S2E2: Splits

[HIP-HOP MUSIC PLAYS] SAGE: We got one of the best krumpers in the world here today! Do not embarrass yourself in front of Tight Eyez! Do not embarrass me! Let's go! [MUSIC PLAYING] [ALL GRUNT] [SHOUTING] [ALL GRUNTING] [SCREAMS] Whoa! Yo, yo, yo Good job, y'all

That was raw But let's take it from the three-part breakdown into the animal style breathing Make it raw Start from the slam Grit your teeth! Get ugly! I need to see it on your faces! Zo, take over

ZO: Aiight [CLEARS THROAT] Aiight, cue music Five, six, seven, eight! [MUSIC PLAYING] Yo! Hey, yo, fix your elbows! You like a chicken trying to fly away Power! Krump is about power! Hey, great job last week, ladies NINE: Sage is going to be thrilled to know that your boy is in

Yes I will get you dates next week Okay Hey Hi

Sorry Sage offered your office out The calls are kind of sensitive Yeah, no, of course I mean, look, we've shared more intimate spaces than an office

Well, that seems like a lifetime ago Sort of was But look, it's actually really good to see you Actually? Yeah, I'm sorry I just, you know, I was caught off-guard

I hadn't seen you in like five years Get used to it, because I'm going to be here until that album and this tour are ready for the public No problem But I'd just caution you, though I know you love to speak your mind, but that probably won't work with Sage

[LAUGHS] I work with artists all the time Yeah, but not Sage See, if you want to get any traction with him, you need to flatter him and defer to him, treat him like the genius that he knows he is Then maybe once you've earned his trust, you can start throwing out suggestions just here or there Whatever you say, Collette

I mean, you are the expert on all things Sage Oh, hey, Nine If there's anything you need, please don't hesitate to ask [CHUCKLES] Oh, you don't have to worry about that If I need anything, I'll ask Sage

[SIGHS] ZO: All right, Dondre, I see you! You almost don't make me wanna throw up But you do You just an open book, huh? Just a little mama's boy looking to be coddled your whole life That's why when Tight Eyez says that krump is a raw dance, you don't know what that shit means 'Cause the only thing on your mind is getting home to your mother

Ain't that right? Mama's boy Zo! You doing too much And you're wrong, by the way No, actually, I'm right No, you're fucking wrong

And if my absolute motherfucking authority is not enough to convince you of the fact, Tight Eyez, what you think? Look, old boy need work But with work, Slim could be one of the best in the crew [SCOFFS] That's 'cause you ain't seen me yet Yeah, we don't need to see you You've done enough for the day

Have a fucking seat We going back to the top I can't believe the fucking cops tossed your house, man I can't believe they stole your pop's jewelry Yeah, that's what they do

It's just what Uncle Matty said was gonna happen too I can't believe you called that motherfucker Marquise, look around, dog! Did the cops ever do this to my dad? No The cops were scared of my dad They're not scared of us

All our money, gone! All of it! Uncle Matty is gonna be the one to help us too, watch Uncle Matty ain't gonna help shit, man He just wants to take over Maybe that's what Rigo needs For someone that can handle things to take over

Your dad never trusted him, and I don't either, man All right, he trusted me and for good reason too Uncle Matty comes in and he promises all this shit, but I see through it He just want the power, man! And once he gets that power, you ain't got no protection, Rigo Yeah, but this don't look like much protection to me, man

Son of East-O, that's a hell of a trophy for a corner boy That's all I'm trying to say POPPY: Look, Rigo is gonna do what he needs to do for him Okay? Hey, the reason your pops is in the ground is because of this drug shit Look, you ain't gotta meet up with him

[CELL PHONE RINGS] Just don't even communicate with him until we Fuck is that? Shit [CELL PHONE RINGING] It's him

Do not answer that phone Shut the fuck up, Marquise! Damn! [CELL PHONE CONTINUES RINGING] Go Hello? [DAVIS MOANS] Babe Mmm-hmm? What are you doing? You want a round two? Mmm-hmm Okay

What building are your biology classes in? The Rollins building Correct And what's Emory's mascot? Dooley Mmm-hmm [MOANS] And where do we brunch every Sunday? Wait, what? Brunch

It's between breakfast and lunch No, I know what brunch is I just I didn't realize it was a verb It's a noun, a verb, and to people like my parents, a religion Mmm When they went to Emory, they went to Murphy's every Sunday Yeah

do I look like I brunch? [LAUGHS] Just trust me If you get the school stuff down, they'll believe you and they'll get off my ass Right, 'cause that ass belongs to me

Not yet it doesn't Brunch Murphy's I get the French toast while milady favors the eggs Benedict Good

[MOANS] Last question What's my name, bitch? Ashley Mmm-hmm [MOANS] [RAP MUSIC PLAYING] What you grinning at? I've never seen anybody put Gatorade on ice It's weird

I like a cold drink Yeah, but it was in the refrigerator Refrigerator temperature is 40 degrees I prefer my drinks three to five degrees colder You got a problem with that? No

No, nothing It's fine Oh! Okay, I see what's going on here Sage give you one little compliment, and now all of a sudden you think you can just speak on anything Well, I mean

[LAUGHS] No, actually I don't know what his problem is, you know? But I don't like having beef with anybody In fact, it's kind of making the whole Sage tour not fun for me Well, that's not Zo's fault It's Sage's Doing the same shit over and over again could make anyone into an asshole

Repetition is your friend I don't need any more friends This shit he got us in there doing is straight up the opposite of dance Dancing isn't about repetition or following orders It's about feeling yourself and letting the whole world see that

Yeah, I get that But we're backup dancers That's our job And we need to get away from our job Which is why I'm throwing this Lit Luau tonight

So you're doing the exact thing that Sage told us to avoid? And why do you think that is? So we don't get hurt? So we don't grow a brain A thinking backup dancer is Sage's worst enemy The last thing he wants for us is to remember how good we are when we can express ourselves So you coming or not? I wasn't going to Come on, Tal

Are you serious? There will be battles A chance for you to really express yourself for once Yeah, but what if Sage finds out? You serious right now? Yeah What do you mean, if Sage finds out? Just battle tonight Dudes like you can just pop in and kill it

All tall and lean I don't know Okay, you can roll with me I'll pick you up [LAUGHS] Uh

Come on! All right, fine Fuck it Cool

I'll pick you up at 8:00 [LAUGHS] Sorry Is it good? Hi Are you being nice to Nine? Yes Nice enough

Why? Because she's a guest in our home And I'm a dope host I need you to be an equally dope hostess Okay, yes, I will be super nice Yeah, sarcasm

Not feeling it I'm not messing around, man Like, for real Okay, it's fine I got you

Don't worry What are you doing tonight? I don't have any plans You wanna come by the studio? I want you to lay ears on something I'm sending to SZA Yeah, of course Ten o'clock? Sounds good

Is this like the old days? Something like that See you then? Yeah, yes I will see you then Luau, luau, luau Hawaii's in America, so Yo

Big Al let me in Hey Uh Yeah? Nah Hmm It's more safari than luau, but it's better than that Fourth of July situation

Fuck it Come on, put it on, let's roll We're going now? Now Your man woulda burned that other shirt if he saw you wearing it My man? Oh

Mmm-hmm Johnny-One How are things with him anyway? Honestly, long-distance is brutal You know? It doesn't feel like a relationship, it's like it's work, you know? Yeah, I hear that You, uh, you got any tips? You know me and the ladies, we kickin' it till we ain't [BOTH CHUCKLING] Yeah Now you look like someone I can roll with

[DOOR OPENS] Tal, let's go! Okay [SOFT MUSIC PLAYING] Are you kidding me? I can feel how tense you are I'm sorry It's just just all this lying and parents and I'm in the freaking suburbs

I'm just a little freaked out Just breathe Going in there nervous is the worst thing you could do Plus, they're nice people And they're going to love you

It's just a couple of cocktails and then we can get out and go to Dondre's party Promise? Yeah [DOOR OPENS] Ashley! Mom! [KISSES] Mom, I thought you said it was just gonna be us four Oh, well, we had this get-together planned for a while And you know how we love a good consolidation

Plus, we get to roll out the red carpet for the future doctor Pleasure to meet you, Mrs Duncan Hey, sweetie Hey, man

Hey Come on in Let's meet the guys MAN: Davis, do you play a sport at Emory? He played tennis at UGA And game recognizes game, right? Not in this case, sir

I actually spend most of my time in the Rollins building The physics building? You know what? It was physics, but it's been renovated, so it's bio now You know, Davis, my son got rejected from Emory 38 GPA, starting catcher on varsity

I'm sorry to hear about that Hey Can I ask you a question? Yeah Go ahead How does a guy like you feel about affirmative action? A guy like what, Gus? Come on

GUS: What's the big deal? He's obviously bright, refined, worthy I just want to hear his take So, educate me I think your son got screwed, sir Yeah

[LAUGHS] Me too [VIDEO GAME SOUND EFFECTS] Man! Yo, what's up? What's up? Uh, what's up with yo clothes? You ain't taking me to no luau dressed like that I ain't going to no fuckin' luau, shit Well, shit If my boyfriend would rather play fuckin' video games than go to a Lit Ass Luau with this, then we got a problem

Damn Look, this is all so complicated right now, aiight? I don't feel comfortable burning Marquise like that Rigo, it's the only thing to do Marquise just got out of high school You're an entertainer

Y'all two can't just partner up in some fantasy version of thug life and think y'all own these streets You've got to take your uncle's deal and get on with your life Our life, remember? And delete that juvenile ass Fortnite app, okay? Please [CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS] Bye! [LAUGHTER] So we had this amazing band at our wedding They were the

What were they? Los Cohetes That's right Have you heard of them? Have I heard of a Mexican wedding band? Yeah

No Too bad, man They rock WOMAN: They're so good [WHISPERS] I thought you said this was just drinks

We can leave after dinner I went down to the border myself It's unbelievable what they did to the people there It is Davis, can you pass the cilantro? But what are you gonna do? Clinton, Bush, Obama, they all tried to stem the tide, but the onslaught just keeps coming

So you're in favor of separating families? You know me, Nate I'm not a monster I hated it But I hate lawbreakers too Davis, you're the son of immigrants, right? [CLEARS THROAT] Yep

GUS: And I'm sure they came here through proper channels, didn't they? Why would you assume that? Because, I mean, look at him All right? Good-looking guy, well-spoken He got into college, he's studying to be a doctor He obviously comes from good stock I

I mean that as a compliment Well, it's not It's disgusting

NATE: Ashley Look, let's just change the subject ODALIE: What? The idea that illegal immigrants are of lesser stock is disgusting I mean, do you have any idea what goes on in places outside of Buckhead? How dangerous it can be? Ashley, it's okay No, it's not

His parents weren't legal Okay? They fled horrific conditions, so that Davis could just have a shot And then, after working their asses off for 15 years, they got deported because of people like you Hey, hey Gus is our guest

Which is why he's living with me Wait, what? Otherwise, he'd be homeless Homeless? And in constant fear that his brother will get taken away from him

Ashley, please stop You don't gotta do this right here, okay? No She's not stopping until she tells me what she's talking about It's not the biggest deal in the world Right, Nate? She fell for a boy she met at college, they moved in together

We did the same thing Right? You two fell for each other at Emory? He doesn't go to Emory Neither do I What, you're not fucking going to college? Okay [UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYS] [CHEERING] Yo, where do you find the time to put this kind of shit together? Don't worry about that

Thank you [CHEERING] Oh, my God You look incredible Thanks No Rigo? Nah

Wasn't feeling it Good That means you're dancing with me Oh Whoa

[MUSIC CONTINUES] Well, hello Zo Oh, hell no Okay, bitch! Didn't expect to see him here You know what? I'm gonna go say what's up Yeah

Be careful Hey Hey What's up? Hey, man, I I like your look You look hot All right, look, man, I just want to apologize for what happened today I don't know what's happened

Sage is singling me out Or he's singling you out, I don't know Boy, I forgot about that shit just as fast as I forgot your name Okay, well, it's Tal Tal, look

The shit that happens in that studio, I don't take that personal Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose And sometimes in your case, you get lucky And there's nothing wrong with getting a little lucky Fine So any issue or whatever between us is squashed? We're good? Squashed like a grape, baby [SOFT MUSIC PLAYS] [TELEPHONE RINGS] SAGE: [ON PHONE] Hey, gorgeous

I'm waiting [LAUGHS] Yeah I will be right there ♪ And the way you hold me I just can't stand it ♪ So I sit this one all through ♪ Yeah, I'm laying next to you ♪ [NEEDLE SCRATCHES ON RECORD] [DOOR SLAMS] Um, hi Turn up the bass and reverb in the chorus

KING: You know what? I can actually make this sound like somebody's coming up from behind you [MUSIC PLAYS] Yeah I like that Yeah? It kinda reminds me of Ghostface Killers by 21 Savage Yeah

Well, that's great for 21 Savage, but I don't really think that that's Sage's vibe [SCOFFS] Hey, Sage, um, are you vibing to this? Yeah, I fuck with it Collette, you fuck with this? Mmm-hmm Hard Looks like Sage has a new vibe

So why don't you just sit back, maybe pour me a glass of that? Or did you not bring enough for everyone? Oh, I'm sorry I thought you always preferred white Hmm I did, but, you know, these days, I'm kind of down for whatever All right, Sage

You wanna lay down your vocals? SAGE: Yeah Yeah, here we go I think I'm a pretty understanding father, actually Understanding? You don't understand me at all There's one thing that your mother and I wanted for you, and that was to graduate college

I don't even want to go to college! One thing, Ashley! Look, I have put up with the dancing I've put up with the lying I'll even put up with your homeless boyfriend Nate! But dropping out of college is where I draw the goddamn line, Ashley! It's Odalie What? My name is Odalie

And I'm old enough to make my own decisions And if you don't like that, you can fuck off! NATE: Wow You know what, Odalie? You fuck off What? I'm selling my damn soul six ways to Sunday in there for you, and you can't keep your mouth shut till it's over? I mean, you You're gonna talk to me about immigration and homelessness? I had to say something No, Odalie, you didn't Jesus Don't you realize it was your apartment that convinced Child Services to let Justin stay with me in the first place? Once your dad gives us the boot, we're totally fucked

Sorry I can reverse it with a phone call [LAUGHS] Yeah But you never gonna stop making me feel like a prop What? It's all so clear to me now

I'm just your act of rebellion at home Your passport to the hood at High Water Is there anywhere in there where I'm just your boyfriend? I just chose you over my parents If that's not enough, I don't know what to say No, no, 'cause you already said it best

Okay? You can reverse it with one phone call You're always gonna have this safety net, but here I am, with a hundred bucks to my name Then just get a job, Davis! Any job! It can't be that hard! Are you kidding me? You know how fucking hard it is to try to get a job with no experience? Even this minimum wage bullshit, they laugh me right out the damn door God, you make me just We just have such different realities Maybe that's where it should stay Pull over Why? What did I do? I've reorganized my entire life to take care of you

And Justin Just pull over, please I need to be alone right now For the night? Odalie, pull the car over! [HIP-HOP MUSIC PLAYS] Ladies and gentlemen! Y'all came here to see a battle, right? [CHEERING] You can get a little louder than that I said, y'all came here to see some battles, right? [LOUD CHEERING] Yeah! All right! Then let's battle in this motherfucker then! Tonight, we got some of the hottest dancers in all of the A-T-L

The first competitor on the floor is a legit Sage Odom dancer CROWD: Oh! Oh! Not me, not me, calm down Give it up for my man, Tal! [CHEERING] Who's gonna get up here and give my boy a challenge? Uh-oh! Looks like we got ourselves a brave one! Thank you, brother A hundred to enter, big man What? It's easy money

You'll get it right back Dude, I don't have a hundred bucks All right, don't worry about it I'll spot you All right! Y'all ready? Yo! 250 on white hat

250 on white hat A lot of money coming in on my man in the white hat, which means a lot of y'all are about to get your money taken [CROWD BOOS] What, you're not feeling me? Y'all will after this All, right, DJ! [MUSIC PLAYS] Ah, shit! Who gonna throw the first punch? [MOUTHS] Let's go! [HIP-HOP MUSIC PLAYS] Nah, nah, ain't nothing new in the whole shit! Wait, wait What was that? Ain't nothing new in the whole shit

He doing the same move! [CROWD BOOS] Tal, let 'em know what's up [MUSIC CONTINUES] Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! Ooh! Ooh! Word! Whoa, whoa! All right, my man in the white hat! Time to go! Time to go! Let's go! [GRUNTS] CROWD: Ooh! Go ahead, Tal! Yeah, ride the beat Yeah! [CHEERING] Oh, shit! Oh, shit! Tal, you did it! DONDRE: Oh! Oh, shit! Huh? What'd I tell you? What'd I tell you? What'd I tell you? Yo, Ohio! My boy Dondre, put me on the list, bro You ready right now? I'm about to start up another circle DAVIS: Yeah, man Is that enough? You got yourself a battle All right, everybody

The night's not over Can you loop the hook? You already did Check this out NINE: [LAUGHS] Okay Yeah, you're not just an engineer, are you? Nah

These are my beats Well, damn It is a rare pleasure to work with someone who actually knows what the fuck they're doing Hey Sage, that was fire

Oh, no, that shit is about to be a smash I just wish we could get the girl part recorded We could send the shit to SZA in the morning NINE: [SIGHS] I know I'll do it

Yeah? Yeah You Shit

By all means All right [HIP-HOP MUSIC PLAYS] DONDRE: I got real money up here Who want it? Show me something Hey! Let's go! Come on! [SHOUTS] Who you got money on? MAN: My boy, Davis

I need some more money! I need some more bets! [HIP-HOP PLAYS] He won! You're barking up the wrong tree! [CHEERING] Put another one on the board for Davis! You had a good run Sorry, brother Your luck run out You're up 800 Might be a good time to take this home

No, man Just set up the next one Bruh, it's getting hot out here You already made good money It's not enough, Dondre

I need more All right My boy Davis is embarrassing you fools out here Who's gonna get up here and give him a real challenge? Any takers? [CHEERING] Oh, floral shirt DAVIS: No, no

Fuck that, bro We been going double or nothing all night Eight hundred if you wanna battle me You heard the man I usually make that in about an hour, today I'm gonna make it in three minutes

CROWD: Oh! Let's go It's real DJ! [HIP-HOP MUSIC PLAYS] Whoo-hoo-hoo! He's styling on you, Davis Oh! Look at the angles Whoo! What you gonna do? What you gonna do, Davis? What you gonna do? [CROWD GROANS] Fuck! Gimme my money! Gimme my money! Smells so good, and I don't even need this shit! I'm gonna wipe my ass with this one! Fuck you! Hey, hey, what you doing? You lost

Hey You lost Okay? Go get some air Go ahead Keep the party going

You're doing the right thing, Rigo For you, for your friends Doing the right thing for your career I'm just happy you see it Yeah, that's why I'm here

Uncle Matty, we family, right? Of course And family looks out for each other, right? No doubt All right, look I'm in, all right? I'm down with you with everything But

look, I can't burn Marquise Aiight? That dude is family That dude is a liability

You keep hanging around with him, you may as well pick out a plot next to your pops You don't understand, man! I do That Marquise is crazy This is non-negotiable It's your last chance

I'm gonna do everything for you I said I was, starting with this I need an answer Now All right I'm in

We'll take care of Marquise on our own time, okay? Mmm-hmm If you need anything, you know who to call Okay, y'all Can't nobody take down the champ? Is it really time to retire Tal's number? ZO: Not yet What was that? I said not yet

'Cause I got next Oh, he said he got next No, no He's gonna crush me! You keep talkin' like that, fuck yeah, he will So what do I do? Remember, this is a battle

Don't be afraid to lay some of that hot ass shit I taught you on his black ass Right Yes Hot ass shit Think about how good it would fucking feel to tell everybody at High Water how you destroyed Zo

Huh? You got this Oh! I can't wait for this Tal versus Zo Zo versus Tal A battle for the ages

[LAUGHS] Let's get this shit going Drop this motherfucker DJ [HIP-HOP MUSIC PLAYS] Oh, Tal, he says no friends on the dance floor Whoa! Let's go, Tal

What you got? What you got? What you got for me? Keep going, keep going Yeah! Oh! I see you and I raise you I like your musicality, boy Oh, shit! Yeah! In his face, in his space All up in his face! Yeah! This is the battle! Whoo! Oh, my God! Tal, let's go! Yeah! What you gonna do, Zo? What you got, Zo? This is a seasoned dancer, y'all

Now we get into this Whoo! That was nasty! [CHEERING] DONDRE: All right, all right Calm down, calm down Calm down [ALL CHANTING] Zo! Zo! Yes, yes, yes

Tal, you had a killer run, but it looks like we got a new champ Give it up for Zo [CHEERING] Uh-uh You ain't done yet Who wanna see me battle Zo? [CHEERING] You can't be done yet

Because you ain't battled the king I'm good I'mma take the cash and your boy's shirt Like I said, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose and sometimes you get lucky Your luck just ran out

♪ We ain't gotta Waste no more time ♪ We ain't putting feelings On the line ♪ Anybody ask You ain't gotta lie ♪ Ain't nobody business But you and I ♪ SAGE: Sexy shit, 'Lette Good Give it to me one more time Okay Yeah? All right, same spot

[BEATS TICKING] ♪ We ain't gotta Waste no more time ♪ We ain't putting feelings On the line ♪ Anybody ask You ain't gotta lie ♪ Ain't nobody business But you and I ♪ Yep That was great Really? Yeah, yeah, come on out Okay Dope as fuck

You can sing your ass off Thank you We all know this Ain't nobody take that from you Thank you

But I feel Nine, you wanna try one? You just said it was great And it was It was I just wanna get a different take on it, that's all

Yeah, I'll do it If that's what you want, Sage That is what I want All right From the same spot

Okay SAGE: All right, same spot Here we go [BEATS TICKING] ♪ We ain't gotta Waste no more time ♪ We ain't putting feelings On the line ♪ Anybody ask You ain't gotta lie ♪ Ain't nobody business But you and I ♪ Cut, cut Yeah

Come on out Yeah? Change the color on that one Quality Yeah Yeah? I mean, listen, it doesn't have the theatrics of Collette's, but it's a scratch track that's not gonna scare off SZA

Listen, simple, to the point, perfect [SCOFFS] Just what I needed In one take, too, good shit What in the actual fuck is going on? SAGE: All right, 'Lette, what is this about? Nothing I'm fucking good

You are clearly not fucking good I hate it when girls do that You ask what's wrong, they say, "I'm fucking good" When you are clearly not fucking good Will you talk to me, please? Are you kidding me? Hmm? You can't figure this out? What, you don't like Nine? It's not about Nine

It's about you I thought I earned your respect Look at what we've built together Look And then it's like she just comes in, and it's like

It's like you'd rather I just leave 'Lette, you know that ain't the case Not to mention, we can't even talk anymore, me and you

[SIGHS] We have spent the majority of our adult lives together, we do not have to hash all that shit out right now Then when? Ever? I don't know I gotta be honest, that's not at the forefront of my mind right now Look at me There is nobody that I trust or respect more than you, you gotta know that

Okay Okay, a dimple popped out Is that a smile trying to break through? A little something? Yeah That was a nice thing to say It's a true thing to say

But this is also true This next album and tour have to be fucking monstrous And Nine is who the label sent to make that happen So what I need you to do is make sure that she has what she needs to make this shit the blazing success it has to be Because if it ain't, stock in Sage Odom goes to zero, and that's no good for me or good for you or good for High Water

Right? Yeah Mmm-hmm So you and Miss Jones? History, huh? [CHUCKLES] Volumes of it Mmm You knew? Hell, yeah

Who at High Water don't know about Skyntite? Come on Oh, great At least Collette could actually sing I was kind of the Posh Spice But do not judge me based on some one-hit wonder girl group that I was in when I was a teenager

One hit? Which one? Who Am I To You?, Run, Mascara, Run? Stop Pleather? Come on I'm sorry, were you on the mailing list or something? I was I was a fan Most guys my age were So that was your work on Big, wasn't it? Nah Nah? You don't think that I can hear your fingerprints all over that thing? I don't know Most execs can't Yeah, well, I'm not most exec types When I hear something great, I know it, I clock it, and I don't forget it

And then I have to know why it's great before YouTube or Spotify tells me Then I spend every waking hour making the great into the irresistible Hmm Sound more like a producer What did you think? I was just some A&R chick? [LAUGHS] Okay, yeah

Big, that was me No shit [LAUGHS] But you didn't get any props for that either, did you? Uh nah, not really Yeah, well, you know what? As long as I'm here, that'll never happen again Well, I guess tonight was a success Unless you're Tal Or Davis

Or you, which you are I guess it ain't a bad day to be me [LAUGHS] Hey POPPY: Hey I was looking for you guys

You opened up a lot of eyes tonight Especially mine Not mine I knew you had all that Thanks, guys

Shit, I just wish I didn't lose to Zo Ooh, I gotta speak on that He did all that shit in heels In heels? Okay, clearly, I need more girl friends Anyway, you wanna get outta here? I wanna go, man

I'mma hang back with Poppy for a minute There's some shit I have to talk to him about Is that cool? You can handle finding your way home, right? Uh Yeah Sure I guess Catch you guys later What's up, man? How you doing, brother? You looked great out there, man

You killed it [LAUGHS] I, uh I don't suppose you have a ride home, do you? No, but I was actually gonna ask you the same exact thing

Shit Odalie can't give you a ride back? You mean Ashley? Hmm? Nothing, man, forget it Odalie and I, we had a rough night Right So I'm just kinda killing time

Well, I mean, seeing as we're both broke and got no ride, I'm about to start walking You wanna chill? Hey, bro, these wings fair game? TAL: Uh, yeah Bring em out So I don't see you at High Water anymore That's 'cause I'm not currently going to High Water

I mean, when are you coming back? Don't think I am, man I think maybe my dance journey is coming to an end What? Come on, Davis You're so good, man I mean, dude, you even got on Sage's tour! I only got it 'cause Odalie showed me the steps

What? Yeah, man I cheated I'm sorry No, it's it's cool No, it's not I woulda taken your spot Just know you made it, not me

Besides, I got other things I'm thinking about Oh, yeah? Like what? Mmm I've been working on this new app for the iPhone, of course Oh, for real? You are so gullible, dog [LAUGHS] An app

[LAUGHS] Thank God Coffee There are some mugs right there Look, I want to apologize for trying to tell you what to do, and my little outburst I just didn't understand what I was supposed to do in there

Yeah, you thought it was a try-out, huh? Yeah, I guess I did But your try-out days are over, aren't they? [LAUGHS] Okay Look, Nine I really want to be friends, okay? But you're giving me nothing but attitude Look, Collette, I'm here for one reason, and that's to solve a problem

Sage's tour went on sale on Tuesday and the numbers are weak So I have to turn that around fast, which means I don't have time to rekindle an old relationship or worry about how you're feeling I don't even have time to think about you right now So I just need you to stay out of my way, so there's not more problems 'Cause the last thing I need right now is another problem

Got it? Oh, yeah I got it [SIGHS] I'm just worried, that's all I wouldn't worry about Rigo He's been in and out of shit his whole life and he always lands on his feet

I know, but this isn't normal Rigo shit It's East-O shit Well, he's gonna have to deal with what his father left him, good and bad, sooner or later You know, maybe he'll hit a rough patch here and there Who knows? Ain't much we can do about it, people gonna be who they're gonna be

Like, Rigo always gonna get in trouble Just like how you, even when you're worrying, you're still gonna be shinin' So how about you? Me? I ain't never gonna stop doin' me Now, I know that's true [BOTH CHUCKLING] [TURNS UP MUSIC] Like right now

I just can't stop feelin' myself [LAUGHS] Oh! Yeah! [MUSIC PLAYS] Where you going? Don't leave me! Dre! Dre, get back in the car! You are embarrassing me! Ain't nobody watchin' Let's just leave all that pressure and shit behind and be us [MUSIC CONTINUES] We can't do this Yeah

It wouldn't be right I'm gonna go inside See you at rehearsal Yeah MARQUISE: Yo! What's up? What's going on? You was right

About what? Matty We can't trust him, dog He was the one who tossed the crib He was the one who robbed us How you know? He's wearing my dad's watch right now

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