W&L: The Arts

(peaceful instrumental music) It's really nice that we have this, especially at an undergrad institution Each major has their own space

This is my corner, so I spend a lot of time here I didn't know that I wanted to study art, but it's always been a part of my life So I signed up for the first drawing class my first semester and I found it very rewarding The liberal arts education just affords you such a great opportunity to study things like art and geology that might not seem to go hand in hand at first, but, really, within this community you can make anything work I started dancing when I was two

It was one of the reasons why I chose W&L It was the ability to come here and also do dance outside of my mathematical major interests I think this is my 15th year of playing violin, and so when I came to the university it was only natural that I continued playing Students get a well-rounded education They get a variety of skills so they can move on into almost any field that they're interested in

(peaceful instrumental music)

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