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Sir, you've answered the question Wow Do you have any photos of you in your underwear? Yes sir But I only give it to girls I won't give it to you sir Hi everybody we are back I am here with Amit ji and I have asked him many questions but we didn't talk much about the film because the film is such that you'll find it more interesting once you've seen it it won't look nice if we show off about it but a couple of things I didn't ask him, which I'd like to Amit ji tell me a little about Badal Gupta if you can, without revealing too much Sir, his character is such that he is a very capable lawyer he has retired but he has been specially appointed Taapsee's own lawyer refers him to her so Taapsee has employed you, – Yes Her character has employed you in the film He has not lost a single case in the last 40 years, which is commendable so he attempts to save her, as things go on So I've got a feeling that you like to solve riddles in the film Hence I've got a few riddles for you to solve Try this one He travels the world He travels the world? – Yes He does not set foot on earth He does not set foot on earth? Might be flying Sleeps in the day, wide awake through the night Sleeps in the day, wide awake through the night? Just like me sir The night is dark without him Sir, you've answered your own question The answer is Shah Rukh Khan – Oh it's me, is it? – Absolutely I'll tell you how, read it again He travels the world You travel the world Yes i keep going out for shows Every time I call you've gone out of town Next line He does not set foot on earth You don't step on earth either You have so many fans, you're so famous, you walk on air I only walk on air And the third? Sleeps in the day, wide awake through the night Sir, that's you Every time I call you, they say 'Sir is asleep' and I'll get a call back at 3am in the morning AT 3AM! So, you are awake then right? Sir I just want you to know, as much as you claim staying awake through the night is your forte In any case you don't sleep before 6-7am Everyone knows it you're busy blogging, tweeting otherwise I'll be blamed in the morning So please don't blame me, I have to stay up all night, just so that I can call you But you've not yet answered my riddle I don't know the answer, hence I said Shah Rukh Khan What's the right answer? So the answer to He travels the world He does not set foot on earth Hey hey wait The Moon – WOW – Yes

You knew the answer right from the beginning, didn't you? No, I just gave it a second thought, hence Ah okay Now try this one A box which black snakes call home In their mouth, sparks they hold Join your hands & they get out To bang their heads on the wall Is there anyone here who can solve this? I don't know the answer Okay let's do one thing The riddle that Mr Badal Gupta; who is a lawyer who hasn't lost a case in 40 years; couldn't solve Can be answered by all of sir's twitter, FB, Instagram followers, bloggers online Please send him the answer and help him If your answer is correct then we will send you the signed poster, to your home Sounds good? – That's good We've involved your extended family in this I'll ask you one last riddle If I climb up the nose If I climb up the nose If I climb up the nose I'll clench your ears to make you read Who am I? Sir Spectacles Way to go sir That's why we gave it to you Since 40 years, superb there should be some appreciation Of course, we can hear the applause from all over social media Sir thank you very much Wait mister, we can't let you off the hook so easily Now I'll ask you a riddle Sir, but I'm not a famous lawyer like Badal Gupta This is my revenge (Badla), you'll have to answer The hen lays eggs And the cow gives milk Who is it that gives you both? Something that gives both? Milk and eggs? I don't know the answer sir I haven't come prepared to the show to do this, I was the one asking the questions Shopkeeper Sirthis

Sorry sir this was a little lame You should be sorry Someone who gives eggs and milk is not a riddle – This is not fair – It's a very bad joke But it's a fact sir Yes that is correct technically Okay moving on Amit ji's joke is similar to his photo where he isn't wearing any pants Sir do you have any such photo where you are in your underwear? Yes there is, but I only give it to girls I won't give it to you I'll surely search for it though – I'll get it banned You should put it up I have noticed you enjoy sports Which is your favourite sport to watch or to play? I enjoy watching football I like kabaddi too, because It's something interesting to play in a short span I watch Basketball too LA Lakers is my favourite team – Oh wow And what kind of films do you like Amit ji? I like documentaries on History and suspense films too Does Badla fall into a category or genre that you like watching? Like thriller or mystery? Thrillers are always very interesting cause there is always a question mark that remains What happened? How did it happen? How will we reach a conclusion? What will he do next? This happened

That happened When I heard Badla's story, I felt it was an interesting genre to explore And the way Mr Sujoy has made it, treated it, I'm sure people will like it Sir I wanted to ask you since I wasn't there during the shoot If anyone bothered you? Sir, Sujoy Ghosh I would like to take my revenge (Badla) from him Suppose you have to say a dialogue and you have put all your effort into it No no we'll do one more Then you say it again and he'll ask for another take So I asked him what the problem is? And he said there is a thread coming out from your side So your attention is on the thread not the dialogue? He was the most irritating But sir really thank you very much for being so kind, giving us the time For this film we are blessed because Amit sir's father had written a poem Shri Harivansh Rai Bachchan's poem named Gudiya (Doll) Has been rendered and gifted to this film, by him Because he feels somewhere down the line the deeper meaning of this poem is reminiscent to the film I would like to request you, as we end this segment to recite the poem In your wonderful voice Render it Recite it for everybody to hear So if you don't mind doing it, it would be an honour for us sir In Russia, you get a doll called Matryoshka which you can open up from the centre and from within you get another smaller doll and an even smaller one from within it So my father wrote a poem on it A doll lives inside a doll Inside that doll, lives another one There we find a doll again Who holds in itself another one One day, I asked the smallest doll How many dolls did you live inside? Do you know? Upon hearing this, the smallest one said A world lives inside a world Inside that world, lives another one There we find a world again That holds in itself another one How many worlds do you live inside Do you know?

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