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MBA Specialization in Arts, Media & Entertainment Management


When I heard that Schulich offered a dual degree program where you could do MBA and then specialize in the Arts and Media management, I didn't just want to film, I wanted to know how exactly people got funding, how producers operated as well as International co-productions I was working at the Toronto Symphony Orchestra in sort of a junior position within the operations department

I knew it was something that I loved; I had found my calling being on the back end of the arts, and when I looked around to research programs, it just seemed like Schulich and the Arts & Media specialization was the perfect fit I took a deep, deep look back, and I looked at the people who had the jobs that I really wanted, whether it was with the head of a government organization or a film funder I discovered this very interesting trend – many of them had MBAs, and a number of them came from this one unique program, which was the Schulich Arts & Media Specifically being in such a creative specialization allows you to use the strategic business methods and the lessons you learned from the class and then adapt it to whatever sector you're in The instructors were understanding; they brought knowledge and experience to the table

They were supportive they were exceptional educators It was really crucial to have the option of the part-time program It afforded me the flexibility to still keep the job that I had started with and move up within that organization, while at the same time honing in on some of the skills and knowledge that I didn't have going in The alumni network in Schulich was incredibly diverse It wasn't just film and TV executives that I'd meet with; it would be people in the music sector; it would be people simply in the consulting sectors, or finance

All of those combined to really contribute to my career goals here BIA represent all the businesses at large, including the many cultural institutions that I studied and did countless hours of research on – the TIFFs, the TSOs I represent them to City Hall it's kind of this amazing position that allows me to play a role in developing this vibrant, amazing, the center of the heart of Toronto Every job I've had since graduating was directly related to my experience at Schulich The CEOs of those companies are actually people I've met during Schulich events and Arts & Media Management events in particular

So every single day, it's exciting because the people who walk through our doors are just the most talented people that you'll ever meet and being able to be a part of that and make it happen from behind the scenes just makes me feel like I'm the luckiest person to do what I do every day

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