Это было круто // Недетская тренировка по фитнесу // Кроссфит

Today is fitness day Hello You are on the channel of Polina Gymnastika

Almost every day I go in for sports And my example is contagious Meet! My girlfriends from rhythmic gymnastics Anya and Karina And we go to a fitness training together We can do this!!! Hi girls I'm Julia – What's your name? – Karina Pauline Anya Today we have a fitness training

Come on in!! Today we have training on fitbols – Have you ever tried this? – No That is great! We sit down on the ball Eight Seven Six Five Four Three Two One Turn one handle up The first, the second Four Three Two One Sit down Do not lift the heels off the floor! The back is flat! Pressed your heels! and to the right! and left!

and another four! Three Two Forward and back! Forward and back! Well done and to the right!

and to the right! Again Crossfit is a functional training that develops all muscle groups In this training you work with all muscle groups, which is very important for this sport We approach to boxing Everyone has his own We put the foot on the box Pushing into the heel and climbing the box And from this leg we fall back Go Have jumped Feet forward If you do not like rhythmic gymnastics, then fitness is a great sport! I hope you enjoyed it! Bye Bye

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