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    What's up, everyone! I'm Yu Yoneya from Total Skiing Fitness Today, this is my first skiing of the season, so I'm gonna make a video "My first skiing day of the season

    " I'm here at Kagura ski resort I'm filming this on November 30 and we have enough snow but I watched their facebook and they said they were planning to open just 1 course with 600 meters length, 20 meters width So I didn't expect at all, but look at this!! It's Japow!! This is the best start of the season, don't you think? I'm pretty stoked The park crew has already built a small park Surprisingly, the quad chair lift is running as well

    We can go up to the top and ski down straight to the bottom of the chair lift The lowest temperature is negative 9 Celsius, and the highest is negative 4 Celsius The snow is light as you can see I'm gonna ski here in January – March, and in Spring, I wanna come back for riding the spring park But for now, I wanna focus on today and ski as much as possible

    Of course, the important thing is injury-free! In this season I'll post videos such as How-to, Ski resorts review, as much as possible And also I'm gonna work on some new project so if you're interested in my activities, please push like and subscribe button Anyway, I'm dying to ride powder ASAP, so let's take some laps!

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