secreted by the brain and is critical in regulating your sleep when it's dark your body produces more melatonin making you sleepy and when it's light the production of melatonin drops so open those curtains go outside and expose yourself to light in the morning to decrease melatonin production and physiologically wake your body up if you have to wake up in darkness try an illuminating alarm clock they slowly fill your room with light to wake you up naturally – and your shower with cold water studies show that exposing yourself to cold water can activate components of the brain responsible for regulating wakefulness making you feel alert researchers have also found that the shock of cold shower water can increase your metabolic rate further reducing feelings of fatigue 3 hydrate yourself up to 60% of your body is water while sleeping you sweat breathe get up to urinate or poop all of which dehydrate you studies show that even mild dehydration decreases alertness increases fatigue and negatively affects mental concentration so in the morning a grab a glass of water to replenish your fluids to fight off that tired feeling and don't forget to drink water throughout the day to stay alert for eat a healthy breakfast researchers have found that participants feel more alert after consuming a meal first thing in the morning if the meal was high in simple sugars like a doughnut the alertness wore off quickly whereas if the meal was high in fiber and carbohydrates are like votes alertness lasted longer throughout the morning another study found that breakfasts high in fat tastes better but led to consuming more food throughout the day as opposed to a high fiber and carbohydrate breakfast which satiated hunger and increased cognitive function throughout the day 5 drink some orange juice citrus fruits like oranges are rich in molecules called flavonoids flavonoids have been linked to slowing cognitive decline due to aging and decreasing the onset of neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's one study found that participants who consumed a flavonoid rich orange juice had increased alertness and cognitive function compared to their counterparts who were fed a placebo number six be physically active in the morning studies have found that physically active students perform better on tests and those who are less active physical activity enhances cognition due to the increased blood flow throughout the body providing your brain with more oxygen and increasing mental performance and the hippocampus which is part of the brain critical for learning and memory is highly active during exercise 7 listen to music music has the ability to create a state of arousal causing pupils to dilate and blood pressure to increase it can also increase activation in regions of the brain associated with movement and emotion while potentially releasing the feel-good chemical dopamine throughout your body so build that wake up playlist and subscribe for more weekly science videos so he was talking really fast was that did that sound fast to you I didn't realize how much did you understand alright and then do you see any new words or phrases click your body into gear you can't when you kick something into gear it's like you're getting it started yeah you could you could kick anything into gear you could kick like studying into gear or you could kick I don't know work or something boring into gear push kick into gear so this is like in reference to a car yeah do you know gears of a car you make the maybe yeah indeed in the engine engine yeah machine mm-hmm what's some clock what's the word for gear in Chinese chiller really that's like a car like a wheel it I don't know if it's gonna translate to the right gear is that it oh maybe so the expression is in reference to the gears of a car what else is new math totalling melatonin it's a chemical that's in your body but actually some people take this as a pill to help them sleep illuminating alarm clock do you know an army you know alarm clock yeah yeah I know illuminating maybe some very very happy song in it is light illuminate is to light up so it's like a larval hawk that like makes your room get brighter and brighter metabolic metabolic metabolic rate is like how fast your body burns calories this translation makes sense yes okay so this says that cold showers can increase it's the number of calories that you're burning if you take a cold shower in the morning is it popular to take a cold shower in China no it's no public it's not actually becoming very popular in the West because a lot of people are saying like they're telling you all about the benefits of taking cold showers yeah maybe it take warm shower they will feel more sleepy yeah you know I want to take cold showers in Vietnam because it's so hot but I can't there's no cold water like the water is only one temperature it's whatever they set it to be and I can't change the temperature so it's always just kind of warm yeah the array mates get help to hurrydate urinate you sound you're right oh okay poop is not gonna translate I will die does it translate is it right no the transmitted is the big the behind site yeah off the boat so bowel movement is how they say it in like a technical way or like formal way and poop is how we say it for like little kids replenish replenish means to replace replace world Oh world means yeah if if something wears off that means it goes away so if you're alert and your alertness wears off then you get tired if you're angry and your anger wears off and you get calm and plate please oh and that there at the Blu Blu word placebo comfort somebody this is like in a in some study they gave some people orange juice and some people something else that they thought was orange juice but it wasn't so that's the placebo is the thing that's not real but they think it's real eople hippo campus oh this is a part of the brain the horse Maya is the is a Oh learning and memory the part of the brain that's good for learning and memory is that about it are there anymore no for now I know it create a state of oh yeah I know this work okay yeah okay so what did you get from the video do you remember now it's a long time ago now what were some of the tips to waking up without coffee yeah actually I I hate listen to music because my alarm clock yeah some per songs I hate to listen to me – every every morning is the same phone is the same same alarm alarm alarm clock song is a it's a bird bird songs did you choose the song yeah choose a very song yeah yeah I can change yeah but then you'll just eat every song because you'll keep like getting on to a different song yes because so circulated circulated every day yeah maybe hydrates myself is a good yeah hydrating myself so because because every morning I drink a cup of water yeah yeah it works what other tips did he give do you remember any Chloe mmm to go exercise yeah in the morning and and open just see see the sunshine and that will make you wake up let the light let the light come in do you do any of the things he recommended no I I always feel difficult to wake up every day and and its most the most difficult time is in the winter yeah I know the cold is what is the worst I don't want to leave leave my bed yeah even sometimes I fall asleep and I have my air conditioner on and if I forget and leave it on and it's cold in the morning I have to turn it off before I can get out of it do you think it would benefit you to try any of these things yes did he say Oh what about a cold shower you think he won't take a cold shower in the morning he said orange juice or some kind of citrus fruit you guys do that in the morning firstly we should prepare it yeah yeah maybe so yeah squeezing the orange I think I will try to drink drink water I'm gonna try that too they'd like to know more easy easier yeah but you know what when I get up all I want is coffee that's why it's hard to drink water you drink coffee in the morning Chloe sometimes yeah what about breakfast what do you guys usually eat for breakfast what what was that for me is toast just toast and jam mmm but I know this way sweetie is food will make you feel asleep mmm yeah it gives you quick energy and then you crash right so I think I can try I can try to change change in to may be ache or some cucumber delicious you know what are you usually eat for breakfast I used to be e to X and and maybe yeah and and a piece of bread and maybe Mook yeah very regular yeah a common breakfast do you eat the same thing every day actually sometimes it's tea steamed bread esteemed prac yeah in buns steamed bad yeah traditional food do you guys ever work out in the morning yeah yeah in the pear yeah uni past I worked yeah I do i deep exercises yeah and now yeah I didn't speak speak to it you haven't been doing it recently okay I usually yeah work now and yeah I maybe sometimes I need stay up so maybe I cannot get out very early yeah so yeah so sometimes yeah so every day I do exercise in the in the afternoon Chloe do you ever work out in the morning I know in the summer I can do it but in the winter I I do exercise in the afternoon mmm that means is it is it harder to work out when it's really really hot or when it's really really cold mm I think I think cold is good yeah oh it's good it's cold better for you too leo and code yeah actually I think yeah I can accept both both code and clock yeah Wow I can't exercise in the cold it like it's painful maybe yes yeah maybe I usually wear sport closes yeah it's very maybe the I wear less to to run in the co printer maybe it's good for for my health yeah you wear less or you wear more in the winter we're we're less will I like go outside were doing exercise yeah I think is yeah although it's a little bit cold but I think yeah it's good for my health see but you can't take a cold shower that's weird yeah maybe yeah I thought I didn't yeah maybe I didn't develop days happy yeah yeah I when I lived in Japan it was winter and I would wait until the afternoon to go work out should go because I was running and just because I wanted to make sure it was like the hottest possible temperature and it was still so painful like I just hate running in a bowl yes so in Japan maybe people prefer prefer a wearing that's in the winter I don't know I was dressed like an estimable time like I was wearing everything like big puffy jackets and hats and everything here in the mornings it's actually hot it's just hot all the time it's hot already when I go to the gym even if it's like seven o'clock in the morning it's already hot and the doors are open it's like open to the air outside the gym so it's hot inside the gym but it's not painful like you have to sweat but it's not I think it's okay maybe there is a lot of there are a lot of air conditioners your side they have those little like standing ones like freestanding ones but they don't work very well like if they only work if you're standing like right in front of them do you do you go to the gym or do you just you guys just do running and hiking I seldom go to gym yeah me too because some machine I don't know how to use it yeah yeah so so I usually just go yeah cool rainy yeah go jogging yeah along the straight ass do you have do you have like air conditioning in your gyms yes yeah we have but it's not not good working oh yeah so maybe it's similar yeah because in the gym is a confined space yeah so we need it yeah air conditioner yeah well thank you guys for coming to class right we're about out of time there was another video that I wanted to show you but we ran out of time just in case actually just in case you guys want to take a look at it I'll send it in the chat and it's the it's the morning routines of millionaires and I thought it was a cool video so I don't know if you can if you can see it or not it's on YouTube but you can check it if you want all right well I will see you guys on Friday I hope thank you okay thank you have a great week okay

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