The Pit Stop S11 Episode 3: Ongina & Manila Luzon Kiki Over Divas | RuPaul's Drag Race

– Hello darlings and welcome to The Pit Stop I'm your host Manila Luzon and I am joined today by the OG Filipina herself, Miss Ongina

– Ongina (laughs) – Kumusta Manila? – Mabuti – I'm so happy to be here Thank you – You were one of my favorites on season 1

– Thank you – And now we're on season 11 girl – I know and congratulations on All Stars – Oh thank you, thank you, thank you What are you thinking of the season so far? – I just love this damn show so much and I love all these girls

Well maybe not all of 'em (Manila gasps) (Ongina laughs) – We're gonna find out the tea So last week Kahanna Montrese sashayed away and Mercedes was lucky to stick around No she really proved herself in the lip sync but her confidence issue is still kind of a problem – She might feel intimidated by these girls and she doesn't know how to play her role within these group of people so I mean, and with the judges giving her all of these critiques that are not always positive that kind of like breaks you down so hopefully the fire on the ass will turn this (bleep) around for this week

– So we have a mini challenge The girls have 15 minutes to do quick drag which is always fun right? And they have to do and say whatever they can to get backstage to a Michelle Visage concert – It's really tough to put on makeup in 15 minutes – Yeah – But that's the fun of the challenge where you go out there the best that you can within 15 minutes and I love this

I love seeing these people kind of like bring their comedic chops – The crazier your look, the better you're gonna be at doing something funny – Seeing them this crazy and in these looks is really fun for fans like me to watch – And so how do you think the girls did? – Nina West was really funny I think the teeth

– [Manila] The teeth – It looks like square finger nails from the 90s Do you know what I mean? It's just like – Yes the Kiss like glue on, stick on nails – So if anybody out there having teeth problem just go buy some Kiss Nails (laughs) – [Ongina] I thought A'Keria Davenport was really funny

– [Manila] I really like Silky like bounce bouncing up against the wall – [Ongina] I don't think that she realized that that's not an actual door to open (Manila laughs) – [Ongina] 'Cause I think when you open the door you kind of see a glimpse of nothingness – [Manila] I just love how Silky was like well I'm not gonna wait for you guys to open the door for me I'm just gonna open the door – I was expecting Ru to just come busting out and she didn't but you know she has other things that she has to do

– Yeah – Just stand in the mirror (laughs) – Like protect Michelle Visage from these crazy fans right? – Absolutely – Beside Silky who just left herself in, no one got into the club but Nina West and Ra'Jah O'Hara win the mini challenge, do you agree? – I do agree! I definitely agree with Nina West and I thought Ra'jah was funny too However I really thought that Silky was gonna take the win for this one too, alongside Nina West but you never know with Drag Race – Yeah I probably was not expecting Silky to actually just walk back there

– Yeah – Alright moving on This week's maxi challenge is a diva she-vangelical talk show, live talk show where the queens are teaching and preaching to the audience about their divine pop star of their choice – That sounds like a very hard maxi challenge – Anytime we have only one take

Girl, that's tough – Yeah we need like, right now sitting with you you've had 16 takes you know like we need takes (laughs) – What is the key to success for winning a challenge like this? – Well as you may remember or not because it was 10 years ago (laughs) I won my group challenge on season 1 of RuPaul's Drag Race, you have to hone in on their talents and their expertise and then you use that and I think that will be a really good recipe for success – [Manila] Yeah 'cause as team captain you get to pick your team so you need to know your team members – [Ongina] Absolutely

– So you can work the best you can as a group – Right – [Manila] Alright so let's get into the performances Let's start with team Nina West What did you think of It's Britney Bitch Network? – [Ongina] From conception to execution it was amazing and Nina West as the leader really steered everybody in the right direction

– Britney is such a good choice because she is such an icon – It was really well written, it was well executed, it was well delivered – Good pacing – [Ongina] Yeah pacing and I had a good time watching it I really did – I was just living for Vangie and those hair flips and the conversion it was- – Wait the best part of Vangie is when she thanked herself "OMG I just thanked myself, goodnight" you know what I mean? – Next up we have team Ra'Jah who had a very, how you say, different approach

What do you think of When You Believe, the Church of Mariah? – So for me I think this team really failed and you guys watched the same thing that I did and- – [Manila] Yes it was a horrible fiery car crash – And watching it back remembering Ru giving them some feedback, I thought that they had an opportunity there to change – To (bleep) say you know what let's abandon ship, we have to have some other diva that we know more about – [Ongina] Right she didn't step up and I wished that she had – [Manila] I guess it just proves that if you're not a strong leader like you know maybe you should let someone else step up but no one stepped up – [Ongina] No

– Who were the stand outs for you? – In Nina's team definitely Vangie and Nina West I think both of them delivered beyond expectation – Everyone was fantastic, I was a little bit scared for Mercedes but then once I watched the other group I was like oh girl! Mercedes is probably like thank you Jesus – And we don't throw out immunity anymore but good for her for being in the right team because if feels like somebody handed her immunity based off of her performance from last week and this week – Yeah her team definitely did carry her over but the other team failed so hard that Mercedes looked like, she looked like she was okay, she's like I'm cool

– Right – I really like the dynamic that Yvie brought to her character against Vangie She really did play like this non-believer and that it really did set up for like the whole like shaving of the head and it was really funny like you set it up and then they really did like hit that on the head Who were the bottoms? – Obviously Ra'Jah's team is on the bottom It was really hard to watch the host Scarlet Envy because she wasn't a good host and at times I was just like pick up the pace

– I know it was just really weird because last week she did so well – [Ongina] Right – And then this week ergh – The other disappointing queen for me in this group was Honey Davenport because she talked a lot about being a vocalist and she sings and it's okay, it's kind of like nervous singing She didn't quite remember all of the lyrics to the song so she was like – She was like (groans) – I mean I can't sing but – I mean I know- – I mean you can't either but (laughs) – The shade! – I know

What did you think of Plastique Tiara being the converter of a non-believer to Mariahism? – I'll say she She's pretty {Ongina laughs) I like the butterflies If they had kind of developed that a little bit better I think that maybe it could of had some kind of context in which it would be kind of funny but I will give her points for trying something different

– [Ongina] She did – So let's talk about the runway which is – Right, OMG – Fringe – Oh I didn't bring fringe but I have red chicken for ya – Of the runway fringe look who was your favorite? – My top 3 would be A'keria

That was really amazing – [Manila] Yas the- – [Ongina] The headdress you know I'm kind of biased to the headdress because – Yeah right – I wear them all the time but the overall look was gorgeous and amazing – [Manila] Yeah from head to toe – I also truly enjoyed Yvie

– [Manila] Oh my gosh what a spectacular – She came out as a jellyfish and fringe everywhere, head to toe as well even the umbrella and this is exactly what I was saying earlier it's like interpret the category and wow us and that was really a wow moment for me And I really loved Nina – [Manila] Oh yes – [Ongina] I think the helmet head was really really fun I may not agree with her shoe choice because I love shoes

– You're all about the shoes – I'm all about the shoes but who was your top 2? – Well Yvie was amazing I was gagged over it but you know I really did really love Silky because it was just all the fringe, you know what I mean? – [Ongina] Yeah she said it was like 80 yards worth, that's amazing – [Manila] Yeah it was just lots of fringe and she came out there shaking and just she looked like a freakin' car wash (Ongina laughs) – Same with Nina West she just had all the fringe like if the category is fringe – Yes – Then give us fringe

– Yes absolutely I agree – And what about your bottoms? Like who didn't? – [Ongina] Miss Ra'Jah O'Hara who was wearing like a red fringy with sequins boots – [Manila] Oh yes she said I am fringe from head to toe – Girl that was like shoulder to (bleep) waist okay If you're gonna talk about head to toe fringe I wanna see head to toe fringe

– I had a problem with Brooke Lynn Hytes fringe It just wasn't enough and when watching the runway she kind of lost me on there Even if she added a little more fringe on the arms, something a little bit more It was just down here and just wasn't enough for me – For me it was definitely a little bit more sparse than the rest

If the fringe is only gonna be on the bottom, the movement is really important so – Any other bottoms for you? – Yes you and (laughs) – The other one for me would be Mercedes Iman This looks like another club gig outfit and Michelle was right this is like RuPaul's Drag Race so bring on the runway what you want to show the world and that is kind of just like she can dance in that That's alright it's another leotard – I didn't hate it It wasn't my favorite but I didn't hate it

– At first I thought I liked it and I think I like it because it was neon – Or maybe ya maybe it's 'cause it was yellow and was like – Yeah and then now that I really got into it I was like I don't like it – [Manila] I wasn't feeling Ariel Versace's fringe – [Ongina] Oh yeah I mean it was like – [Manila] It was an interpretation of fringe, it was like dangly piettes – Sure I think it's more dangly than it is fringe because I get it fringe dangles right but those fringes were like this small and I wished that if it was really fringe it was more dramatic and – Or at least more of it

– Yeah – Now for the judging, obviously team Nina West wins the challenge and Nina West is the winner – Yes and this was the correct call obviously watching this episode she did really really well – Yeah she killed it as the host She was an amazing leader

She set the pace, she sit it up for everyone in her team to win and then she slam dunks it with that amazing mushroom fringe like whatever she was wearing It was amazing Congratulations Nina – Love you girl but I need you to buy new shoes for that outfit thank you love you (laughs) – Such a bitch

– But Nina has been struggling up until this point to stand out among all these girls Do you think that she's going to be able to like get the confidence now that she needs to really slay for the rest of the season? – Absolutely a win give you a thousand more confidence you know because it just proves that you were called and got casted in the show because you have something and winning proves that you do and the fanbase wanted Nina West in this show forever – I mean I've wanted Nina West on the show forever – Yeah I'm such a big fan of her – I'm really excited that she's now slaying it because that's what we want from her

That leaves team Ra'Jah in the bottom RuPaul's asking them like who is the weakest link in your group and no one has an answer – [Ongina] I think that they all I think really truly felt bad that they all sucked in this game – No! They couldn't of just been like it was all her fault! Nobody look at me – Right you would do that

(laughs) – I sure would – So why Honey because she wasn't the team leader but it should've been Ra'Jah like should've owned up to the fact that she didn't manage the team well enough – If you are ever in a team and you are asked who deserves to be in the bottom you always just default to team leader – True – Isn't it? – And for the first time in herstory, everyone is lip syncing for their lives – Okay so I love a gag

– Gag! – Gag – I was trying to give everyone equal like attention but girl that was hard – [Ongina] It was but there was definitely some stand outs there like Plastique Tiara who is so soft and feminine right and then she really gave it her all with her haireography, her splits, her kicks or whatever and I thought that that was really strong Honey Davenport was giving it to you I mean she did a split and landed on the outside barrier

– [Manila] Oh A'Keria ended up bald headed – [Ongina] Yes which was fine but (laughs) – For you – Which is fine Really hard to watch but also really fun to watch because it was really messy but (laughs) – It was hard to watch but I was glued to the screen – [Ongina] Yes

– Well sadly Mama Ru has to send Honey Davenport home Sashay away Honey Davenport Did you agree with this or was there someone else that you thought was more deserving of being sent home – [Ongina] I agreed with this decision I think that she was one of the weakest links in her performance in the group

– I know Honey and I'm so sad because I know that she has so much more to bring and she just didn't bring it enough in this performance, in this challenge and in this lip sync so Who are your front runners now for this season? – So far for me who's entertained me so far are Miss Vangie – [Manila] Mmm for sure – [Ongina] Silky – [Manila] Oh yes – [Ongina] Scarlet Envy there's something about her that I truly truly like and Brooke Lynn Hytes, I think she may be a little bit – [Manila] She's just a little bit like under the radar at this point

– [Ongina] Okay – I think that there are some girls that have definitely been standing out since the first episode like Silky and for sure Miss Vangie, who's been standing out since last season – Yes – So that does it for our episode of The Pit Stop – I'm sad

– Thank you Why? – Because – Don't be sad because it's over just be happy that we actually had this chance – Yeah – Thank you so much Ongina for coming here and I'll see you next week right here on VH1

– Bye Salamat – Bye!

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