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3rd Street, we meet again Talk about full circle

You know what? Even though Abby's not here, I'm glad the girls are here Abby resigned from the team She kicked us out of her studio Gia's here GIA MARTELLO: Hey

Hey, guys GIA MARTELLO: Hello, peanuts You guys have never been here before [interposing voices] Come on in, guys So did you come mostly for the girls– that they're here– or because Abby told you to? She had given me the routines and the competition info, so we are still competing as planned

We are going to Fierce Dance Competition in Lawndale, California [cheering] I gave you guys a little heads up last week about the group dance And I think that's going to need a lot more work than we think it is For next week we are doing a line with everyone I think that Abby put all the girls together for the group dance because I think she needs the minis and the mini Moms to realize if you're going to be on this team, you need to step it up

[interposing voices] This is Nakul and his assistant, Monica I'm the Bollywood guy on "So You Think You Can Dance" [cheering] That's awesome! Let's get started in Bollywood, because Bollywood's all about joy and happiness And we're going to win first place with this number [cheering] – Namaste! I'm in love with Nakul

He's a breath of fresh air Their leader has left them He is just what our kids need right now And one, and two, bend your knee, bend Bend on the numbers

And 7, 8, 1, 2, 3, 4 My biggest issue honestly with the minis dancing with the elites– the girls have never danced together before and Abby's not here I'm really worried right now Come over here Sit down

[interposing voices] So this is a classical hand gesture It's actually called katakamukha This is called the lotus And change it [interposing voices] It's really important that we do this correctly

Because all the technique that you're doing, they're very, very, very ancient, like older than the pyramids If you do them incorrectly, someone who knows this style might be upset if they see that you did it wrong So you have a huge responsibility here You have to focus Now I'm going to show you where these hands go

OK, slap, step, and a look, and a look, and a look Sharper! Look! Look! Look! Oh, my gosh, girls! You've got to be kidding me How are these little minis going to remember the hand gestures along with the choreography? This choreography is insanely challenging, and without Abby here, I don't know how we're going to pull this off NAKUL DEV MAHAJAN: Music, here we go [sitar music playing] 5, 6, 7, 8

Learning this Bollywood dance is not easy It's super difficult And if us juniors and teens can barely pick it up, how are the Minis supposed to pick it up in 3 days? It's messy We know it's messy You have to do the work

[cheering] The odds are against us this week Abby resigned and left Gia with guest choreographers We have a group number with the Minis that is extremely complicated Today could be an absolute disaster NAKUL DEV MAHAJAN: Gather around

I need to talk to you guys You have to deliver, not just because it's you, but because you're doing something so cultural And that's just one angle The second angle is Mr Nakul has a reputation

And I usually never put anything on stage until it's ready Are you ready? – Yes – Do you feel ready? – Yes! Are you going to do this? GIRLS: Yes! NAKUL DEV MAHAJAN: All right MC: Please welcome to the stage, act number 67, Bollywood Dreams [cheering] [indian music playing] [hindi singing] [cheering] That was so good! I really was impressed with the group dance

All the kids together looked great There were a couple little kids just kind of doing the movements late But let's just hope the judges watched the big girls, because they nailed it MC: We're going to now announce our top highest scoring groups for the day I am freaking out, because the group doesn't win, whose fault is it? They shouldn't have added the minis to the team

Our highest scoring group dance of the entire competition, act number 67, Bollywood Dreams [cheering] – Namaste Namaste

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